Hamas develops improved rocket
Alex Fishman
Published: 04.09.05, 10:15
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1. Ashkelon in danger due to radical left hatred
Rachel BenDavid ,   Peduel   (09.04.05)
The hatred of the radical left for the "settlers" has blinded them to the real dangers of the disengagement plan. Now the people of Ashkelon (and Sderot) will have to pay the price. Perhaps we should remember this the next time the left supports giving away pieces of our country for nothing?
2. to those who favored the pullout
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (09.04.05)
Does it still look rational to you. Would you be willing that your own residence/community be within direct range of Kassams with enhanced explosives? Is it rational for a country to withdraw its soldiers and create such an enclave next to its cities and communities?
3. need for fear
paletinian ,   jenin   (09.04.05)
if the israelis didn't taste spooking, how would they feel others' pains
4. knock knock
eli ,   downtown Israel   (09.04.05)
who's there? Chief of Staff Dan (i sleep well at night after dropping 1 ton bombs onto terrorist not-so-safe-houses in downtown gaza) Halutz. that's who's at the door. just ask mrs. yassin and mrs. rantisi. they can't be that stupid ....
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (09.04.05)
Stopping terrorism was NOT required of the Islamists for the forcible seizure of Jewish land and assets and gifting it to the PA. The PA/PLO and other terrorist organizations are publicly declaring their religious terror war has produced this victory. Spurring the Islamists to greater jihad. Michael Widlanski, March 29, 2005, reported: "official Palestinian media said that Mahmoud Abbas's PLO, Hamas and Islamic Jihad had agreed in principal to full unification with all sides recognizing the PLO's 1974 "Strategy of Stages" document that sets out a phased program for Israel's destruction through a combination of diplomacy and violence." Abbas was Arafat's partner for over 40 years. Arafat explained the peace process on Jordanian TV shortly after Oslo. The PLO strategy adopted in 1974: "Since we cannot defeat Israel in war, we do this in stages. We take any and every territory we can of Palestine, and establish sovereignty there, and we use it as a springboard to take more. When the time comes, WE CAN GET THE ARAB NATIONS TO JOIN US FOR THE FINAL BLOW AGAINST ISRAEL."
6. What a waste?
Farouk ,   Jerusalem   (09.04.05)
I do not know whether to laugh or cry. Time, money, energy and people are wasted with these stupid missles. There are people in need of housing, medical care, schooling, inoculation, therapy, etc. Would it not have been better to waste all these resources on those needy people. What a shame!!!
7. #2 it makes no difference. Distance from Gaza city the same
8. to #7
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (09.04.05)
Before the pullout, we had an IDF presence and a GSS presence in Gaza. After the pullout, we will have no IDF presence there and very weakened intelligence if any. We also had some partial control of what got smuggled into Gaza, or built there. Now we will have no control at all. Eventually there will be much longer-range projectiles there than Qassams, and we won't be able to do anything about it, without intelligence or an IDF presence within Gaza--except a large-scale reinvasion to reconquer Gaza, which will eventually be necessary at large loss of life. The reason Hizbullah now has 12,000 rockets along the Lebanese border is that the IDF is no longer in southern Lebanon. While it was there, Hizbullah did not have the rockets.
9. #8 - It made no difference, read my lips......
Shlomo ,   Jerusalem   (09.04.05)
Even after all the operations in Gaza, and Jenin and wherever you want to say, the terrorists still managed to fire on Israel. We are not talking small arms here, they're kassams and a few kilometers here and there will make no difference. They have rockets in the West Bank too, and you know that. You have to take into account that we are talking about saving lives, and there is no doubt that returning to our northern borders saved lives. The same will apply to Gaza. There will be less soldiers and settlers lives at immediate risk, and we give the Palestinians a chance to prove that they can build an independent State and give their citizens a decent life. The point about Hizbollah is inaccurate and makes my point. The " 12.000 " misslies are in Lebanon and not falling regularly ( I said regularly) on Israel It was a successful manuover. The problem is that we are both involved in a battle of pride. More worried that the other doesn't score a point, than looking after our own interests.
10. Perhaps Sharon Will Now Unleash the IDF
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ, US   (09.04.05)
Will Sharon now conclude that the IDF's job is to decimate the terror groups, and not to treat them with kid gloves via the insane IDF doctrine of "limited conflict"? I suspect that hefty Sharon will not take it too well when his sheep, or perhaps his family, are terrorized on their expansive farm. These dire predictions might be the wake up call that he needed.
11. Qassam will destroy Israil
Qassam   (09.07.05)
Qassam will destroy Israil , it's the result of israil terrorists
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