Nazi-hunter Wiesenthal dies
Published: 20.09.05, 12:43
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1. Good bless his soul and thank you for all your amazing work
Mjo ,   Tel Aviv   (09.20.05)
2. A great man
Micha ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.20.05)
What a truly great man. We will sadly miss him.
3. The end of a speical person
Aharon ,   Israel   (09.20.05)
Simon Wiesental will always be an intengral part of the Holocaust's story. His unceacing efforts to obtain justice for the Jewish victims, who had been murdered just because of their faith, are amazing and deserve a wide amount of appreciation. I would also like to take the opportunity and recommend watching the film, "Simon Wiesenthal," that was made on his life, with the actor Ben Kingsley. It's interesting, moving, and gives another dimension to the incredible tragedy of the Holocaust.
4. A real Hero
Sarah ,   Modiin, Israel   (09.20.05)
5. Simon Wiesenthal ZAL Thank you for what you did
6. He will be missed.
Avraham & Miriam ,   Netivot   (09.20.05)
The death of Simon Wisenthal z"l is a great loss for Am Yisroel & the world. We all send our deepest sympathies to his entire family.
7. Simon Wiesenthal
Adam Baker ,   Manchester   (09.20.05)
What can one say but 'Inspirational'.
8. a true hero
liv ,   TA   (09.20.05)
I was privileged to meet Mr. Wiesenthal a long time ago. I'm sad to hear that he passed away. May he rest in Peace. G-d bless his soul.
9. thank God for you.
10. A Man of commitment
Hiram ,   Tel Aviv   (09.20.05)
Simon WIESENTHAL was a man of honour and commitment. He was an exemple to all of those who start something and never finish for a wide range of reasons. The heritage Simon WIESENTHAL is leaving to the younger generation is priceless . It is to be hoped that there will never be any other reason for chasing war criminals in the future.
11. In honor of Simon Wiesenthal.
Paul Tubiana ,   Pennsylvania, USA   (09.20.05)
The Jewish people of the generation that perished in the holocaust were truly the best Jewish people we ever had. I say this because these people never allowed hate and anger to fill their hearts. The faced their demise with love and peace in their hearts, in a humble and dignified manner. Truly, the holocaust victims had the power and means to hate their oppressors, to cause them at least some harm, or to slow them down. Six million Jews could have done much to impede or even stop the horrors themselves if they had the will to do it. But, these people put their faith and trust in God, and chose with grace and will not to allow their hearts to be filled by hate, not to commit murder. No-one can judge, but I feel that God has rewarded them with eternal life and their surviving heirs with many miracles and blessings unimaginable to them. The evil doers have forfeited their eternal life. The Jewish generation after the holocaust has however out of fear and shame allowed fear and hate to enter their hearts. Though the next generation was innocent of sin, the next generation became fixed upon vengeance and retributions for the guilt and shame of the mass loses of their forbearers. The hearts of the Jewish people became possessed of fear that this senseless loss would happen again. They planted the seeds of wrath which today the fruits of wrath are being reaped. The truth is that the next generations became lost and misguided, no longer believing in God's grace and miracles, so they did not need God, so God cannot help them or protect them because their hearts are focused on material things. So the Jewish people have offered much lip service to the memorial of the holocaust. They claimed special rights to things based on loses which they did not themselves sustain, and have yet to earn through their own sacrifices. The sad thing is that this generation now could have offered much insight to prevent holocausts for other people, but since they were so focused on preventing a new "Hitler," they failed to see the same evil reappear and manifest itself in a different form. I could illustrate many new holocausts that are producing genocide and human suffering to millions of people, occurring right now; but no Jewish person would recognize today that it is in fact the same evil because they have yet to learn from the past. One hundred fifty-million people around the world have diabetes, most are poor and all are following the lead of the U.S. in our culture, way of life, and our expensive medical system. Yet, in the U.S., progress in research towards prevention and finding a cure has been impeded for nearly 30 years and continues to be impeded by evil doers for their financial gain, to the detriment of millions of people in the U.S. and around the world. "Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race Enlisting the help of medically trained professionals, the Nazi regime developed racial health policies that began with the sterilization of "genetically diseased" persons and ended with the near annihilation of European Jewry." Source: Stem cells, false genetic theories, and science that does not pursue truth is today's deadly medicine. The silent holocaust in medicine has remained silent for over 30 years and no one says anything. Today's Nazi regime, using genetics as an excuse, consists of drug companies, government research, a rigid medical system that resists all reforms, and disease associations that act like the Nazi S.S., protecting doctors and not people. I ask myself, how so many Jewish people many of which are doctors can be so blind to the truth and be so on the wrong side of morality all the time.
12. The Irony
Nablus 1 ,   Nablus Palestine   (09.20.05)
How Ironic; A zionist helping capturing Nazis Sooner or later these Zionist who commited war crimes will be chased and captured, such as Sharon, Mufaz, Doron Almog, just to name a few. HOW IRONIC Later
13. Ziharano le Braha
Moshe ,   Mass, US   (09.20.05)
14. #11
Yonatan ,   Knoxville, USA   (09.20.05)
Paul....You call that drivel an honor for Simon Wiesenthal??? It sounds more like you've passed judgment against us Jews, and needed desperately to air it. "I ask myself, how so many Jewish people many of which are doctors can be so blind to the truth and be so on the wrong side of morality all the time" <--Your words. Very stereotypical, very condemning. Sounds much like what I've read in Klan pamphlets. This was a incredibly inappropriate place for you to write what is actually your opinion of Jews. The way you sound, you probably don't care, and I've just wasted my time, but I couldn't make myself let it go. So be it.
15. The most righteous. The best. Rest in peace.
Josh ,   New York   (09.20.05)
16. To Nablus 1
Goodman ,   San Francisco   (09.20.05)
Jews will not forget how the Mufti of Jerusalem cheered the Nazi persecution of the Jews. Likewise, Jews will not forget how the pressure of Arab leaders on Gr. Britain to blockade Palestine contributed to preventing Jews from escaping from Nazi persecution.
17. #12 we discuss realities on this board, not your fantasies
Yonatan ,   Israel   (09.20.05)
18. Finally He Can Go After Hitler!
Khaled ,   Amman, Jordan   (09.20.05)
I just hope our Jewish cousins realize that there'll come a day when a Zionist-hunter will rise, and go after each and every Israeli war criminal that shed the blood of Arab children.
19. Khaled , Amman, Jordan does not want
a proud JEW ,   Israel, NY, Paris   (09.20.05)
to talk about the abject slaughter of Palestinians by Jordan. Complete villages wiped out. hmm. Thousands killed. hmm. --->This is once again the perfect example of selective history coupled with brainwashing. In the mean time the little king, baby Abdulah of Jordan lives the good life when most of his people can not afford bread. Oh btw Khaled in Jordan, when those poor gazens worked in Israel even in the dreaded as you would call them, 'settlements' did you know they made a higher wage then most do in Egypt or Jordan? well well and while they were at it they got free legal and medical aid. But then your tender brainwashed ears don't want to hear such things. LOL Kahled, your little baby king does not even want the Palestinians which are nothing more than Jordanians to begin with. Nor did his father. He is lucky they were not sent back to their REAL HOMELAND. Israel could have done it too. p.s check your Pentium processor in your computer along with the medicines and vaccines your kids are given to save their lives. Hate Israel so bad you better get rid of it all. Then your little king should begin like the rest of the Arab dictators to invest in his people so they will no longer need all the inventions of the evil Zionists. So they can contribute to the human race let alone their own people. Best you begin to look at those who have the finger on you and yours rather than throw stones at others.
20. A toast to Simon Wiesenthal
Avraham W ,   Fairfax Country   (09.20.05)
May he always be a beacon for truth and righteousness. May his memory serve as an inspiration to those feckless so-called world leaders who do not even have the eternal balls to speak the truth.
21. Still waiting
Shomo ,   Haifi ISRAEL   (09.20.05)
for the US to issue a statement on the Death of this great man. Possibly they are thinking more of the Saudi reaction but soon it will at least look obvious as to their lack of a statement.
22. This HERO'S vitally IMPORTANT WORK has not ended
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (09.20.05)
A terrible crime has taken place in Israel. The Islamofasicsts have been rewarded with a terror state. The PLO/PA and other terrorist organizations declared publicly that their religious terror war had given them the victory of Gaza. The U.S. EU and UN are ruthless in their demands that Jews are ethnically cleansed from Judea and Samaria making 250,000 Jews jobless and homeless, greatly exacerbating Israeli Jews' dire poverty and joblessness. Creating a massive economic and human crisis in Israel. Jew-haters want Israel to accept over 27,000 terror attacks against Israel's Jews in the last five years and want Israel to do NOTHING. Jew-haters want Israel to accept the thousands of Jews who have been maimed and murdered and want Israel to do NOTHING. WHY ARE CHARGES OF CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY NOT BEING BROUGHT AGAINST: Palestinian Authority Minister Mohammed Dahlan in charge of coordinating the withdrawal with Israel-terror master who is responsible for the bomb attack on the Israeli school bus in November 2000 in which two school teachers were killed and three children from the Cohen family lost their legs. All those responsible for financing, training, arming and sending out Islamic homicide bombers to blow up Jews and destroy the lives of survivors who have nails and other metallic objects from the bombs embedded in their bodies and brains. The Palestinian Authority for teaching through their mosques, media and public education system the murder of Jews is a religious obligation. The Palestinian Authority for hailing as heroes the savage terrorist murderers of defenseless 8 months pregnant Jewish Gaza mother, Tali Hatuel, and four little daughters. The PA for the sermon (and many similar) of Oct 13 2000 broadcast from Gaza mosque, Dr. Ahmad Abu Halabiya, on Palestinian Authority TV (transcribed by Memri): "Have no mercy on the Jews, no matter where they are, in any country. Fight them, wherever you are. Wherever you meet them, kill them. Wherever you are, kill those Jews and those Americans who are like them..." Genocide and/or planned genocide breaks international law.
23. Muslim religious leader helped Hitler murder Europe's Jews
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (09.20.05)
Haj Amin, Jerusalem's Muslim religious leader, travelled to Europe and spent the war years helping Hitler murder Europe's Jews.
24. A very sad day !!!
Yaakov ,   USA   (09.20.05)
A very sad day for the entire world !! This man has done what GOD himself failed to do !!! He was justice and his passing is a great tragedy !!!
25. TO #12 The Irony
Lenore ,   London   (09.20.05)
When lazy brainwashed Arabs begin to rise up against their own dictators who stifle the breath out of their own people perhaps you # 12 will see the truth. Until the end, the hate which spews from your mouth will only serve to self destruct all of you. Your homework. Go run under the 'skirt tails' of your friends in Hamas who use your woman and children as human shields and you as a mere pawn for to get what they want. Take a good hard look. Go pray at the grave of Arafat who used you as well. Perhaps if you choose you can see what he did to you his very own son. Send a note to Mubarak and King Abdulah and ask why they rejected you as well. Perhaps then you will see your own is your very worst enemy not the evil Jew Zionists. good day.
26. #25 My country
Nablus 1 ,   Forever palestine   (09.20.05)
My friend, my friend Lenore From London just relax and accept reality, stress is your enemy take it easy, go to a nice restaurant in London with your wife or girlfriend just relax and enjoy your beautiful country Great Britain just relax and before I go let me tell you who am I I am Palestinian Arab, My country is Palestine, my religion is Islam my language is Arabic I was born and raised in Nablus (Jabal Alnar) I love every Arab country and the Arab people too no body is rejecting us because we have a home called Palestine, my dear friend Lenore from England just relax and don't worry about your beloved War criminals because when they get captured I guarantee you they will be given a fair trial, now go have a drink and relax. Later
27. war criminals 12
Yes, the war criminals of the zionists will be hunted down- and some jews did help the nazis- some guarded the camps- this is true- and some revenged afterwards- read "an eye for an eye" written by a jewish author
28. to nablus 1
ozy ,   the deep south   (09.20.05)
the irony is yours... sooner then later ,all the "palestinans " will be branded war criminals ,for their help and assitance in commititng atrocitieis in the israeli civilain poulation. there are several huge lawsites against the pa and certain indeviduals ,like bargouti ,and mazzan for civil compensations. several cases were won by their plaintiffs in the usa. the pa is now o wing court-ordered summons in the millions. it's a debt that you and your greatchildredn will carry in shame for YOUR barbarism!
29. to khaled!
ozy ,   the deep south   (09.20.05)
the fate of all the arab terrorists will be the same fate of their nazi predecessors--- see gor refernce-- abu jihad , the engeneer, ahmed yassin ,and scores of others ,may the almighty erase their names forever!
30. #28 War Criminals
Nablus 1 ,   Forever Palestine   (09.20.05)
So there are several huge lawsuites against the PA and certain individual in the USA, you mean your country NEW York, what a joke I feel sorry for American people and how they are getting exploited by you and how America is being used to facilitate and push the interest of the criminal Zionist, I guarantee you it will not be too long before americans are fed up and sick of being used and exploited, history may repeat itself
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