U.S. Jews welcome Musharraf
Attila Somfalvi, New York
Published: 18.09.05, 10:49
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1. Musharraf
albert ,   Jerualem   (09.18.05)
How vey interesting, all we have to do is creat a terror infrastructure in our heartland & Pakistan will love us? Was it not Pakistan that said it would provide nuclear weapons for the Islamic world? Is it not in Pakistan, that Osama Bin Ladin, operated over 1,200 (Peace loving) Midrasa's? Why does the world love us when we make such irrational moves, devoid of tactic and strategy? Simple, we are doing to ourselves what 50+ years of boycotts, embargos, war and terror did not do.
2. Pakistan's Price For Relations - Commit National Suicide
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ, US   (09.18.05)
The US Jewish "leaders" are every bit as delusional as Israel's. Musharaff is very clear - he will establish formal contact with Israel ONLY if Judea & Samaria-Israel's heartland- is eviscerated from her and given to her tormentors. Next on his "wish list" is the division of Judaism's holiest city, to be given to the fictional "Palestinians" as a reward for their terror spree. Not a bad "shopping list" if you can afford it. Musharaff has nothing to lose by his demands, but Israel will disappear if it accedes. In any event, the Jewish American "leaders" are the same dhimmis as the ones during world war 11.Think "Rabbi" Stephen Wise. In order to be patted on their heads like the good little puppies that they are, they will grovel at any and all breadcrumbs. If a true peace were in the offing, why would any leader be asking their "hosts" (the WJC) to commit national suicide?
3. Occupation the problem, nothing else
Aamir Ali ,   Peshawar, Pakistan   (09.19.05)
Pakistan's objections are to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. We have no issues with Judaism or the State of Israel. When the occupation ends, Pakistanis will be happy to form relations with Israel.
4. American Jewish Congress NOT... WJC !
Georges ,   Paris, France   (09.19.05)
First, there's a major error in this reporting.. The host organization was the American Jewish Congress (Pres. J.Rosen), which is by far different from World Jewish Congress (Pres. E. Bronfman) which is wrongly mentionned. Please verify & proof your sources next.. Second, I fully agree with Talkback #2; Bravo!
5. anti-israeli sentiments
ahmed m ibrahim ,   Bangalore 560046   (09.19.05)
People who express such sentiments are either illiterate and ignorant. There is divine sanction for the jewish homeland and every educated muslim knows it. Muslims and jews have lived in friendship for almost thirteen centuries and this conflict is only since mid 19th century. But there is one thing that should not be ignored, They want to live with dignity.
6. Give Musharraf some credit people
Joe Peace ,   London, USA   (09.19.05)
This guy is one of the bravest men in the entire world... He's sitting there in a country with one of the most corrupt infrastructures in the world... It's an Islamic Nation... It's riddle with Al Qaeda and Islamic Fundamentalism... Yet this guy is one of the staunchest allies the US has in the Islamic World... And now he's gone and broken taboo by making friendly overtures towards Israel.. Just realize the razor's edge this man walks with regards to his own government, people, religion, and the Arab and Muslim world... This guy is higher on the terrorist hitlist than either Bush or Sharone IMO...and much more likely to get killed...and this act only increased his chances. He may not have said what you liked...but pay attention to the gesture and realize there are other people in this world in difficult situations besides just the jews and Israel... This guy is a brave brave dude and the West and Israel need to acknowledge that and be greatful there is a man like him in the Muslim World.
7. Bravery
Neti ,   US   (09.21.05)
Oddly enough, I find myself agreeing. This man has shown a bit of courage, especially in light of the fact that a few terrorist groups exist within his own nation. On the other hand, no matter how brave the man may be, he is making requests of Israel that cannot be gratified. Jerusalem was on the table years ago, but it is time to take it off. They had their chance and they refused, which even the Arab world questioned Arafat on. Giving up land so that we can live in terror does not make sense. Lest we not forget, this land was not gained by aggression on our part. They attacked us! The next time we are attacked, there should be an open statement at the beginning that we will not give up any land gained - if an area is involved, it is their choice to risk the loss of land.
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