Sharon asks S. Africa to act against Iran
Attila Somfalvi and Reuters
Published: 17.09.05, 08:44
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1. WE (JEWS) are Againist IRan to have nukes
George archers ,   Toronto   (09.18.05)
England USA and a host of other countries controlled by Jews,helped secretly to build Israel's large nuke weapons.Are the Jews more trust worthy with Nukes than ArabS/--Frankly, I don not trust any Jew that is in Israel or supporters of this horrible blight on earth. Your writter,could at least mention Israel's sinister actions in acquiring them and it's buddies in UN-have no balls to ask for sanctions againist Israel. Shame on you Jews---middle east is a mess-thanks to you unthankfull creeps!
2. Sharon asks S. Africa to act against Iran
Mojgan ,   USA   (09.18.05)
Please do not mistake the Jews with Zionist , there are many jews that do not support Israel's policies .
3. We (jews) are against IRan to have nukes
Annegret Coakley ,   Dublin, Ohio USA   (09.19.05)
Amen to comment by George Archers
4. We (jews) are gainst Iran to have nukes
Annegret Coakley ,   Dublin, Ohio USA   (09.19.05)
Not all Germans were Nazis, yet the entire country paid Billions in Wiedergutmachung to Israel. I, for one want my money back..
5. We (Jews) are against Iran to have nukes
Henry ,   Auckland, NZ   (09.19.05)
If Israel was not to have a nuclear capability it's existance would be in grave jeapordy. If a country like Iran was to get it's hands on nuclear weapons they would use it against Israel in the blink of an eye. I trust the Israelies more with the bomb then a bunch of radical, fanatical Muslims. (By the way I am not a Jew)
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