Syria: Israel will leave Golan Heights
Roee Nahmias
Published: 01.10.05, 18:23
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1. Golan Heights
Simon Shiffman ,   C.Town, S- Africa   (10.01.05)
The Syrians must stop dreaming ! The Golan will remain part of Israel.
2. appeasment always leads to war !
marcel ,   Florida   (10.01.05)
Israel's show of weakness ,it's cowardly acts for peace and surrender to the will of false allies pave the way for another holocaust. It approaches under the guise of the Road Map to peace.Those who survive will no longer trust in men but look to Hashem.
Sac ,   NJ, US   (10.01.05)
To be honest, these crazy illusions by the Arabs scare me. Israel's small concession of Gaza has given these freaks hope that terror prevails. Everyone knows that the Arabs only want to conquer our developed land simply for bragging rights. There is already plenty of undeveloped Arab land for them to continue to rot on.
4. Get off ARAB LAND !~!
FRANCE   (10.01.05)
You STOLE it! as in -you immigrants from Brooklyn, Russia, Europe and Ethiopia- claiming to own land you havent set foot on EVER- and perhaps only some vague ancestor 2000 years ago did- and THATS a maybe. It is obvious to the whole world- so You really must stop with your racist biblical exile myth!! ITS SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. Golan is Israeli as Jerusalem is Israeli
Yoav Ben Zakai ,   Dimona, Israel   (10.01.05)
How about the Arabs start by returning ALL the lands they conquered in the Middle-East by force? Give Iraq to the Assyrians, Egypt back to the Copts, North Africa to the Berbers. With regard to the Golan, it is and should always be an inseparable part of Israel. The Syrians lost a war and the Golan, and thats just too bad for them. Besides Jewish history in the Golan goes back thousands of years and that is something that can't be denied. Giving in to the Arabs will only drive them to ask for more and more until there is no Israel left. Give a mouse a few crumbs and the next time he'll ask for a glass of milk! B'ezrat hashem i pray that our leaders do whats best for Israel and not buckle to terror and aggression
6. Syrian Terror
Hiram ,   Tel Aviv   (10.01.05)
Al Assad, son = Al Assad Father. These dictators came into power for lack of an educated opposition and the lack of democracy which characterizes most of the feudal Islamic regimes. Syria will get nowhere with this kind of approach. Before even thinking about the Golan, they should take care of their own internal problems while it is still time. Supporting terror and oppressing people does not last for ever. Middle East dictators will end up like most of the dictators : dead or in exile if a country accepts to host garbage that is .
7. the golan heights is isreali as baba ghanoui and felafel
benjamin ,   london   (10.01.05)
8. golan heights
historian ,   earth   (10.01.05)
if one were to review their history, they will find that hte golan heights was part of Israel (or its roman name, palestine) when the british controlled it after WWI- the british mandate. the british government ceded it to the french who controlled syria. then in 1967, syria lost it in a war it started. so all israel did was reclaim land that was originally part of Israel. another thing that bothers me: syria started a war, is upset that it lost, and wants the land it lost back and claim that the only reason they wont make peace with Israel is because Israel controls the Golan heights. Then why did syria not accept Israel in 1949? Syria, as well as the rest of the arab countries, always screams U.N. Resolutions. If Syria would have won any of the wars it started, wars to destroy Israel, would it have returned the land it won, land recognized by hte UN as part of Israel? If you answer in the affirmative, then why did Syria go to war agaisnt Israel in the first place. It seems that all this crying about the Golan Heights is just another excuse to get rid of a Jewish Counrty. It seems that the muslims can have 20 or so countries but they cannot let the Jewish people have one.
9. to "FRANCE" # 4
gaycokenoffenyom   (10.01.05)
lets be frank, mr. FRANCE .... really, and truthfully nothing and nobody more annoying than you.... vraiment c'est ca kiss mon derriere ....
10. NEVER! Golan Heights is Israel's FOREVER!!!!
11. France the place for Jihad
Francois Mitterand ,   France   (10.01.05)
Abu Ali, what are you doing in France, Driving the self-improvement? Why do you think France is not occupied Muslim land? Because the dummy French are allowing you to shout Jihad and Ihbat al Yehud in France? Are you in France to claim it for the Ummah? part of the Caliphate of Eurabia?
12. to the victor goes the spoils of war = israeli land
mike ,   usa   (10.01.05)
israel won it in war, now controls the golan heights, and therefore it is theirs. if i was syria i'd want it back too but they need to accept reality and not live in the past.
13. Dear france
Sac ,   NJ   (10.01.05)
It's nice to hear from my FAVORITE country! If you are so concerned with giving land to the Arabs, I have an idea.......I'm sure france would be more then glad to take in terrorists to join you yellow belly sissies. Perfect combination! P.S. I hate croissants!
14. Answer to Nbr 4
Hiram ,   Tel Aviv   (10.01.05)
Dear Nbr 4 from France You must be awfuly young....and probably do not recall the reason why the Israelis took over the Golan.... Instead of reading " Liberation", read history books and you will understand better....Yes, I know, readin History requires some efforts !!!
16. to France,the well named
trumpeldor ,   eurabia   (10.01.05)
You just take a shovel and dig anywhere in Israel You will find artifacts related to long jewish possesion of that country you can spit,you can moan, you can curse,ou can impose false people coming from neigbouring countries All your statements are just trash buried in the sand of time... Ps by the way Golan heights(Eretz habashan are an integal part of Eretz Israel) Am israel hai, Trumpeldor
17. To #4; Two generations were born here, so it's our land.
Too bad for the Arabs, they will never be able to move us from our land because they are weak LOOSERS. A nation of unsuccessful farmers and terrorists, that can only dream of the achivements we made here.
18. Out answer to Syria: Forget it
sam ,   potomac MD   (10.02.05)
Syria exists because the British and Fench drew maps after WW I--The Golan was used by the rgime (a drug dealreship disguesed as an Alawi dictatorship) soley in order to bombard Israel. From the Golan you can see way into Syria--and from the Western Golan--way into israel--it would be foolish for Israel to give up the Golan. golan is not Gaza--and, besides, it was the heart of Jewish life in Israel arfter the rest of the country had been defeated by the foolish and ill-insperied rebelleions that we made against the Romans. So my answer to 4 and 15: tilhastizi.
Daisy ,   USA   (10.02.05)
Arabs are form Arabia and should go back!
Daisy ,   USA   (10.02.05)
21. Whose land is it, anyway?
Jeffrey ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.02.05)
Everyone but the Arabs knows that Jordan is the State for Arabs around Israel. Israel should not give another inch of land and start making it attractive for the Arabs to move into Jordan, where they will be welcome. LOL!! The lack of Jews in Israel during the modern era was a direct result of Christian and Muslim atrocities against the Jews. We never forget, and we came to take back what was ours in the beginning, and what will always be! The Arabs think they will also get part of Jerusalem. Every drop of Jewish blood will spill before one square foot of Jerusalem is controlled by Arabs!! P.S. We Jews will raize the temple mount, very soon!
22. France
marc ,   albany   (10.02.05)
hey there where do you get your information. Are you a sociologist and historian? Stole. well I will only waist my breath on these next words Kus umuk!
Wass ,   Oxford   (10.02.05)
DO NOT KID YOURSELVES!!! How can u possibly say that winning a war means the golan belongs to Israel? It's that logic that leads to the conclusion of the arabs: namely, that only war and through force of arms will the Arabs regain what is rightfully theirs. Don't get too cocky - 1.3 billion muslims Vs 18 million Jews - - ummmmm, sooner or later....sooner insh'allah
24. the usual from Syria
Howard ,   Pacific Coast, USA   (10.02.05)
Syria attacked Israel numerous times and, in recent years, has made every effort to sabotage peace deals between Israel and any of its neighbors. TODAY, Syria bankrolls and orders terrorist factions in the territories. It makes no secret of doing so. Syria has somehow avoided being recognized, like the Palestinians, as never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity, and has somehow avoided being condemned for being a threat to every neighbor it has, even though it has attacked all of them either militarily or through terrorist proxies, and is doing it today in most cases. Well, it is time for the international community to stop overlooking Syria. With regard to the Golan, Syria fails to grasp that it is its own habit of lies and unprovoked aggression against its neighbors that have made it either distrusted or actively hated by nearly everyone around it, from Lebanon to Iraq to Israel and Jordan and Turkey. Nobody can blame Israel for holding onto the Golan, given the complete lack of interest on the Syrian side in a peace process (all Damascus wants is to put its guns back on the heights).
25. Don't give Golan to Syria
AK   (10.02.05)
Israeli government would have to be truly suicidal to hand over Golan to Syria. Israeli government is not suicidal, is it? Is it? Frankly, I no longer know what to think about Israeli gov’t.
26. golan heights
Mamacita ,   USA   (10.02.05)
All is fair in love and war. If it were the case that anything won in war should be returned, then the US should return all of its western states to Mexico. There has been a Jewish presence in the Golan for over centuries.
???   (10.02.05)
You want to know what's really annoying? You and your country. Kissing the a$$ of terrorists will never keep you safe. It didn't work when you opened your arms to Hitler and it doesn't work today.
28. dear Mr typical from the new France
kishaberrunterunweil ,   occupied France   (10.02.05)
your ignorance is as deep as your asshole poor guy.
29. Daisy
please not you , you are too young or too ignorant , you come like a small fart in the middle of the story
30. to mr. gay *9*
you came to the story not because you are interested in politic but because of your disire for your ass to be kissed , stay with your ass away from the story .
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