Abbas thanks Israeli Left
Ali Waked and Reuters
Published: 13.09.05, 18:46
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1. The Jewish Enablers To Abbas/Arafat's Plans
Adina Kutnicki ,   Nj, US   (09.13.05)
And there you have it ladies and gentlemen - Abbas "thanks" the useful idiots and self despisers among the Jews. They assisted so much in his & the butcher Arafat's envisioned phased plan to destroy Israel. From now on, I consider the Israeli helper of Abbas's dream to be my enemies, and I will treat them as such.
2. Either you're for us or you're against us
Dani ,   Tel Aviv   (09.13.05)
They are for the Arabs. They sided with the enemy- aided the enemy. Draw your own conclusions.
3. Who's the contractor?
Ilan ,   Ariel   (09.13.05)
Are the palestinians the tools of the religion hating left or are the left the useful idiots of Islamic fundamentalism. And will Israel survive this alliance of interests?
4. who is your enemy
daniela   (09.14.05)
if any peace seeker in israel is your enemy, then stay where you are. but why count on our children to make you a non hater.......
5. Our enemy is clear
Dani ,   Tel Aviv   (09.14.05)
Those who are trying to destroy us and those who support them. The Israeli extreme left seeks "peace" to the same extent that Lord Haw-Haw did during WWII:
6. The left? The right - to simple
Nadav ,   misgav   (09.14.05)
OK, So the left are those who take our army officers to court abroad and their only interest is those of the Arabs and never of the Jew. So that mean that the right are all fanatics who wear orange, enjoy killing arabs.... are we a bit simple here?
7. True peace?
“I turn to the people and government in Israel and tell them, we are holding out our hand for a true peace and a just peace.” We have just experienced what the 'Palestinians' mean with this expression: looting and torching synagogues and greenhouses that were actually meant to ease the lives of the people. They are making all effort to uproot any Jewish traces and roots in this land. Peace??? This hasn't anything to do with peace!
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