Rabbi: Next time I’ll call for refusal
Efrat Weiss
Published: 02.10.05, 12:58
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1. Moron just like the ayotallahs???
Henry ,   ramallah   (10.02.05)
2. It’s clear we’ll return to Gush Katif :-)
Michael   (10.02.05)
maybe the term ; "Senile Mordechai Eliyahu". would now be more appropriate when discussing hime ?! The less press coverage (except in the funnies) that he's given the better. He's now become an embasrrassment !!
3. Chief made big mistake
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.02.05)
and so did those who listened to him the first time. We don't all get a second chance. Wake up Israel !!!
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (10.02.05)
Making Jews jobless and homeless for impacable enemies, Israel destroyed the homes of about 9,000 Jews in Gaza and northern Samaria. Homes for which the Jews must still pay mortgages for. The terrorists, highly respected and admired; their bank accounts and war chests filled with billions of American and European tax dollars, were not expected to create businesses and farms with their finances, long hours and hard work. All of this was to be done for them by the victims of their terrorism. Gaza's Jews built thousands of highly successful- advanced technology greenhouses. The terrorists were richly rewarded for their dark deeds of Islamic terrorism of over 26,000 terrorist attacks against Israel in the last five years and the maiming and murdering of thousands of Jews. The PLO/Palestinian Authority terrorist organization were given fabulous gifts of Jewish land, greenhouses, farms and assets of the Jews the terrorists attacked and murdered. Muslim mobs destroyed the beautiful synagogues; Hamas flags flying from synagogue roofs as synagogues burned. Murders, pogroms, genocides. Deportations. The stealing of Jewish land and assets is the way Jews have always been treated. The U.S. EU, UN and Israeli leaders demand Jews continue to accept this criminal, depraved treatment, ruthlessly demanding more Jew cleansing from Judea and Samaria, to make hundreds of thousands of Jews jobless and homeless, greatly exacerbating Israeli Jews dire poverty and joblessness. Creating an even greater economic and human crisis. AND MASSIVELY DESTROYING ISRAEL'S SECURITY.
5. Michael Needs To Learn From History
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (10.02.05)
To quote Michael Freund: TAKE GAZA, for example, from which Jews have been expelled seven times in the past two millennia. The Roman governor Gavinius threw out Gaza's Jews in the year 61 CE. Subsequently, they were exiled by the Crusaders, Napoleon, the Ottoman Turks, Arab rioters in 1929, the Egyptian army in 1948 and now by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Each time, however, the Jews eventually returned, guided by their determination and their faith that this land truly does belong to us. They rebuilt Jewish Gaza, the land of our ancestors, and I have no doubt they will do so again one day, once the situation permits. Economists like to speak about what they call the "elasticity of demand," which is essentially a measure of how consumers respond to changes, such as price. I would argue that Zionism and the belief in Greater Israel is essentially inelastic, meaning that even in the face of setbacks and defeats the Jewish people will continue to cling to the justness of our cause. People on the Left such as Marcus and Barnea might very well differ, but their perspective is ultimately narrow and shortsighted, and it ignores the long sweep of Jewish history. For even in the darkest and most foreboding periods of the Exile, Jews never doubted that they would one day return. Massacres and pogroms, Inquisitions and expulsions never broke our collective spirit, and neither should the events of this week. The fact is that Sharon and the Left may be able to withdraw from Jewish history, but they cannot withdraw from Jewish destiny. They can bend and twist and stretch classical Zionist and Jewish beliefs, but they cannot break them. For even in the face of uncertainty the dream of return lives on. It might take years or even decades to achieve, but of one thing we can all be sure: The Jewish people will eventually bounce back from this fiasco, just as we have throughout the millennia. And soon enough, the sand dunes of Gaza and the hills of northern Samaria will once again most assuredly be ours.
6. y'all need to take your medications! u b crazy!
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