Gunmen take over PA buildings
Ali Waked
Published: 10.09.05, 22:53
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1. Anarchy was expected......that s why noone should be worried
Hiram ,   Tel Aviv   (09.10.05)
The first task that Abbas must perofm is first restoring order, curbing the terror groups, and then getting his people to work...Arab countries have pledged time and again to invest money in Palestine...If such investors do show up for real ( which is yet to be proven ) Palestine can become a good place to produce ANYTHING ranging from produce to Technology...provided there is a real will toget to work... Meanwhile, abbas must curb the terror....the rest will come AFTER..Disarm all Palestinian gangs....! as for "order " versu " anarchy" , the word order is unknow to any arab country short of living in a full fledge theocracy...and I Know what I am talking about having spens 25 years in travelling within the Middle East....
2. they want a job? don't think so.
Pieter ,   the Netherlands   (09.10.05)
Is this the Palestinian way to apply for a job?, showing up on the "interview" with a gun! They want jobs, but this makes you wonder? Where are they good at? What are their skills?.............I think I know.
3. To 1: On Palestinian unemployment
Aharon ,   Israel   (09.10.05)
The are many unemployed Palestinians in the territories, who lack professional skills or a high education. For the time being, they can not produce anything, but there are several spheres, in which they can do a very good job. For example: trade and agriculture. However, the big question is weather the PA will make up its mind to fight the fanatic terror organizations, which are funded, supported and inspired by Syria and Iran. Those bodies not kill any chance to peace, but prevent their people from getting on a new way towards life in a state of its own, under a respectable peace agreement with Israel. The situation in the territories is unclear now, and we don't know yet how things may develop. Within approximately 6 months from now, we will be able to see where the PA is heading to.
4. These fella's look like the Arab version of the KKK
???   (09.11.05)
5. To Aharon...
Hiram ,   Tel Aviv   (09.11.05)
I agree entirely with you. I made it short. It is obvious to me that finding a job is the " ultimate goal" and that the conditions must exist for education, order, and an overall administration expemtp from corruption. One of the isues remains the initial funding of the PA which could allow a certian " economy" to start. As for the agriculture, the soil is the same as the one in Israel. Nothing stops the population to cultivate on a large scale and become a supplier to neighboring countries which are a bit more arid.
6. Take off the Masks
Farouk ,   Jerusalem   (09.11.05)
Israel is leaving today, so boys take off your masks let us see who you are. There is nothing to fear, we are one and want what is best for all of of us or are we?
7. Farouk
steven ,   france   (09.11.05)
I totally agree with your wishfull thinking,but unfortunately these masked men,will remain so,as to put more pressure on thePA,and to show the rest of the population who is really in control. In fact so many of the terror factions wear these black masks one never really knows who is responsable,when an act of terrorism occurs..Honestly ,In what civilized society,do we see this kind of behaviour,?Charging into a gouvernement office and demanding jobs?Armed as if they were going into battle,and I'm not going to say what these masks really mean.If your voice could be heard ,above the gun shots of future rejoicing,ceremonies to come,then maybe more palestinian citizens,will join in ,and ask for these men to drop their "masks".but again I say,Now that the israelis have left Gaza,May G-D help you,because you and the rest of the palestinians that are thriving for a better life ,will need all the help you can get.
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