Gaza evacuees: Where are you now?
Anat Barshkovsky
Published: 27.09.05, 22:59
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1. Kiss your racisct dreams goodbye
Salameh ,   Gaza, Palestine   (09.27.05)
You never belonged here and you never will. Time for your freinds in the west bank and Al-Quds to start packing too. No more lavish homes and Gods' life style, go back and live like the rest of the "nobles" in Tel Baruch, and Bni Brak, and by the way we don't miss you, and we will never do imach shimcha :-)
2. hey Salameh...dream on
Jew in Israel ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.28.05)
Gaza was sand dunes before the Jews made it into vibrant communities and sand dunes it will become again - worthless and cursed as it was when you had it once before and worthless and cursed as your people are now. Dream'll never get more land and you'll rot in the slums of Gaza...don't worry - we won't miss you either. You are welcome to the rotten slivers you have now...while your uneducated masses act like barbarians and animals. The world is beginning to see the Palestinians in their full glory - hate-filled animals who don't know how to live with human beings in peace. You can all rot behind the wall we'll build.
3. Racists?
J K ,   NYC, USA   (09.28.05)
I never understand the Arab/Islamic propensity towards callings Jews/Israelis racists. Jews come from all walks of life. There are black Jews, white Jews, Indian Jews, etc. etc. covering the entire spectrum. Besides, Judaism is not a race, but a religion and a people. Israel itself is 20% Arab and they are citizens with full voting rights. There are, however, countries that are racist and do not allow anyone to live in them but their own kind. Any others that happen to be there are kept down (along with their women), but their population is negligible. Most of the other 'race' was chased out. I guess, in the end, the joke is on Salameh since the Arabs seem to be the REAL racists who want lands free of Jews who span the races. Repeat the lie enough and it becomes the truth, huh Sally?
4. i agree with jew in israel...
Jem ,   Australia   (09.28.05)
i'm not an israeli, nor a jew, nor a palestinian, nor an arab, so this is a totally objective view... given the palestinian track record, their chances of making gaza work are very very small.. unless the IDF does the PA's dirty work and cleans up khan younis for them.. your speech, salameh, specifically the quote "No more lavish homes and Gods' life style" shows you are jealous of israeli jews and all their successes, and so you turn that around and just blabber crap about how they're racist against you because let's face it, you're living in a slum and they're living the good life.. BUT YOU ARE A FOOL SALAMEH!! you are doing just what the PA and Hamas want you to do! they make you hate the israelis and curse their success, telling you "those nice houses should be YOURS not THEIRS!", while they steal your money and pocket it for themselves.. you and all the palestinians are fools salameh, the world is laughing at you.. we don't want to see you killed or hurt, but we are laughing at you.. the world's memory is not so short, not so fickle as you believe - if the arabs don't accept an agreement soon, the tide of world opinion will swiftly turn against you.. and you'll all find yourself alone, poor, slumming and under the rule of a brutal terrorist govt that cares no more for your well-being than the world public you forced to stop caring about you.. there's been enough name-calling, enough hate-speech, how about you go onto some palestinian sites and speak out against those inciting violence and hatred against israelis, if you're really interested in peace.. leave these people alone. the palestinians raised the stakes, they have to be ready to lose the lot.
5. sal; Arabs don't belong in Israel, Judea or Samaria!
Daisy ,   USA   (09.28.05)
Go back to Arabia you Arab land thief! "Palestine" is a myth!
6. Homeless and with no money. They don't enjoy the etrog.
7. Wait till the come for Shenkin St. The traitors don't care.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (09.28.05)
The PLO/Palestinian Authority and other terrorist organizations declared publicly their religious terror war had given them the victory of Gaza-a base for international terror. Making Jews jobless and homeless for their implacable enemies, Israel destroyed the homes of almost 10,000 Jews. Homes for which mortgages must still be paid. Thousands of Jewish greenhouses and 325 Jewish farms built on land that NEVER belonged to Arabs were given as gifts to the wealthy Palestinian Authority terrorist organization. A huge victory for Islamists and every Jew-hater on the planet. World leaders congratulated Sharon for this ruthlessness. The U.S. EU, and UN cruelly demand greatly increased Jew cleansing from Judea and Samaria making hundreds of thousands of Jews jobless and homeless, greatly exacerbating Israeli Jews' dire poverty and joblessness. Creating a massive economic and human crisis in Israel. AND MASSIVELY DESTROYING ISRAEL'S SECURITY. The Jew-hating Europeans deported Jews from their countries over 80 times.
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