Our land is on the line
Elyakim Haetzni
Published: 19.09.05, 15:33
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1. The Land of Israel
Micha ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.20.05)
This article is so true. The Land of Israel, and even Jerusalem, is under extreme threat of being taken over by Arabs. Sharon has sold us out. The Land of Israel has always been so precious to the Jewish People. Every part of the Land is imbued with Jewish history from time immemorial. Israel is the Mother Land of the Jewish people. It is incomprehensible to me how any Jew could consider giving any part of our Land away to an enemy. The Palestinians crave to destroy Israel and the Jewish people who live here. We must strive to have peace with our neighbors, but not peace at any cost. The cost of giving away our Land and the resultant threat to our security is far too great a cost to pay for a very unlikely peace.
2. It was a good speech
daniel ,   amsterdam   (09.20.05)
I liked Sharon's speech, I am glad Israel has a leadership that both reckognized the danger of a bi-national state and the importance of the land of Israel. It's not a zero-sum game. You can give up some of the land and keep the rest. Sure it won't bring peace, but Israel's mission is not to make peace. Israel's mission is to survive. If you are so nuts that you are willing to sacrifice our survival for a temporary control of the whole land of Israel...then I am glad you are a FORMER member of the knesset.
3. What Sharon didn't tell the United Nations
david singer ,   sydney australia   (09.20.05)
Israel’s Prime Minister Ariel Sharon missed a golden opportunity to address the future of the West Bank before the 170 world leaders gathered at the United Nations last week to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the founding of that organization. No attempt was made in Mr Sharon’s speech to retrace the history of Palestine, a territory created with defined boundaries for the first time ever by the Treaty of Sevres in 1920 and the League of Nations in 1922 after the defeat of Turkey and Germany in World War 1. He could well have quoted Israel’s former ambassador to the United Nations, the late Abba Eban, who had eloquently summarised that history when he said in Newsweek on 2 December 1974: “Palestine comes into modern history as a region extending on both sides of the Jordan, comprising the present sovereign territories of Israel and Jordan and the administered areas of the West Bank and Gaza. Of this original Palestine, 80 per cent became an exclusively Arab domain through the separation of Trans-Jordan from Palestine”. A modicum of research could have enabled Mr Sharon to also remind the gathered world leaders, particularly King Abdullah of Jordan, of the statement made to the United Nations by Israeli Ambassador Yehuda Blum on 3 December, 1979: “Let me remind the Jordanian representatives of the record. Between 1922 and 1946, Trans-Jordan remained an integral part of Mandated Palestine. In 1946 it became the independent Palestinian Arab State in that area. When King Abdullah came to the Jericho Conference in December 1948, which was attended by Palestinian Arabs west of the Jordan River, he was crowned “King of Palestine”. Abdullah, in fact, wanted to rename his country “The Kingdom of Palestine”. King Hussein, in his memoirs, indicates clearly that Trans-Jordan was arbitrarily siphoned off from the rest of Mandated Palestine. Crown Prince Hassan of Jordan, in the Jordanian National Assembly on 2 February 1970, stated unambiguously: “Palestine is Jordan and Jordan is Palestine. The nation is one and the land is one” Having reminded the world leaders present of these past statements, Mr Sharon should then have told them: “The League of Nations and the United Nations promised the Jews that they would be entitled to resettle and reconstitute the Jewish National Home on land from which they had been dispossessed 2000 years earlier by Roman invaders, provided nothing was done which might prejudice the civil and religious rights of the “existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine”. No political rights were conferred or intended to be conferred on those communities then or in the future. This promise to the Jews extended to the West Bank, which you now obscenely call “occupied Palestinian territory” and from where you wish to see all Jews removed to create a State solely for the Arab residents contrary to the terms of the Mandate and article 80 of the United Nations Charter. Israel now enjoys peace treaties with its neighbours Jordan and Egypt. The path to peace in the West Bank and Gaza must involve the division of sovereignty in the West Bank and Gaza between these three nations in trilateral negotiations chaired by the Secretary General of the United Nations. I urge you all to abandon the idea that Jews have no legal right to settle in the West Bank and reconstitute their national home in that area. If international law is to have any meaning in regulating the conduct of the international community, then you must give legal effect to the Mandate and article 80 of the United Nations Charter. Seize the day, because the time is short.” If the 170 dignitaries present were not prepared to listen, at least the 15 million Jews all over the World would be applauding Israel’s Prime Minister for his principled stand instead of recoiling at his abject acceptance of Jewish rights being trampled on in their own homeland by a United Nations acting in breach of its own Charter.
4. #3
Gershon ,   New York, USA   (09.20.05)
Hear, hear, David Singer. Problem is that Eban, for all his faults, believed it; Sharon does not.
5. On the Land of Israel
Gil Borman ,   Detroit USA   (09.20.05)
6. Stolen property doesn't belong to the thief
accessol ,   Spelthorne, England   (09.21.05)
Not "your" land old boy; 'your' land is elsewhere; go back there, to America or to Russia or to whatever hole you crawled out of. Palestine belongs to the Palestinians. The Zionists have no claim to anything.
7. what land
Fares ,   Cleveland   (09.21.05)
the only way sir you will be allowed to stay there is by admitting your mistakes and return the stolen properties to the palestinians and apologize from 1.4 billion muslims in the world because of what you are doing in Jerusalem . time is NOT on your side at all . a possible way out is one nation for everyone ,muslims ,jews, christians with equal rights for all.
8. I agree with Adv. Elyakim Haaetzni
Johnny Weintraub ,   Sugar Land, Texas US   (09.21.05)
Elyakin Haaetzni sets forth the two clear choices for the Israeli voter: (1) to continue the evictions from other "settlements" in the Shomron and Judea Districts of Eretz Israel, or to remain loyal to the ideological roots of the Herut-Likud movement in Israel. I will remain loyal to my roots and to the land of my forefathers.
9. Our land is on the line
KEITH DAWID ,   mumbai   (09.21.05)
10. to #6
Hilda ,   US   (09.22.05)
I think here that you are mixing up who is the thief. Israel is jjust the rebirth of their nation which was stolen from them by the Romans The Jews have returned home. The home of Arabs is Arabia. From there they branched out with their swprd and conquered all the nations they today claim. Watch out their jihad extends to most of Europe, Africa and West Asia To that they are adding Britain, America. They want the world to bow to Allah, there evil deity who has no pity for what they deem are non believers. They are trying to caputre by using our freedoms against us but if that doesn't work they have no hesitancy about using suicide bombs and the sword.
11. to7
Hilda ,   US   (09.22.05)
And what are you doing in my country? Are you planning to blow up something if we don't succumb to your Allah
12. Reply to Gershon
david singer ,   sydney australia   (09.22.05)
No one will ever know if Sharon believes that Jews were promised the West Bank or not by the Mandate and the UN Charter until he is confronted by the media and asked.
13. not jewish
sam ,   pal   (09.26.05)
Ashdod was not jewish, Ths Kananites in Ashdod defeated the jews and took the kofen of covenant from them.Orsalem (Jerusalem) the city of the Yaposites was not jewish. Shkem and Hebron areandother many cities are not jewish. Therefore, do not talk about jewish land
14. Land of Israel
Linda Torres ,   Kennedale Tx USA   (09.28.05)
If we believe the Bible, this is G-d's land, which He gave to the Jewish people. The Arabs have 22 nations and they still want all of Israel, stop giving away your land for nothing but hatred in return.
15. G-D, Rifkin, and Scotland
richard Hitchings ,   methil   (12.13.05)
G-D gave the land of Israel to whom???? exactly??? He, She, IT gave it toooooo wellu r free to believe as u wish but G-D was never an estate agent One thing certain G-D gave Scotland to me and other Scots... u want to fight fo it .....Come Ahead... Perhaps this is why we have so few jews in Scotland... we did have one jew called Rifkin as Scottish Home Secutary about 20 years ago or so... but..... he was Scots before he was a Jew..... and let me say.... he was a good one he also didnt have a jewish accent... he sounded more as I do,,, Like Sean Conrey
16. I ask forgiveness, Im a Fifer spelt...F.L.Y.
richard Hitchings ,   methil   (12.19.05)
My crime was to say I sounded like Sean Conrey. No its a lie or rather ,.. I do not sound like the great actor. ..who has an Edinbrugh Accent, My accent is entirely different, I sound just as I am a Fifer. The accent of the Fifer is more pronounced than the gentilee tones of the Edinbrugh actor. To Hear what I sound like, You can listen to the Proclaimers singing some of their fabulous songs, In Particular the song about ..... I would walk 500 miles..... A pulsating rythimic song of the life of a Fifer and his struggle to do the good and the right......
17. Arabs and Jews were both there
Carol ,   Washington USA   (03.10.06)
The argument about who was in the land of Palestine/Israel first is a meaningless argument. Middle Eastern Jews and Palestinians are genetically the same. They share a common ancestor. It's been well researched and documented. They are such a good genetic match that the more rational ones can, and do, donate blood and organs to each other. Sorry, the argument that God gave this land to the Jews is a dog that just won't hunt.
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