Opinion  Renana Marmelstein
Life in Tel Aviv goes on as normal
Renana Marmelstein
Published: 05.09.05, 01:19
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1. a
Whats 'wathing'? ,   a   (09.05.05)
2. National Service in Tel Aviv
Flyonthewall ,   Israel   (09.05.05)
I still don't understand why religious girls are allowed to opt out of "compulsory" military service. There are other girls who served in the military and fell while defending the settlements in Gaza. Like the author writes in the last sentence, "don't forget that there are people who's lives will never go back to normal."
3. a life destoyed?
Lisa   (09.05.05)
You really need to get a grip. A life destroyed? Put your 18 years into proper perspective. Adaption and change, we've all been there, all done it. Chose your words more wisely and get on with your life in Tel Aviv were the Army, that you are not a part of, pays for your keep.
4. Please keep writing - we want to know how you are doing
Rachel BenDavid ,   Peduel   (09.05.05)
I am sure it will be very hard for you - but I think it is important to keep writing about what you are going through. The country forgets all too quickly - we need you to remind us about Gush Katif.
5. Pathetic
Eyal ,   Israel   (09.05.05)
I surmise this little lady is a lot better off than people whose life has really been destroyed: by tsunami's, hurricane Katrina; the holocaust. She sounds like an olah chadashah when she writes "This country does not take care of us. We are in a gues home, and my friends are still in hotels. My parents are still unemployed, and the pain is increasing with every passing day. " I wonder if she wrote that after seeing the homeless sleeping on the benches on the streets of Tel Aviv, the ques of chiloni Tel Avivians at misrad avodah, bituach leumi... At least her friends and family have a roof over their heads and meals provided for them by the government.
6. Life in Tel aviv
Russel ,   Israel   (09.05.05)
consists of working if you are lucky enough to have a job, paying rent, looking for work, struggling to make ends meet, sleeping in the streets, paying for your own home; begging the bank to take it easy, wondering if your children will survive their national service without being shot by a terrorist [fun fun fun]; going to a cafe, restaurant, nightclub, museum mall and wondering if you wont be blown up by a terrrorist... welcome to Israel young lady. To you this may be Hell Aviv. But we make the best of it. We are the resilient face of Israel. We try to carry on as best we can; because we won't give in to fear; and that's what the terrorists want. So we 'carry on as normal' And you thought we were all about sushi and kafeh. You should look up to us. Heck, you should join us.
7. These people still don't understand...
Elijah ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.05.05)
...and sadly, never will. Maybe when it'll be way too late they will. Not now. I won't cry for T-A that's for sure. :-)
8. Move On
Noa ,   Tel Aviv   (09.05.05)
I'll be glad if you move on with your life and we don't hear from you any more. You need to get a grip on reality. I have had houses demolished, have had to move several time and "start over"..... stop feeling sorry for yourself and take control of your life. Your memories are in your heart, not your house. Houses can be domolished. Your memories and life are only taken from you if you allow them to be....
9. What a bunch a whining...
Moishe ,   Bnei Brak   (09.06.05)
What a bunch a whiners these (unfeeling) people in Tel Aviv are. "We don't want to hear about you anymore." "My life was also destroyed, I moved out of my parents house last year too. Quit whining. It was easy. I only go back every Friday so mommy can do my laundry for me." "So what, your're house you grew up in was destroyed and you have no place to live anymore. It's not my problem." "You deserved it, you, you, you... Settler." "Soldiers died defending you. Well, now you owe us. Tel Aviv? Well that was his job. Besides, they're only attacking us in Tel Aviv because of you Settlers - even before 1967." "I don't care that Kfar Darom was bought by Jews in 1930, and Tel Aviv university was stolen from Arabs in 1948. That's ancient history. We don't learn that in school. Now shut up and leave your home so we can destroy it." "I heard on the news that all you settlers are getting a million dollars. So what if your family has to move every week, and you have no job anymore, and you farm was destroyed, and the government hasn't actually paid out a single red shekel and fines you for every single thing. You're just a kvetch."
10. Not just Tel Aviv
noa ,   Tel Aviv   (09.06.05)
Yes, life goes on. Despite the disengagement, people in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Karmiel, Beer Sheva, and the rest of the country are still living their lives. They get up every day, go to school, go to work, go to restaurants, or do whatever they do in their lives. Life goes on as normal....not just in Tel Aviv.
11. Noa: Not just Tel Aviv???
Yehoshua ,   Shomron   (09.06.05)
Noa, what a cold-hearted crowd you and your friends are. Life goes on? I have news for you. The jobs of 1500 families were destroyed in one swoop. The homes of 10,000 of your fellow citizens were destroyed last week. Hundred of entire families don't know where they will be sleeping tomorrow night. And to top it off, the government hasn’t paid any money to nearly any expelled family unless they first sign all their rights away. Life goes on like normal? Guess what. That's the difference between you and a decent human being. The religious community in Israel immediately mobilized to help the former residents of Gush Katif with basics like toothbrushes, diapers, pocket money, and even offering temporary housing in their own homes, as well as privately and freely providing other needed basic services free of charge to help them get through this period. If indifferently drinking your coffee on Sheinkin is normal, then I feel sorry for you. But we aren’t just letting “life go on as normal”, because it isn’t. But then, that’s the difference between a decent human being, and…you.
12. To Yehoshua
Noa ,   Tel Aviv   (09.06.05)
I did not mean to imply that people shouldn't help nor should they be unsympethetic. My point is that life does go on for everyone. In Tel Aviv and in Jerusalem. Am I supposed to quit my job and become homeless myself? Will that help anyone? If I starve myself, I can't help anyone else. I can help much more if I continue my life than if I stop it. Continuing with ones life does not mean that someone is unfeeling. You are putting your own interpretation on this.
13. boo hoo
sam ,   potomac md   (09.08.05)
that's all very nice, but tell us how you intend to spend the $400,000 you are receiving--
14. See what real refugees are, in New Orleans
Ezra ,   Sderot   (09.08.05)
Not these self pitying shirkers. They are trying to build a whole mythology as an excuse for the rest of their lives. We know it was tough, gewt over it and get on with your life.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (09.10.05)
Dear Renana - Shabbat Shalom! I am so sorry for the massive and criminal violation of your human rights because you are Jewish. If this had been done to any other people world media would have been screaming in protest.. When the third intifada is going strong, maybe these cold-hearted commenters will recall that forcibly removing Gush Katif Jews living peacefully on their land resulted in bringing the terrorists much closer to major Jewish population centers.
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