Report: EU forces may deploy in Gaza
Ynet reporters
Published: 19.09.05, 14:38
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1. I'd like to see EU forces in the area
And to see how they get chewed and grinded up by hamas. Philidelphi isn't afghanistan where US rangers have already cleared out the terrorists and EU vehicles simply go out on patrols. EU forces will without a doubt face heavy casualties... well thats to say if they actually attempt to do anything. They might be like those UN forces in Lebanon, who would lend out their uniforms to help capture Israeli troops.
2. bad idea
Intedi Nensak ,   Stockholm, SWEDEN   (09.19.05)
I'm not so sure it's a good idea to let soldiers from EU countries guard the philadelphi route.. Even though the public here are not really anti-israeli, our goverments tend to be just that to please the large amount of muslim immigrants. Though I guess it would be a positive thing that the EU politicians will notice for themselves that the policies of IDF which EU has been so quick to condemn in the past, are really necessary.
3. Yeah, like lebanon
And just like Lebanon, I'm sure the IDF will be onlt to happy to accidently shell them on purpose!
4. The Europeans
Bill Pearlman ,   Chicago, USA   (09.19.05)
I love it, for years you couldn't shut the europeans up about the palestinians. Absolutely, let them deploy, tangle with hamas, islamic jihad, and all the rest of the bed bugs. Either it works and you get stability or it doesn't and they sustain a constant stram of casualities. Either way I think it's great
5. One bad thing leads to another
Chrisona ,   Chicago.IL   (09.19.05)
The question is, Will Israel survive the cascading consequences of Sharon's very foolish actions?
6. Philadelphia route
Allan Leibler ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.19.05)
If this report is correct, then Mofaz's political coffin received another nail. With great fanfare he announced that his friends the Egyptians will control the border, and the flow of weopons into Gaza. Obviously they are unable, or more likely are unwilling to do so. All the security arrangements are already falling to pieces. What a farce! It would be funny if the matter was not so serious for us. What's more, are we now going to trust part of our security to beloved Frenchmen and Belgians? Are they going to do what all others agee is impossible? Has our security establishment been screwed up so much by politics that it is prepared to renege on one of its most fundamental principles--- not to rely on others for our security?
7. Tell them to keep their lavender underwear in Paris
8. E.U. helping Israel
MARK ,   WOBURN USA   (09.19.05)
Let the E.U. get involved. They are always complaining about Israel. Instead of complaining let them work and do something. They need to get involved in bringing peace in the Middle East. Instead of Israel's being killed let the E.U. soldiers take that risk. I would rather have E.U. soldiers getting killed then Israeli's. I do not want anyone to get killed but I do not want to see any more Jews being killed. Enough is Enough. We have suffered too much and no one cares when Jews get killed. Make the other countries do something helpful for a change. They give plenty of money to the Palestinians and try to boycott Israel. The E.U. has done nothing to help Israel. Let them do something. They need to show Israel that they can do something right for a change. Give them a chance. That is only fair.
9. Jewish logic
Wise Man ,   USA   (09.19.05)
This a border between Egypt and Plastine. Both Egyptian and Plastenian ONLY should deside what the border looks like and how to patrol the border.Israel have to worry about its border and stop bieng Zoinest and rasict system.
10. ahh the "wise" idiot speaks again!
11. let them in
Shelly ,   israel   (09.19.05)
Does anyone really think that he EU troupes will be any better? Do we really care what goes on there? If we did we would never have agreed to let the cat guard the milk. But than our leaders mostly care how they are accepted in the world around. So we have been shot at and Kasamed. The Shimon Peres turn the other cheek and the world will love us policy is all that counts.
12. this is a bad idea
steve ,   london   (09.19.05)
this is foolish on several accounts. let's see european soldiers do indeed get killed. who would they blame? they'd blame israel for the 'underlying conditions.' they wouldn't stop funding or supporting the palis in any event. secondly, let's say gaza REALLLY heats up. what would israel do if french and swedish soldiers guard the border FOR the palestinians? i can't see any scenario that would be good in this instance. so what's the upside here? why would israel agree to such a foolish policy?
13. The French Could Surrender To Both Egypt AND The PLO At Once
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (09.19.05)
Double the surrender- half the work. They're very creative, you know.
14. 9- good point
the problem is the jewish racist idoelogy in the first place. pre 1948 jews lived in the area peacefully. it was only when Israel with its jewish "laws" and its genocide of Arabs and its land theft of Palestinains- did the trouble start.
15. Kick Israel out
NY ,   NY   (09.19.05)
It is really rediculous.Israel is leaving Gaza and wants to control the borders.Any part other than Israel on the border would be fine.Palestinians are not foolish to target EU forces if deployed over there.They have an affair only with the Occupiers.....
16. #14
MCW ,   Bernardsville, USA   (09.19.05)
Dr. Gerbals speaks with an Arab Muslims forked tongue. Jews have been fair to all. Not one Muslim country would ever permit a church or synagogue to be built within their borders. You speak of genocide. Your Muslim brothers have been butchering jews and christians for years. The Muslim religion is nothing more than an evil sect. Your Koran is a sacred as Hilters Mein Kempf.
17. E.U. Involvement
KEN ,   LONDON   (09.19.05)
The E.U countries should be involved only in providing equipment and personnel in the border crossing building to monitor movement of goods and persons travelling between GAZA and Egypt to reassure Israel and the international community that the Palestinian Authorities are trying their best to keep order in the Gaza Strip. No European military personnel will man the Gaza-Egyptian border, which should be the responsibility of the palestinian and egyptian security forces. The Rafah border crossing should open as soon as possible 24 hours a day. Palestinians who would like to visit Egypt for shopping can be allowed to enter with I.D cards only, without need for Visa, provided they do not go beyond the city of Ariesh in North Sinai. Egyptians can also visit Gaza freely. This will make people feel the difference and may improve the economic situation and strengthen the Palestinian Authority and weaken Hamas. The more you make restrictions on travel for the Gazans, especially at Rafah which is their only acess to the outside world, the more you increase support for Hamas.
18. EU will shield Hamas
AK   (09.19.05)
One EU is in, they'll do to Israel what they did to Serbs in Kosovo. There'll be shooting and attacks permitted in one direction only: against Israelis. The world wanted the Palestinians in charge the Israeli govt wanted out -- live with it and if you have had enough, bomb it.
19. 16
WHAT???? more propoganda from you I guess. you should stop it- its a nasty habit. Have you been to kuwait?, egypt? dubaii? they all have christian churches-
20. Christian churches
AK   (09.20.05)
The churches may be still there, but where are the Christians ? -- disappearing fast (except in Dubai and Kuwait, where there are all those foreign workers, and no, I'not talking only about maids -- they wouln't get a church.)
21. why should the pales shoot on u
tom ,   stuttgart , germany   (10.20.05)
we finance them they shouldnt make us pissed. if they want the millions oif the european union
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