Sharon region prepares for rockets
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 09.09.05, 12:14
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1. i don' t trust IDF anymore WE WILL DO THE JOB AGAINST ARABS
Yair   (09.09.05)
he says no problem the rockets are not dangerous except if they fall on people in the streets! This guy must be FIRED
3. Ariel Sharon make israel is danger we will fire this fat guy
4. Great?!
Shalom ,   Israel   (09.09.05)
In any other country one kassam rocket would be enough to declare full scale war. Here we just wait to see who is going to be next to be burried. Nice feeling huh. Thanks Sharon.
5. #4 i absolutely agree with you !
6. Halutz seems the be the worst IDF chief of Staff we had !
He's ready to destroy synagogues but not to fight palestinians terror
7. Azrieli must be drunk to dare to say what he said !
Leonid ,   Haifa   (09.09.05)
Ho w can he declare that kassam rockets are not a big deal ?! This guy is mad
8. sense and nonsense
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (09.09.05)
The pragmatic Israeli Right always said the territories should stay under Israeli military control, because otherwise the consequences would be bad. The Left, actually, agreed, because they were against unilateral pullouts. Now, we just run away and hope the rocket falls on that guy over there! Anyway, you've got 15 seconds to take cover! Oh, don't bring a baby carriage.
9. to well-meaning people who oppose the "occupation"
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (09.09.05)
You see, if we don't "occupy" the territory, rockets fall on us. It's complicated, isn't it? You clear the settlers and the soldiers out, hand it over to the Palestinians, and it doesn't seem to do any good.
10. Trusting in Princes
Adina Kutnicki ,   Nj, US   (09.09.05)
Give me a freakin break. Azrieli is delusional and Halutz is in Sharon's pocket. With the PA Arabs now literally drunk, and on a high from their rewards for their terror, more and more cities will be in rocket range. So instead of DEMANDING that the IDF rid the region of this cancer of terror nests, Hamo & Azrieli say they "trust" the IDF to protect them. What these fools don't realize is that the IDF is no longer independent of political machinations. It acts as a private police force for Sharon's political positions. Why else would they be ordered on garbage ! collection duty, in order to leave Jewish Gaza pristine for the terror hoardes? Very few IDF soldiers/commanders want to be abused/used in this way. However, few have the moxy to thwart Generalismo Sharon! Wake up before your kids are splattered on the sidewalks by the not so "dangerous" rockets.
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