Britain won't change Holocaust tribute
Published: 12.09.05, 21:13
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1. How low can Muslims go?
2. British Anti-Semitism needs a figleaf.
Red Ken is full frontal
3. Holocaust Remembrance Day
NYC Girl   (09.12.05)
Big deal! Blair rejected the Muslim proposal. The fact that the Brits didn't reject this obscene proposal out of hand shows the level of dhimmitude their country has descended into. As soon as the demand was made, those Muslims should have been told exactly where they could stick it.
4. I won't be surprised
Aharon ,   Israel   (09.12.05)
I won't be surprised if after Tony Blair quits his position as Britain's prime-minister, the next British PM won't stop a proposal to cancel the Holocaust day. Anti-Semitism is on the rise in the UK, and it may be only a matter of time for such a proposal to be approved.
5. Europe let in the islamic hordes thinking they could
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (09.13.05)
civilize them. Instead they are breeding like flies and want to take over the country. The world has seen a lot of idol worship. islam is just another version of it and it won't last forever.
6. Muslims Feel Left Out
Rob Rhyner ,   Madison, WI, US   (09.13.05)
Whadda comedian: "... calls from Muslim groups to make the annual memorial more inclusive. "A committee of Muslim leaders ... seek[ing] to combat Islamic extremism proposed renaming the day ... Genocide Memorial Day, to recognize atrocities carried out against all faiths." This is just the sort of opportunistic, lizard-brain crap that the terror-enabled are so good at: "oh, yes, yes, we are very dedicated to combatting terrorism; but surely including Muslim victims in Holocaust remembrance will go a long way toward calming people's understandable umbrage at being excluded." I'm not sure that even the better sort of journalism can respond to this kind of sleaze, ... or even notice it. Rob Madison WI US
7. And what about arab genocides?
Ignacio ,   Zaragoza, Spain   (09.13.05)
Considering that 22 conflicts around the world are linked to Islam, that an islamist organization asks for this is simply ridiculous. Can the Jews remember the zillions of Jews killed and uprooted from arab countries? And the Sikhs killed in India? And Cachemira? And what about the Xtians killed in Sri Lanka by Muslims? What this story proofs is that Muslims are not integrating at all anywhere. It happens that here in Europe, both WWII and the Holocaust are history, and if they are interested in conmemorating their stories, they are welcome to go somewhere else. This proofs Daniel Pipe's theory: radical islamists are POLITICS, not religion.
8. Lets show these mulsims the difference
Joe Mama ,   Atlanta GA   (09.13.05)
Maybe the west needs to show the muslims the difference between their so called little genocides here and there and the Holocaust suffered by the Jews ..... by killing 6 million muslims for the simple reason that they are muslims.
9. The Boy Who Cried Wolf
David ,   New York   (09.13.05)
It's so ridiculous. NYC Girl (aka Linda Rivera, the closet anti-Semite?) says rejecting the proposal is not enough: It had to be rejected "out of hand." I don't see how she can tell if it was rejected "out of hand" or merely just plain old rejected. Or, indeed, what the difference is. Either way, if you expect to to be taken seriously, save your hysteria for something a little more serious. Like if it hadn't been rejected.
10. Holocaust day
it wont be cancelled. and people should always remember how bad humans got during the world war 2. Though sometimes I wonder why bother teaching little kids the horrors when yo can teach them the wonders- and believe in the wonders of the world. One day, maybe all humanity will rise above-but if one is to honor the holocaust, I think other genocides should also be honored and respected. not necessarily on the Jewish holocuast day, but other days.the native American one, the Armenian one.
11. Damaging themselves
Adam ,   Manchester   (09.13.05)
All these Muslims are doing who are in prominent positions are bringing down the whole Muslim community in the opinions of the general popoulation
12. Reply to Aharon's comment
Dom ,   London, UK   (09.13.05)
"I won't be surprised if after Tony Blair quits his position as Britain's prime-minister, the next British PM won't stop a proposal to cancel the Holocaust day. Anti-Semitism is on the rise in the UK, and it may be only a matter of time for such a proposal to be approved. " Your concern about that isn't warranted. Gordon Brown would not do that, and nor would a Tory government. All that has happened is a bunch of jihadis appointed to inform the anti-jihadi PM Tony Blair on extremism, have spouted a lot of jihadi crap, and it has of course been dismissed. Credit where it is due.
13. A reply to No. 12: Dom
Aharon ,   Israel   (09.13.05)
The fact, that anti-Semitism is on the rise in the UK, is not something I've made up. It is according to surveys and checks that have been held by the Jewish Agency and other institutes. I can bring you lots of statistics about it. On a personal level, I read the British press on the net, and talk to Britons and members of my family from London about the attitudes of British people towards Israel. My impression is not very positive. Of course that doesn't mean Britian is an anti-Jewish country, but somtimes, things may gather a momentum. Today, there are one million Moslems in the UK and some politicians can't ignore this. You can never know how things may turn out. Tony Blair is a true friend of Israel, but there are many people in the labour party, who have a low opinion of Israel and the Jews. The situation in the Tories party is no better. Generally speaking, The "Fagin Affair" with Michael Howard, the scummy but very poular mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, who called the Jewish reporter of the "Evening Standard," Oliver Feingold, "Kafu" (a Nazi camp guard), or the almost successful attempt in the teachers and lecturers union to boycot two Israeli universities, are a few symptoms of the problem.
14. You're Right
To #13 ,   West Bloomfield US   (09.25.05)
You are right that anti-Semitism is on the rise in the UK and the rest of Europe as well. I read about it a couple years ago and I also heard one of the senators on the senate floor saying that anti-Semitism in on the rise in Europe and called on all world leaders to denounce anti-Semitism.
15. It's True
To #13 ,   Farmington Hills, US   (09.25.05)
Anti-Semitism in the UK and Europe has been on the rise for sometime now and it also talks about it in a book called the New Anti-Semitism; written by Phylis Chessler.
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