Infiltrators removed from Sa-Nur
Efrat Weiss
Published: 15.09.05, 07:51
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1. So horrible, launching truth rockets into Israel
2. New Yorkers infiltrate NY every day
Lenny ,   USA   (09.15.05)
In the end of the day, the problem is this: the world will *never* accept a Jewish state, if it is up to them, period. This is a fact. Either they will support a 'Palestinian state' which would in effect bring Israel to an ultimate, G-d forbid, disaster. Or they would support one state which grants all equal rights. This would also in effect destroy Israel. What then is the solution? I think that the *only* solution is to tell the world: we happen to be Jewish, and the Land of Israel was given to the Jews by the Creator. We wont argue, and we dont want fights, but this is simply the way it is going to be. We will definitely try to help all the Arabs in and around Israel, but she will remain as Israel without compromise. If one wishes to deal with the way the world thinks and acts, then I think this is the only solution. The world doesnt like 'maybe's'; they dont like countries which believe that they may not have a right to exist. However, the world *respects* a nation which has dignity and stands up for its rights. Of course no piece of land is more important than life itself, and if giving away land might definitely prevent bloodshed, then it should be considered... But in this case, such a consideration is in and of itself a cause which brings more bloodshed! The mere speech about giving away land- let alone actually doing so- completely strengthens and encourages those who wish to harm the Jews who are in Israel... Why would someone then give away land? Why would they go against all logical security-related statements... etc.? The only reason that I can think of may be because the person has an illogical belief that 'if we give enough, and we sacrifice enough, maybe they will bend and make peace with us. And if they dont, then at least we have the world's sympathy and understanding...' But this logic is completely contrary to reason! It is absurd to base you security-related actions on a dreamt of change in an enemy. Anyone who has ever tried to change the attitude of another person can tell you this: the attitude can only change if there is reason for it; nothing that you say or do can achieve a true change. And which country in the history of the world would make decisions which are clearly sacrifices of its citizens- in a literal sense!- simply to try and gain favor in the eyes of the world? May we not need any more 'trial and error' experience in order to wake up from this, and may Sharon and all those in the government realize the error in this road, and rethink the direction. Lenny
3. All Moral People Know When A Law Is Immoral
Adina Kutnicki ,   Nj, US   (09.15.05)
Sharon can talk tough with Bush and Kofi. At the end of the day he cannot jail all the Jewish nationalists who oppose the handing over of Jewish territory to terrorists. I applaud these youngsters and do not in any way, shape or form see them as lawbreakers. If a law is immoral on the face of it, (think Nurenberg Laws) why in the world should it be obeyed?
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