Orlev: Find jobs for evacuees
Ilan Marciano
Published: 28.09.05, 17:21
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1. Jobs for Gaza refugees?
Chrisona ,   Chicago.IL   (09.28.05)
More to the point, I wish Israelis would find a different job for Ariel Sharon. He created this internal galut and needs to stand aside in shame.
Daniel Mush Meyer ,   Jerusalem   (09.28.05)
It seems that the Mafdal are the only party caring for these people while the rest just keeep talking
3. they don't want work, they got $400,000 they're on vacation!
4. Chrisona evacuees not refugees! can't u read!
5. They worked hard for 38 years, time to "rest"
Salameh ,   Gaza, Palestine   (09.28.05)
They harrassed us, occupied our lands, cut our olive trees, poisoned our cattle and wells for 38 years, it is about time they rest peace :-)
6. Yankees go home!
accessol ,   Spelthorne, England   (09.28.05)
To get a job you need a few skills apart from knowing how to steal land, uproot orchards, poison animals, shoot children and shout orders to your enslaved work force. These lazy over-compensated thugs might find that no one in fact wants to have anything to do with them at all and that their best bet is to go back to America, where the Christian Right might still be enthralled by their (disappointing) theatrical antics in Gaza, where they had threatened/promised us all to fight till the last drop of their holy blood and then drown themselves in the Mediteranean.
7. anti Semites all
a.k. ,   PT, Israel   (09.28.05)
Wow, all this antiSemitism on an Israeli newspaper forum! why am I not surprised? No. 3 anonymous thinks they got $400,000 and can be on vacation. Hardly any of them have received any money at all. No. 5 Salameh wants them to rest in peace. Planning more murders Mr. Salameh? That's incitement to murder if ever I heard it. No. 6 accessol, talking from safe old Blighty (England) thinks they are all American (ever heard of Israelis Sir/Madam? They are the people who live in Israel). They are not lazy, overcompensated, thugs or slave owners. They are honest, extremely hard working and productive wonderful warm hearted people. Ask the Palestinians who actually worked for them. See how many of them are crying over their lost jobs and lost employers. The only thugs here are the Palestinian terrorists who have taken over Gush Katif. Oh, and people like you.
8. To #7
Salameh ,   Gaza, Palestine   (09.28.05)
Incitment? You call my words to ask them to rest after 38 eyars of horrific illegal occupation incitment? What a hypocrite, HAVE you read a single talkback on ANY of the new son THIS VERY site in the last 2 days? Your fellow zionists call for the ANNIHILATION of the Palestinian people. They are asking to nuke us and not leave a child behind. Just go to ANY article on this site and see for your eyes, unless you are HATRED BLINDED. What is kosher for you is anti-semite for others? what I have read in the last 2 days is something that is beyond human comprehension. ALL of you are calling for ALL Palestinians to be killed, you hate us for the only reason that we are who are are, so who is the inciter? But guess what, I truly believe that your hearts are simply blinded by your hatred that you won't even understand. Shame.
9. PT I'm #3 and speak the truth. so u make personal attack?!
10. To Salameh
A Proud Jew ,   The Rock   (09.29.05)
You Palestinians are taught to hold a gun when you still have your diapers on. Don't tell me you don't have one of those suicide Barbie dolls in your house ! Palestinian television shows brainwashed children as young as three claiming their ambition in life is to be a Shahadia (or whatever you call it.) Is it any wonder that you are so miserable and hate anybody who does something 'normal' and productive with their lives. Your enemies are not the zionists. G-d gave the land of Israel to the Jewish Nation - everyone knows that. Your enemies are your leaders, who, like Arafat are filling their pockets - thanks to your naivete (not to say, stupidity). The only 'occupiers' here are them who are occupying your mind working you up to a frenzy with their shouts and funny masks. If you were smart you would recognize this. Everyone knows Jews are not haters. On the other hand Islam gives Jews and Christians 3 options: 1) conversion 2)fewer rights yet higher taxes, or 3) death. So if I were you I would just think things over and consider becoming a Noahide instead - keeping the laws that Allah has told all gentiles to keep. That is, if you really want to get to Paradise.
11. They don't have homes, talk about this first. Spoiled Etrog.
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