Anti-occupation display stirs row
Moran Zelikovich
Published: 28.09.05, 23:07
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1. Funny
J K ,   NYC, USA   (09.29.05)
If the Palestinians policed themselves and actually stuck criminals and terrorists in jails for their crimes, Israel wouldnt necessarily need to detain anyone. But since terrorist is the Arabic word for those without blame, Israel must be the Palestinian police while the Palestinian police watch and do nothing. Left wing idiots. If they want to protest something, go protest the PA's refusal to deal with their own internal problems.
2. A Sickness In Israel's Leftwing Society.Self Loathing To ...
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ, US   (09.29.05)
These leftie cowards only have a "conscience" when Arabs are involved. They have absolutely no immoral boundaries when it comes to protecting their Jewish homeland. Jewish being the operative word here. This is the sickness permeating Israeli leftist society. They have been spoon fed a diet of revisionist history from the Education ! Ministry. Their history books have turned the 1948 Arab onslaught of Israel upside its head. The Ministry tell all manner of tall tales - that Israel was the aggressor and that Israel stole Arab land. The Israeli Education Ministry has adopted the "Arab Narrative". Unf----n believable! In any event, many of these lefties are cowards by nature. Their touchy feely upbringing has made them into pansies.
3. Refusing service
Alex ,   Australia   (09.29.05)
This is a great shame on the youth of Israel, the majority of which service in the IDF. I feel sorry for these kids because in the future when they are wiser they will regret this foolhardy and traitorous stance. What happened to the pride of Israeli society? Time to start educating the children to be proud of their land and to understand their history - Israel is the sovereign state and right of the Jewish People, these kids need to understand that and feel proud to be able to defend her.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (09.29.05)
Islamists maimed and murdered thousands of Jews JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE JEWS. Christians in Palestinian Authority areas suffer horrific persecution because they don't follow the religion of Muhammad. Over two million Christians, including Animists are dead in Sudan from jihad. Hundreds of thousands of Christians have been taken for slaves by Sudan's Muslims. The world's people grieve over the suffering of the many innocents, Jews, Christians, Hindus, and others...but these leftists are not protesting the terrible suffering of innocents at the hands of Islamists, they are protesting against JEWS FOR LIVING ON THEIR OWN LAND.
5. Salute to the true tender hearts of these teens
Salameh ,   Gaza, Palestine   (09.29.05)
I salute them for their bravery. To come up with such display in defiance of the hateful atmosphere in Israel where a Right wing gouverment of Figlins is in power. Teens like this who are capable of making peace with their neghbours so they, their kids and our kids can live in peace together. It is time to eradicate the Loonies and Messiakh crazies from the Israeli society to pave the way for peace. END THE OCCUPATION NOW.
Daisy ,   USA   (09.29.05)
7. Some Jews have so much self-hatred. Why?
Daisy ,   USA   (09.29.05)
As a non-Jew I don't understand why some Jews like to help their enemies destory their people.
8. ber borachov allows it
alan ,   san fransico   (09.29.05)
yes that is correct. Borachov wanted a state like every other state in which Jews could be judges as well as conscientious objectors. A free society like Israel's allows for dissent without violence. Social consequences are another matter. That the conscientious objectors are wrong is another matter as ehre where there are obviously some immature teenagers rebeling against their parents or for being outcasts in school for whatever reason. It is too bad disagreement with the majority results in death in Palestinean society, but in Israel it is a sign of a mature democracy. That's why the Arabs in Israel for the most part would not want to live in any all Arab society that now exists.
9. #5 Get in the middle of a field
Iago Coen   (09.29.05)
And then the army will be able to eradicate one more loonie meskeit
10. The stupid left knows no right
David ,   Karmiel Israel   (09.29.05)
These holier than thou peace people don't realise that the murdering terrorist does not ask for your political views before killing you and your family. Some bombs might be smart but the suicide bombers bombs don't pick out who they are going to blow to bits! Just plain stupid! They justt don't realise that the Palestinians will always find a reason to kill Jews.
11. disgusting
Intedi Nensak ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (09.29.05)
This is just so disgusting I can't even find words for it... The extreme leftists are a problem in my country aswell. Let's just deport them all to some little island somewhere and let them have their communist heaven full of nazislamic arabs and then laugh at them when they realise what a huge mistake they made.
12. From an American Jew
John ,   Oakland, USA   (09.29.05)
As an American Jew and as a worker, I salute these brave young people. It has long been a source of horror to me that what was done to Jewish people over the centuries - now the "Jewish State" is doing the same to others. If Israel would stop stealing land and water and stop humiliating the Palestinians on a daily basis (checkpoint violence, etc.) and stop building this disgraceful apartheid wall, that would be the first step towards stopping this nightmare.
13. to #12
chava ,   yerushalayim   (09.30.05)
Your information is wrong. There's not enough room here to respond to it all. But let me just say that it might be nice if the Arabs that you're defending so strongly would choose to live with or next to us without killing us, and we would never have considered building a wall.
14. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo
Marlene Newesri ,   NewYork/USA   (09.30.05)
To some people who at least have a moral and ethical conscience.
15. To # 12
Dave ,   Usa   (09.30.05)
If you think you are a Jew, Move to Israel with your family and then dare to write those same words. You are a coward sitting miles away and running your mouth
16. To #15
jossaha   (10.03.05)
Dave from USA says "If you think you are a Jew, Move to Israel with your family and then dare to write those same words." This doesn't reflect well on Israels "mature democracy." Of course Dave is American and perhaps doesn't know what he's talking about.
17. refusal
mohan ,   Australia   (10.05.05)
Well done ! This is an act of great courgae.
19. It takes courage to kill unarmed civilians?
Fred ,   Elkton, USA   (02.20.06)
To #13: So, now one can't be a Jew unless they live in Israel? Strange religion... To #18: Why are you so vested in defining yourself as a "victim"? Those who see themselves as victims, become victimizers very quickly, and that's what we see in the occupation. Jewish "victims" kill, wound and humiliate unarmed Palestinians; Palestinians respond by attacking Israelis. The occupation must end for peace to come to the region.
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