5-year-old in Sderot: I want to move
Ronny Sofer
Published: 25.09.05, 09:51
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1. Left shield
A Yehudi ,   Melbourne Australia   (09.25.05)
Why not send the loony left to Sderot as a human shield, and do all of a favour
2. 2-month-old in Gaza: END YOUR OCCUPATION
Salameh ,   Gaza, Palestine   (09.25.05)
3. Are you happy Ynet. Enjoy your etrog. We don't.
4. loud boooom
Ahmad ,   Nablus,Palestine   (09.25.05)
Oh.. poor child! she should go to Gaza or Nablus.... for two days and then she will undrstand and feel the real loud booooom!!!!!!! stop this non sense ...we also have children and school boys who lost their love ones....but the world of Bush and Anan Does'nt give damn care to it!!
5. sal and ahmed; There is no "Palestine."
Daisy ,   USA   (09.25.05)
Arabs are such liars! Israel was re-named Palestine by the Romans. You Arabs belong in Arabia!
6. ahmed; blame hamass for your explosions!
Daisy ,   USA   (09.25.05)
7. Americans!
Ahmad ,   Nablus,Las vegas   (09.25.05)
Daisy, I don't care what my place is it israel it it las vegas it hell! I really don't care ...but I know one thing ...this is the palce where 10 generations of my family were living..........Just imagine that in one fine day ...thousands of american indians storm the white house claiming that ....this is a grave yard for our beloved ones ....and we want it back! .....or imagine an indian family storm your house claiming that ...this is the palce where we used to keep our dogs!
8. Daisy USA #5
Tova ,   Israel   (09.25.05)
Oh..uh Huh....and what/where is Arabia?
9. The best way for this government to honor
Ilan ,   Ariel   (09.25.05)
is not to make political capital from the event. If the people of Israel wants a government to represent the will of the people then we will have to call elections.
10. was all Inevitable
~Josh ,   London, UK   (09.25.05)
2 weeks since the army flee Gaza, and look what happens. You give them a yard, they want a mile. Thye cannot be trusted to keep peace, so why keep making concessions to terrorists?
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (09.25.05)
Israel's leaders have a MORAL OBLIGATION to RESPOND TO WAR WITH WAR. Giving Jewish land and assets to implacable Islamofascist enemies sworn to Israel's destruction is immoral and treason. The PLO/PA and other terrorist organizations declared publicly their religious terror war had achieved the victory of Gaza. Inspiring and igniting a third and much deadlier intifada Islamofascists fight never-ending religious war. The goal of global jihad is the domination and subjugation of every non-Muslim on earth. Shooting attacks. Stabbings. Bombs planted. Bombs thrown. Molotov cocktails and firebombs thrown. Stonings. Rocket and mortar attacks. Islamic homicide bombers. Every single one of the Palestinian Authority's security services are involved in terrorist attacks against Israel. A May 2003 Pew Global Attitudes opinion poll: 80% of Palestinians agreed with the statement: "The rights and needs of the Palestinian people cannot be taken care of as long as the State of Israel exists." 80% of “Palestinians” want Israel destroyed! Ynetnews, 7/16/05 ‘Israel’s Ghost town’: ShaarHanegev Council Head, Shuster: "promises have been made to provide local communities with special protection against rocket attacks." Israel's government: "The cabinet is scheduled to meet Sunday where the issue of supplying a defense mechanism for communities surrounding Gaza Strip is set to be discussed.” This is an ABNORMAL and frightening response to war! The NORMAL and proper response of any government to war, is to PERMANENTLY stop the attacks by fighting back and winning the war!!! Highly pressured by the U.S. the ABNORMAL response of Israeli leaders to non-stop jihad waged against Israel's Jews is to greatly EMPOWER the jihad giving jihadists their own international terror state - Hamastan - with its own seaport and airport - the largest terror base in the Middle East - ENDANGERING THE ENTIRE WORLD - Al-Qaida units already operate in Gaza. July 11 2005 ‘Al-Qaida nukes already in U.S.’ Al-Qaida is planning an “American Hiroshima” involving multiple detonation of nuclear weapons already smuggled into the U.S. G-8 leaders promised nine billion dollars to the Palestinian Authority over the next three years. TAX DOLLARS THAT SHOULD GO FOR THE IMMEDIATE BUILDING OF EMERGENCY BOMB SHELTERS!
12. Hey Ahmad
???   (09.25.05)
"Oh..poor child! She should go to Gaza or Nablus.... for two days and then she will understand and the feel the real loud booooom!!!!!!!" Your sympathy is overwhelming and soon Israel will grow tired of your nonsense and you will hear and see a loud boom like you've never seen or heard before. Coward!
13. Ahmad twists the facts
???   (09.25.05)
Nobody stole anything from you. You seem to forget that it was you and your greedy fellow Palestines who started the freaking war to begin with and when your sorry asses were beaten, you had the nerve to whine like a baby. Face are in the position you are in today because you people can't live in peace no matter where you may reside.
14. Nothing last for ever even cold november rain
Ahmad ,   Nablus,Palestine   (09.25.05)
Dear 12,13......I will tell you what will happen in the near future.......One day you will wake up hearing that ....ALL the blood stained and dictator Arab regimes are uprooted and democracy prevails in our that day we will be united and strong again ....who knows..... even in your worst dreams ..did you imagine that USSR will be destroyed and russian girls are sold every where!!!! so ....try to understand ....this is history ...and those who are strong today will be weak tomorrow.....and remember my dear that nothing lasts forever....when that day comes you all will beg for life.....but I promise you ...that we will not treat you the same way you treated us in Nablus ,Gaza,Abu Ghreeb, no no ..we have MORALS.
15. Ahmad
AK   (09.26.05)
What really hurts you is that everyplace you dig in Israel, from Jordan River to the seashore, there are synagogues uncovered, and other evidence of Jewish presence and culture in that land, while you have to invent your identity, because you're a squatter on someone's elses land. As for your family's contribution, all 10 generations of it, except those f******* mosques on the site of the Jewish Temple, the only things your people have been leaving behind is garbage. In 1300 years you have managed to create one flea- bitten town, not even one university and completely degraded land, turned into swamps and desert. You Arabs don't need more countries. You have plenty of land, what you need is to learn how to build. But I guess, taking over what others have built is easier.
16. Everything Good Arabs Have Given the World
Edwin ,   Calgary   (09.26.05)
....a big fat Zero, which may be good for mathmatics, but not much else!
17. Ahmad, you will NEVER create a democratic state
AK   (09.26.05)
unless and until you chuck out your religion and your Koran. We have been desperately trying to teach you democracy in Iraq, and now about everybody is agreeing that i's pretty much hopeless. Now think about it: it was possible for us to build democracy in Germany; it was possible to buid democracy in Japan and it is NOT possible to build one in an Arab country. Stop and think why it is so.
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