Hamas releases murder video
Ali Waked
Published: 27.09.05, 20:38
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1. hamas you are too near to the HELL
mlhael ,   lstanbul   (09.27.05)
walt and see who destroy whom f*ck hamas leaders
2. A dozen daisy cutters would end the conflict
James Meeker ,   USA   (09.27.05)
Why doesn't Israel just do it and save lives?
3. Paper Tigers
Hiram ,   Sebba   (09.27.05)
Hamas so called " leaders" such as this scumbag are paper Tigers in the hands of Iran and Syria...They need to be showed lessons in modesty... When one is not able to handle explosives without getting one blown up, one remains modest and humble
4. I know how to deal with terror (Abu Mazen)
Hiram ,   sebba   (09.27.05)
Let s see what will be his next explanation for that murder....
5. Nothing That Hellfire Enemas Wouldn't Cure
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (09.27.05)
That's what works. NOTHING else does.
6. Congrats
J K ,   NYC, USA   (09.27.05)
Congrats to Hamas for they have picked up on terror tactics used by Al-Qaeda filming videos of their victims confessing to whatever so that perhaps their life can be spared. Plying in the tactics of an organization being hunted worldwide wont do anything for their cause....of their longevity. I support the IDF's efforts to root out these animals and send them to Yassin. May it happen speedily in our days.
Daisy ,   USA   (09.27.05)
8. They will pay a dear price
Hiram ,   Sebba   (09.27.05)
They will pay a dear price in a short while. I believe that Hamas will very soon loose their " leaders"....and many of their " soldiers"...IDF has learned in the past how to deal with similar situation...and th Palestinian people as a whole , unfortunately, will have to pay the price.....Guns will talk shortly....
9. Dream on J K
Adam ,   Falasteen   (09.27.05)
Keep dreaming. It will not happen in your life time or your children’s life time. The “IDF” will never root out these “animals”. Probably the “IDF” animals will go away before your dream is fulfilled. Your "IDF" and your US army do even more savage things than this. The difference is that the “IDF” rarely shows pictures of torture. Did you forget what the American soldiers did and pictured in Abu Gharib? It is almost the same picture. It is all animal world and you belong to it for calling for one thing and condemning another depending on the side that commits the crime.
10. Kill them all because they are
Jerome L ,   Miami & Tapiot   (09.27.05)
worse than rats. They are brutal savages. Here is the kicker. This Hamas is who the US thinks Israel should not interfere with in Palestinians phony democracy elections. Think about it. How sick is that? F*ck Hamas. George and Condi Bush....UN and EU the game is up. War on Terror, give me a break. Stop pretending you are fighting a war on terror when every step of the way you give in to terror. You are all slime. You are no better than Hamas. Put your balls where they belong! (that goes for Condi as well)
11. Give Im Hell Harry
Joe Levi ,   Los Angeles.USA   (09.27.05)
Unfortunately, there is no one in Israel like Harry Truman, or to bring it up to date, "Stormin Norman". Remember when Norman said to the world that the heads of the snake will be cut off. Well Israel still needs to make believers out of Hamas. It is obviious that Hamas and Al Qaeda have joined forces (and tactics), one trying to do the other. The taping of the hostages death is just the beginning, Im afraid. Expect much worse things to come, unless and until Israel finally wakes up to the danger. With Iran's testing of an atomic bomb sooner than later, Israel better devise methods of ending the Intifada, before it too has to fight (as in Iraq) Muslims from all over the Middle East.
12. The day of Zahar are numbered.
Franck ,   Paris   (09.27.05)
13. Abbas will not end terror.
David ,   Israel   (09.27.05)
He said he would not disarm his buddies and comrades in Hamas or Isalmic Jihad. How many times already? Hate to tell Georgie but the guy you brought to the Rose Garden is one of them. Looks to me Bush is related to Jimmy Carter? Who would have thought......
14. Dear Adam
J K ,   NYC, USA   (09.27.05)
I will pick up your gauntlet and posit this to you. For all the badness that went on at Abu Gharib, werent the perpetrators rooted out and arrested by the US military? Were they not tried and convicted? Will not Lybdie Englund be serving time once she is sentenced? Were not laws enacted years ago by the Israeli Supreme court barring this type of treatment of Palestinian prisoners? Now, I ask you this. Being that both the US and Israel take responsibility and put through the legal system those whom you accuse of crimes who actually do wind up paying, where, pray tell, can you show me that Palestinians pay for their crimes against Israelis if it ISNT Israel meteing out the justice? Can you cite me one example of a Hamas or IJ or Joe Palestinian that murdered an Israeli that went through a Palestinian legal proceeding, was tried and sentenced and is currently serving time for his/her crimes? I'll save you some cant because there are none. You are one in a long time of Palestinians (if you are not indeed just a supporter) who love to point the finger but refuse to take any responsibility for their own actions. It is the Palestinians that started an immoral 5 year terror war (during negotiations for a Palestinian state, no less) and Hamas, and IJ who egg it on with their kidnappings and Qassam barrages. This is a war, and trust me, the IDF is more than capable of kicking their asses all over the floor. Hamas/IJ/PFLP, etc etc are only leading the Palestinians down the road to ruin and will continue to do so until moral Palestinians (assuming there are any) who will live at peace next to Israel (again, assuming there are any) shout them down and they are disarmed. In the interim, kiss Al-Zahar goodbye if this Hamas idiocy persists. Take some responsibility for a change, buddy.
15. Are you a stand up comedian #9?
Naomi ,   U.S   (09.27.05)
If I personally had to urinate on every koran on the planet I would do it. Then I would kill each and every terrorist and terrorist enabler and wrap them all in pig fat. Again, you people have no idea how lucky the palestinians are that Israelis have humanity. You just have no idea. But anyway, your tender heart for Abu Gharib, what a joke. Cry me a river.....ha ha. The religion of peace is one of beheadings, bus bombings, hijackings, slaughtering of woman and children , raping and pillaging, lying AND more lying. The religion of peace, right. People who only know hate and live by the sword. And you have the audacity of talking about a pink panty on the head of a guy whose only balls is used to savagely maim and murder!!! A guy that hides behind innocent woman children and uses them as shields. Go somewhere else with your bullshit before I find a nice pink lacy pantie to put on your head. But then you are most likely drooling over the pictures of the US serviceman in Iraq who were incinerated by savages then hung upside from a bridge.
16. Kill Khalad Mashal
t.l. ,   Israel   (09.27.05)
in retaliation. That will send these pigs a msg. We targeted so many Hamas leaders and yet Mashal is still alive. Shame on us.
17. It's a SAD SAD SAD DAY!
Billy ,   Burlington, Canada   (09.27.05)
Those shameless rats will never give it up to ruin any hope of peace. Their barbarian coward acts will never stop as long as people like Al-Zahed still operative. They don’t even have dignity to fight like soldiers; they’re the low of the lowest! Jerusalem is not occupied! Their religion is admitting that the land of Canaan is a given to the chosen believers Israelites. If they really believe in their Koran, they should be Israel’s #1 friend. Israel should give Abbas a final warning: Either to disarm & expel ALL terrorists, or Gaza & West Bank will be a part of the State of Israel FOREVER.
18. Palestinian Pigs
Chuck ,   Palm Beach,FL   (09.27.05)
The Pals really don't have a single clue as to how much the IDF is holding back from doing what really needs to be done. The IDF really needs to teach the Hamas and PLO a lesson they will never forget. STOP pussyfooting with these PALS!!!!!!!!!!!
19. #9
Jane ,   New York, New York   (09.27.05)
You're holding up Abu Gharib as an example of torture? How about Danny Pearl and Nick Berg? You garbage will be put through the compactor.
20. to adam, from where?
joe ,   phily   (09.27.05)
there's no "falasteen... you're that jew mushmad , from brooklyn, who married that arab c***, from nablus... youare s such an arab-sand-nii=gger lover, that you are s blind to your own people! how dare you? one day you'll get what you deserve, imach shimcha!
21. Keep dreaming Adam
???   (09.27.05)
"The IDF will never root out these animals." Wanna bet? "Your IDF and your US army do even more savage things than this." Yes, putting panties on the heads of people is more savage than beheadings, or suicide bombings, or the cutting off of limbs. Dream on buddy....the savages are you.
22. Well said JK....well said!
???   (09.27.05)
23. #16 Khalad Mashal
Russell ,   Miami   (09.27.05)
Isn't he the guy that is still alive due to our embarrassing episode in Jordan where the Mossad was caught injecting poison into his ear and then had to provide the antidote. It does seem time his temporary reprieve ended. I am not sure there is an antidote for being blown into a million pieces by a rocket.
24. Adam is dazed and confused
Newt   (09.27.05)
you're comparing Abu Gharib to beheadings, suicide bombings, rape, murder? the soldiers responsible for the placing of panties on prisoners heads are being held accountable. Can't say the same thing when it comes to idiots like you. you are alive today because israel has restrained herself. you have no idea how easy it would be to wipe you completely off of the map. but israel being israel, you are still breathing to spew your lies and filth. your day is coming sir, and i can only say you brought it upon yourself. sleep well.
25. "islam, the religion of peace?" No it is a cult of violent
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (09.27.05)
barbarians that would rather kill Jews than anything else in the world because they have been so brainwashed they can't reason. You don't negotiate with terrorists, you kill them.
26. To # 18
Salameh ,   Gaza, Palestine   (09.27.05)
You are just too filthy to respond to. Your low level vocabulary and screwed up upbringing couldn't produce any better. Calling us Pigs is not going to change facts that scumbags and earth filth creatures like you are on the run, and sooner or Later, the Arab Palestinians are going to kick your behind. You ran away from here like rats and soon you will run away from the west bank and Al-Quds Al-Sharif like a roach, so if I were you (Allah forbid) I'd start packing
27. don't worry every dog has it day
marty zuber ,   scranton pa   (09.27.05)
28. Hamas heros
Uzziel   (09.27.05)
I want to congratulate Hamas for the courage of their "freedom fighters" who dare to kidnap a 55 years old civilian, in an audacious "coup" in order to liberate other "freedom fighters" equally courageous. After this new show of arab manliness it is better for Israel to shut down the entire nation and return to the Gola. We simply can t imitate you and reach to your level.
29. To # 26 * HA HA * Come get us!!!
Imir ,   Golan forever!   (09.28.05)
We ARE NOT GOING ANY WHERE! We will remain and continue giving to the world the rich gifts of our minds and our humanity while you are still sitting there blaming everyone but the right people for your conditions. You are just pissed we left gaza so now the world can see what ruthlessly degenerate people you truly are! Stop talkig shit and go make something out of yourself!
30. To YNET editors my two cents.
Shoshana ,   Yaffo   (09.28.05)
News comes and goes but this story is important for all the reasons you and I are aware of. Please keep this story alive by keeping it on your home page for longer than one day. Do it because it is the right thing to do and do it because we need to tell the world. Do it in the name of Sasson Nuriel and those that went before him by the insanity called Hamas. Thank you. Shana Tova. May you and yours be blessed. May you know sweetness in the new year.
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