3 hurt in rocket barrage on South
Tova Dadon
Published: 24.09.05, 08:37
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1. Disengagement fans aren't moving to Sderot
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (09.24.05)
Terrorists attack civilians, Israel bombs empty buildings--this is deja vu for Israelis who were here from the breakout of the Oslo Terror War in Sep. 2000 until April 2002, during which we got slaughtered in the streets and the Sharon-Peres govt. of that time did not let the army fight back except occasionally to bomb empty buildings. Sharon and Mofaz, and their sidekicks Olmert and Peres, are abject incompetents, weaklings, and delusionals who must be replaced. They have now pulled the IDF completely out of Gaza and left the surrounding communities completely vulnerable to attack. Even if the air force manages to kill a couple of terrorists in its next bombing raid into Gaza, that won't be too effective, will it? Until such time as the Arabs are interested in peace, Israel must have military control of the territory from the Mediterranean to the Jordan--or face very grave security consequences. When the IDF leaves an area, the war moves to civilian parts of Israel. Disengagement enthusiasts, who thought we'd just get rid of Gaza and that hatred and terrorism--are you planning to move to Sderot? Unless Israel gets real, the war is going to come to you, too, wherever you are in Israel.
2. Israel to increase police presence in Sderot
AK   (09.24.05)
but the criminals are in Gaza, not in Sderot, so what good will this do?
3. answer to AK
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (09.24.05)
When the Kassams land in Sderot, the police will arrest them.
4. yossi beilin advice "give sderot to arabs...."
cordier   (09.24.05)
5. Qassam Barrage and Limp Wrists
JKaufman ,   Jerusalem,Israel   (09.24.05)
The only means of re-establishing a credible deterent to the terrorist provocation we are asked to endure is a vicious air borne response. I don't think bombing empty buildings will do it. That's too bad about the PA's concern over civil war. We can tolerate their craziness behind their borders, but the moment it spills over on to us we must react to re-establish deterrence against these outages. Otherwise, we will not live in security with these risks.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (09.24.05)
"The IDF believes the Palestinian Authority's security establishment is responsible to stopping and preventing terror activity.." What a disgraceful statement! Israel knows full well that every one of the PA's security services are involved in attacks against Israel. And that the PLO/Palestinian Authority IS A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION. And of course, the U.S. EU, UN and Russia know this. It is criminal that European and American tax dollars are financing an Islamic terror state in Israel - an international base for terror that will threaten not only Israel's Jews, but the whole world. There is no war on terror. And Israel, please do everyone a favor; defend your citizens. You are on the frontlines in global jihad.
7. Defend your citizens
AK ,   NY   (09.25.05)
Linda is absolutely right. Start fighting. And stop bombing empty buildings. You're being condemned for any retaliation anyway, so you may as well do us all a favor and do it right -- plan your attacks when those terrorist bases and munitions factories are fully occupied, not empty. Make the price for attacking you very, very high.
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