Ethiopia: Israeli tries to hijack plane
Ynet reporters
Published: 16.09.05, 16:19
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1. wher are you all now ?
wher are all the commenters ? ... you feel shame or you are thinking what to say ?
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (09.16.05)
lets see first what facts come forward and as we don't have those facts yet who is who and what ....... then we'll respond but in the meantime you little Chutzpah tell the word who you are ......then we go from there. GOT IT ?!
3. My dear arab friend
Hiram ,   Tel Aviv   (09.16.05)
Because of course, you can only be arab ( no signature on the talk back ). 1) Untill facts are clear , difficult to react 2)Flying to Tel Aviv does not mean that one is necessarily Jewish 3)If it is proven to be true, my first reaction is that this kid is not very clever...there are more intelligent ways to sneak a gun on an airplane ! Let s wait until we find more and I will gladly add whatever commentary may be necessary..and educational...
4. Back to his tradition
Egyptian ,   Egypt   (09.16.05)
5. Dear Hiram
John ,   Boston   (09.16.05)
Please tell us what intelligent ways you have devised for smuggling guns onto an airplane. Obviously this is a problem for Americans.
6. To the Egyptian --back to what tradition?
AK ,   NY   (09.16.05)
He was Ethiopian, by birth. Are you trying to imply that Ethiopians are skyjackers or that Jews are. There is no historical record of any Ethiopian, Jewish or Israeli skyjackers, not even Israeli Arabs, so far. But we all remember Mohammad Atta very well in NY. The scum was - what a huge surprise - an Egyptian.
7. To AK-47
Egyptian ,   Egypt   (09.16.05)
Like Menachem Begin who was a founder and former prime minister who lead the group that killed UN convey. Mohammad Atta was not a prime minister, he was just an idiot.
8. #6 You are wrong one thing
Nadav ,   USA   (09.16.05)
There was, in fact, an arab israeli hijacker. The hijackinng attempt happend more than a year ago, I believe, on an El Al flight. And thanks to Israeli agents boarded on the plane, this terrorist got the whipping of his life. god bless
9. Smuggling a gun ?
hiram ,   tel aviv   (09.16.05)
Hi !. I hope that you do not expect me to tell you how to do it on this post.. Basically it is a simple matter of organisation and networking... Especially in a place like Addis....but this is not limited to Addis of course....
10. Bad Analysis
Muhammad ,   Egypt   (09.16.05)
I want to say to the person who saied that the arrested passenger is Egyptian, that if he was realey Egyptian Yedaot Ahronot would have to say that. Why they saied that he is Israeli???? You Israelis saied so in your paper would you lie i doubt...... So please stop seeing Carton Network.
11. Other famous "Youngsters": B.Goldstein, Y. Amir, A.Stern...
accessol ,   Spelthorne, England   (09.17.05)
How much did the Ministry of Hazbara have to pay their American PR consultants I wonder to come up with this excellent, positive and life affirming terminology; far better from a propaganda viewpoint than that extremely negative and regretable term "Jewish Terrorist" that was used a couple of weeks ago to describe a heroic settler soldier who happened by the purest of chance to be a long-time deserter in legal possession of an IDF sub machine gun and be able to freely travel wherever he liked on the West Bank by Egged bus. It is great that the image people are at last being listened to. Were we not all once youngsters and do we not all have or will have youngsters of our own? Only Palestinians of course can never be youngsters; they are either suicide bombers or dangerous stone-throwing youths and must be liquidated.
12.  #8 Re: You are wrong one thing
AK ,   NY   (09.17.05)
Thanks. I never knew it. So, does Israel has 1.2 million strong 5th column within its borders, or was he an aberration?
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