Rice: U.S. to press Israel
Yitzhak Benhorin, DC
Published: 13.09.05, 22:59
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1. Rice, just wondering.....
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ, US   (09.13.05)
Rice needs to shut her trap and concentrate on Katrina victims. The gov't fell asleep at the switch on their own disaster. Hasn't she got enough problems to deal with, or is sucking up to the Arabs a full time job?
2. good going RICE
I bet she kind of identifies with the PALESTINIANS,, after all the history of her people is similar-oppressed, occupied, gulagged- Good move Bush, putting her there- she probably cannot believe the WALL and the racist jew IDF , and RAcist laws of Israel- and ALL the USA TAX dollars going to this place!!! when our own black (again Rice)_ forgotten in new orleans!!!
3. Proof Positive......that
Tamar ,   Jerusalem   (09.13.05)
the Bush administration is Anti-Israel. To those who think otherwise, well I will reserve my comment. Do not forget, Rice was handpicked by George Bush. This time around State and Oval office work in harmony. They should be ashamed.
5. long live america ......
dafer ,   a world citisen   (09.13.05)
6. Care to drop a few pounds?
Chrisona ,   Chicago.IL   (09.13.05)
Israel is sure to lose weight on the Rice diet.
7. 3
Its not necessarily that the US is anti- Israel- its just the US is PRO_ HUMAN RIGHTS- p.s. are you a jewish person? I find many jews have a hard time allowing equal human rights for any others in the region.
8. Rice the friend of arab dictators and terrorists
9. the proof that the pullout was unnessary ! Sharon was wrong
Yair   (09.14.05)
10. Pro-Human Rights yeah sure
Barry ,   USA   (09.14.05)
Of course the US is pro-human rights when it helps them reach their goals.The US and any nation will use any tool to accomplish it's goal. The US is not anti-Israel or pro-Israel, right now it appears to be good US policy to press Israel and let the 22 dictators of Moslem run countries oppress as they see fit, most definitely was gas is $3/gallon,
11. How about pushing the PA
Oreet ,   Israel   (09.14.05)
When will Rice and Bush start pushing the Palestinians? How about their commitment to fight terror, human rights, law, freedom, truth? Based on what we saw in the past 2 days - all they are is a group of savage hooligans, lawless mobs running around and destroying infrastructure and farms that could have benefitted their own people. There is no one to talk to, no one to negotiate with and no one to trust or believe. Let them rot in the mire they have created for themselves and leave us alone.
12. Like Mick Jagger said....
Carol ,   Israel   (09.14.05)
You can't always got what you want- sorry Condie
13. Rice to pressure Sharon and hurricane season just starting
AK ,   NY   (09.14.05)
So, I guess Katrina and hundreds of billions of Dollars in losses were not enough for the Bush administration. Now we need to brace for some more problems. Someone ought to send those hypocrites some new Bibles, or perhaps read to them the pertinent parts, especially the part about the cause and effect of screwing Jews. It really seems to work, just look around: the proud and cultured Europe is changing into Eurabia right before our eyes; we, somehow not being able to do anything right, lately: Katrina our progress in Iraq; Russia and Ukraine, blighted by poverty, drunkenness and crime, known for exporting their young women to brothels around the world; and, finally, Arabs, incapable to extricate their society out of the Xth century, despite all those billions in petro-Dollars pouring into their pockets day after day.
14. skip the in-between
chava ,   yerushalayim   (09.14.05)
Perhaps Rice should skip all the in-between steps and just tell Israel now to take all her population (except for a few people who have "protekzia" with the USA) and march them (in a friendly manner) straight into the Mediterranean, leaving all of their land and possessions .....
15. to #7
AK ,   NY   (09.14.05)
"find many jews have a hard time allowing equal human rights for any others in the region. " you say Do you allow human right to Jews in "the region?" There are no Jews in the region, except in Israel. Ever wonder why not? There used to be, close to a million Jews living in Muslim countries, but no longer, yet ther are 1.2 million muslims living in Israel, and the number is growing. If they are being persecuted, the number would be going down from the original 100,000 or 150,000, and not increasing ten-fold. Your argument is all wet.
16. Rice pressuring
BK ,   Springfield, IL USA   (09.14.05)
I continue to wonder about the sources of the NYT's. This is the second story I have seen that seems to rely on the credibility of the NYT reporters. As in the last instance of Rice's supposedly pressuring Israel, there is no basis in this article or in reality. Again, the NYT is trying to put words into Rice's mouth. Good luck.
17. Hypocrites
Salameh ,   Gaza   (09.14.05)
"It is clear to the Americans that at present Israel cannot allow the opening of the airport or the crossing between the West Bank and Gaza." !! What is that mean? the world super power can not tell a state that is dependant on it almost 100% with the military and civilian aid to end its occupation and let the Palestinians have a normal life for a change?? this is BS, it is simply the hypocricy of the modern age, where they go occupy an entire country to "liberate it from dictatorship", but can not lift a finger in the face of the LAST OCCUPATION ON UNIVERSE, namely the Israeli occupation of Gaza, West band and East Jeruslaem. Shame
18. rice demands on israel not true
david demello ,   north anson u.s.a.   (09.14.05)
The Times reported, for example, that: "Ms. Rice has visited the region twice recently to ensure that the Gaza withdrawal proceeds smoothly. While she noted that the withdrawal would take several weeks to play out, soon after that, she insisted, Israel must take further steps, including loosening travel restrictions in the West Bank and withdrawing from more Palestinian cities." This claim is utter nonsense - according to the interview transcript, it was the Times reporters who said essentially this, to which the Secretary replied "no." (The transcript is available on the State Department website.)
19. rice demands on israel are false
david demello ,   north anson, usa   (09.14.05)
perhaps you might add this attribution to my post. in all fairness camera deserves full credit. August 27, 2005 by Alex Safian New York Times Interviewers Cook Rice Statements
20. Releasing more terrorists
Johnny Weintraub ,   Sugar Land, Texas US   (09.14.05)
Condoleezza Rice is beginning to sound just like Madeline Albright about releasing terrorists from custody. I would like to find Condoleezza Rice riding an Egged bus.
21. Rice
Hilda ,   US   (09.14.05)
I have never been so wrong about a person. I admired her , even thought she would be a good candiate for president against Hillary. I thought she was a friend of Israel and the Jewish people. What happened to her? She has done a 180 degree switch. She has now become an arch enemy of Israel and Jews. Was the antisemitism always there and we just did not detect it or did she keep it under wraps unltil she reached the job she wanted? Is this a case of the Peter principle or did she just come under the influence of the known antisemitism of the State Dept.? Whatever reason, if Bush wants us to believe that he is a friend then Rice should go.
22. Ignorance abounds re:issue
Helen ,   Canada   (09.14.05)
The USA should give back all the land they took from the native americans and create plans to repay those people that they hunted down like animals before they ever set foot into Israel's business. While the USA is at it, they should repay the african americans that they kidnapped and shipped into thier country on slave ships. There are many countries in the world that took land and never thought to repay.....WHY IS ISRAEL THE ONLY COUNTRY THAT HAS TO NOT ONLY GIVE LAND BACK BUT ALSO GIVE THIER BUSINESSES AND HOMES TO ALSO. Do any of you know the history of Israel... the land the jewish people were given was useless swamp that no one wanted and they flourished by the grace of G-d... it was useless desert that bloomed only because the jewish people were willing to work and toil to create something. AND what do the palestinians do ..... they tear down, rip apart and show the world that they don't want to build up thier lives or the land around them, they only want to steal, kill and destroy. SHAME SHAME SHAME.
23. Rice lauds Israeli-Palestinian cooperation
gil ,   ashkelon   (09.14.05)
Maybe Ms Rice has no time spared to get informed on what is happening here.Where has she witnessed cooperation from palestinian leaders,not mentionning palestinian mobs.?They have to start honest,lasting,peaceful negociations.Until then,please,Ms Rice take out our country from your agenda.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (09.14.05)
U.S. BREAKS LAWS FOR AN ISLAMIST STATE IN ISRAEL 22 HUGE, OIL-WEALTHY Arab states cover over six million square miles, over ten percent of the land surface of earth. TINY, over-crowded Israel, only one tenth of one percent of the Middle East. Desiring another Islamic state in Israel, America is breaking U.S. laws which make it illegal to discriminate based on race or religion. Demanding forcible removal of Jews from the Jewish homeland based on race-Jews and RELIGION-JUDAISM. Almost 10,000 Jews forcibly ethnically cleansed from Gaza and north Samaria are jobless and homeless . The U.S. ruthlessly demands more ethnic Jew cleansing to make 250,000 more Jews jobless and homeless from Judea and Samaria greatly exacerbating Israeli Jews' dire poverty and joblessness. A most frightening and dangerous precedent is being established that Jews in other countries and other NON-MUSLIM people groups will suffer the same massive human rights violations as Israel’s Jews. Does the U.S. government plan to eliminate the laws which make it illegal to discriminate based on race or religion? Or, does the U.S. government plan to add a clause stating THE LAW DOES NOT APPLY TO JEWS? Persecuted Christians in Palestinian Authority areas live under Sharia law, their human rights destroyed by Oslo-Road Map. Breaking U.S. laws-Christians are discriminated/persecuted because they are not Muslim. This MASSIVE ATTACK ON JUDAISM AND CHRISTIANITY by the Quartet-U.S. EU, UN and Russia, has ominous implications for every Jew and Christian on earth. Where are the human rights organizations??? In 1922, Britain, illegally gave Arabs MOST OF PALESTINE-80%. The area became Jordan, giving Arabs an Arab Palestinian state on Jewish land. IT WAS ETHNICALLY CLEANSED OF JEWS. This area is part of ancient, Biblical Israel, and along with present-day Israel, including Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and the Golan, was recognized by the League of Nations as the Jewish homeland. Israel - cherished Holy Land of Jews and Christians is the greatest prize in global jihad - all Palestinian Authority maps show the new State of Palestine covering ALL Israel, with ALL of Jerusalem as their capital. It is well known, the Islamist goal is the destruction of the world’s only Jewish state and its replacement with an Islamic one.
25. #21
BK ,   Springfield, IL USA   (09.14.05)
Hilda, you should read the previous posts--contrary to NYT's writers (notice I didn't say "reporters") were putting words in her mouth and she did not say what was written by them. She answered "no" to their words attributed to her. Have faith....
26. To Hilda
AK ,   NY   (09.14.05)
Rice doesn't set the agenda, the President does, but she is a part of the oil mafia. I also thought that Bush was a moral man and not like his father, but I was mistaken. Bush is wrong on about everything: the borders, immigration, Israel and he is lo longer worried about reelection, so he doesn't even pretend anymore, to care what we think.
27. to #7
Hilda ,   US   (09.14.05)
I guess you consider human rights burning synagogues and bombing buses with children and innocent civilians. Arabs get more human rights in Israel than in any Arab country.
28. Rice
Hilda ,   US   (09.14.05)
Ms. Rice has certainly fooled all of us who thought she meant it when she said that she was a friend of Israel. With friends like her, who needs enemies? One wonders if she came under the influence of the antisemtic State Dept or if she just hid her anti Israel feelings in order to move up.
29. to Oreet
Hilda ,   US   (09.14.05)
Why push the Palestinians. It wouldn;t work anyway and besides they know it is not necessary to do anything because the US and the world will still cowtow to them and push Israel to do whatever they want without having to lift a finger. If one can win without paying why pay?
30. to Chava
Hilda ,   US   (09.14.05)
Chavele, Don't say it too loud, they might just take you up on it.
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