IDF: 63 pullout refuseniks
Ilan Marciano
Published: 07.09.05, 18:21
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1. Less than half of the refuseniks are from hesder
Rachel BenDavid ,   Peduel   (09.07.05)
Will the government criticize the the principals of the schools where the other 39 refuseniks learned? Or will the incitement only be directed at the knitted kippa group?
2. So much for the 1000's claimed by the agitators
3. The problem was the Rabbi's who called on troops to disobey
4. Modern IDF & Ancient Israelite Army
Ze'ev ,   Dallas, TX   (09.08.05)
Very interesting in how to compare the modern IDF and ancient Israelite armies. Both were semi-religious in a semi-religious state. Both had refusniks (Saul's Jewish troops would not destroy a Levi village that housed David, so he had a Phillistine soldier of fortune do it). Both also had non-Jewish soldiers who fought for Israel (ancient Israel had many mercenaries from the Phillistines, Caananites, Hurrians, Amurru, and so on; modern IDF has Druzim, Circassians, Christians, etc) The parallels are pretty amazing.
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