Limit to citizenship
Chaim Misgav
Published: 14.09.05, 12:17
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1. Outstanding article
Avi ,   Jerusalem   (09.14.05)
Also see this one: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3104321,00.html
2. kol hakavof mar Misgav YOU ARE PERFECTLY RIGHT !!!
3. Marvellous article
Susan ,   Jerusalem   (09.14.05)
I couldn't agree more with this article. Yet another self-hating Jew who should be arrested for treason if he ever sets foot in Israel.
4. If he does not support all of Israeli army policies...
Abdullah ,   Kuwait City   (09.14.05)
Intimidate him to bow down! Way to go!
5. Absolutley
Eyal ,   Israel   (09.14.05)
Issue should issue a warrant for his arrest.
6. The Guy has a mental problem.....
Dr. Weissman ,   NY NY   (09.14.05)
classic! Sounds bipolar. His appalling behavior goes beyond being a traitor (which he is!) and or a self loathing Jew. (which he is!) He needs meds. And yes, he needs his citizenship yanked. He makes Mordechai Vanunu look normal! (whom I would stake a million on the fact he is mentally ill as well)
7. Excellent article
AK ,   NY   (09.14.05)
And yes, since he still remains and israeli citizen, criminal prosecution for treason is in order.
8. Revoke citizenship
Gillian ,   Ashkelon, Israel   (09.14.05)
I agree one hundred percent. It is a very sad time in Israel's history when it seems there are so many Israeli Jews who seem to have forgotten what Israel is all about, and how many wars have been waged against her. Israel always has to be the apologist and I am sick and tired of it. It seems to me these people are worse than Israel's outside enemies. They give fodder to our enemies, and excuses, after all, if Jewish Israelis can bash Israel, well then its fair game for anyone else to do so. Strip him of his citizenship, he doesn't deserve it. I just hope that when (and not if), the time comes that Jews need to run back to Israel from Europe, he will not be allowed in.
9. Daniel Machover
Aaron ,   NY, USA   (09.14.05)
Abdullah, it must be nice to sit in a country without an army of any signifigance because of American protection. If only Israel wasn't surrounded by bloodthirsty Arabs, we too may have room for such chuptza. also, I dare you to take a stand against your government, just to see how fast you end up in a torture chamber. Allahu Akbar; good grief!
10. Agreed
Chrisona ,   Chicago.IL   (09.14.05)
Machover crossed way over the line. The closest he'll ever get to Israel is Gaza.
11. A good beginning
Sigfried S. Kuhn ,   Aberdeen Md. USA   (09.14.05)
Democracies are under no obligation to allow their citizens to commit treason without severe penalty. In the US, it has been said that the Constitution is not a suicide pact and the same holds true for these Israeli traitors who do everything to weaken Israel. This so-called legal action against IDF officials is nothing more than an attempt to isolate Israeli leaders and make Israel a Jewish ghetto. It is a repeat of the former situation in Belgium and it is analogous to the action of the despicable Roses to boycott Israeli researchers. Stripping such ghoulish misfits of their citizenship means nothingto them. However, 3 years in jail is not sufficient for treason against the State. 20 years without the possibility of parole is a minimal sentence for these deranged misfits.
12. Overly severe punishment
Ilan ,   Ariel   (09.14.05)
Chaim Misgav always knows how to marshall his facts and has a strong moral tone (he was absolutely opposed to disengagement), but in this case I have to disagree. Pursuing legal actions against IDF officers abroad is very bad, but removing citizenship is the "ultimate" weapon and also not really a deterrent to machover. Somehow I think he would fear being put in the defendents place in Israel more and that is the case to do. Maybe he'd like Vanunu's old cell?
13. Traitor like Vanunu
C.J ,   UK   (09.14.05)
Machover is a traitor aiding and abetting the enemy and should be picked up and put on trial like vanunu
14. Misgav's points should be taken further
Nathan Jacobson ,   Toronto, Canada   (09.14.05)
The Israeli government should take legal action against Daniel Machover. As well as stripping him of his citizenship and charging him with treason, other appropriate charges should be done agsinst him (frivolous lawsuits, libel, etc.) so that a warrant for his arrest can be issued with a request to Interpol for extradition. Let him feel what it is to be locked in his law office cage without the ability to travel outside of England. A beautiful jail cell in Israel is what his future should hold for him.
15. Chaim Misgav is 100% right!
Uri ,   Ramat Aviv   (09.14.05)
Now, help us figure out what should be done with the Yesh Gvul loons, who are committing treason as we speak
16. closing down the truth
In know way can you silence an Israeli citizen- even if it makes the IDF look bad- this is limitting free speech- open debate- this is what fascism is. In any country, the solciers/citizens should be able to speak and critisize their own govt. and people.
17. Misgav's article
gzbarth ,   US   (09.14.05)
Revoking the citizenship of antiisraeli and antisemitic mistfits like Machover is not enough. If a traitor lives in Israel, he should be tried in a court of law for sabotaging Israel's defense-abilities. If he is living abroad, he should never be permited to visit this country and should be excluded from any Jewish society in the country he currently lives in. I wish there were some kind of Jewish national underground organization in the world, which would take care of these traitors once and for all.
18. At least he's trying to arrest traitors. Enjoy the Etrog.
19. War Criminals with a guilty conscience
accessol ,   Spelthorne, England   (09.14.05)
What a delight to see the fat-cat top brass of the Occupation Army in a panic from fear of the law. Sof sof these cowardly thugs are having to realize they will at last have to pay for their crimes. If they want to stay out of jail in the Hague then no more free shopping trips to Paris, au revoir Pigalle, arrividercci Gucci; no more swanky dinners with rich Manchester Zionists, farewell free night-outs in posh London restaurants and visits to the theatre with their vacuous wives... stay home you murderers, its houmous and felafel for you in occupied Katamon in future, fini la dolce vita.
20. hate to disagree, but have to
Gary ,   Montreal, Canada   (09.14.05)
Daniel Machover is an idiot and an embarassment. But his citizenship should certainly not be revoked! Israel an advanced country because of the liberties her citizens enjoy. Sometimes individuals abuse the spirit of those liberties, but that is the price we pay for having an advanced country. Muzzling those who, sadly, disrespect their privileges would simply remove one of the things that makes Israel great, and that makes the citizens of Arab League countries envious of it. I am not one to use cliches but, here, it is fitting. If we revoke the citizenship of low-lifes, then the low-lifes have already won.
21. Daniel Machover
Chaim M. ,   Tel Aviv   (09.14.05)
May I add this silly boy should be brought to Israel now, put on public trial not because he is a self hated jew and loves the Arabs but because he lives in England and eats fish and chips everyday, I am sure we can find a law in Israel to fit this crime.
22. to #4
Alex   (09.15.05)
Abdullah you would know all about intimidation coming as you do from the Arab world - intimidation and stand-over tactis are part of your culture and especially among the ruling regimes, so keep your silly hypocritical comments to yourself!
23. Dont revoke his citizenship
Yonatan ,   Israel   (09.15.05)
Have him arrested in Britian and broght to Israel for and put on trail for life and throw in jail for life. This is a better solution than revoking his citizenship, which won't prevent him from furthering the cause of arab terrorist in foreign court systems.
24. Daniel Machover
Mike J ,   New York, USA   (09.15.05)
This guys got alot of nerve, he doesnt realize without men and women like Maj. Gen. Doron Almog there would be no israel and in term no Jewish people left. HE IS A TRUE TRAITOR IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD. He should not be allowed to set foot in ISRAEL ever again.
25. #19 Accesssol
yoel   (09.15.05)
You should learn about the past of your British history. If Middle-East is in such instability and poverty, it maybe widely because of English occupiers. They left the region in total degradation, letting people to fight each other.... I feel like you're living with some clichés about Paris or Roma. Everything is available in Israel (even protitutes!!), and nobody needs to go to Europe just for those stupid reasons. Sorry, we are living in a world of globalization, and what you are describing also exists in Las Vegas, ven the Eiffel Tower. Concerning the nationality's revokation. Your government also decided to apply it to muslim (british) extremists, and even to expell them from YOUR country. Adding that people who want to become refugees could be refused because of extremist opinions. What's the difference between Israel and Great Britain? If you have some opinion to express, please sweep and wipe in your own place where you have the right to vote. And then, when the situation will become perfect in your country, you will have the right to criticize Israel.....
26. daniel machover
giora ,   dundee   (09.15.05)
is there any chance we can kidnap him like vanunu? criminals have no rights and he is without doubt a criminal.
27. Accessol
Drumgoole ,   USA   (09.15.05)
As a regular reader and contributor to Ynet, I have been following the comments of "accessol" who has been described as Jewish. His writings have always been venemous towards Israel and never critical of the barbaric acts of the Palestinians. However, his latest writings, including his almost incoherent approval of charging an Israeli officer (who has devoted his life to caring for a brain injured child and was to visit England for a fundraiser for brain damaged children) with war crimes was so full of hatred and so crazy that it is obvious that this treasonous misfit is decompensating. There are some people who delight in hurting other people and revel in being hated and this Seymour accessol character is one of them.
28. news
hhh ,   hhh   (09.15.05)
29. To Giora Dundee
George Barschefsky ,   US   (09.15.05)
Who needs kidnaping ? It's much wiser do take care of this and similar guys in the same form as the murderers from Munich Olympics were taken care of.
30. Misgav the accuser
Nathan Kravetz ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.16.05)
Removing his citizenship is a step in the wrong direction. Ignoring him and his actions in Israel is wise. Outside Israel his actions should not be abetted by the Brits or anyone else. Govt. to govt. language should make this clear.
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