Is Israel planning Iran strike?
Roee Nahmias
Published: 02.10.05, 14:53
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1. Sharon's Masada Option
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.02.05)
P.M.Sharon the great appeaser is too afraid to defend Israel so he cave's in and surrenders at every opportunity. He continues to put Israel's security in the hands of the U.S. which cuts up Israel into smaller slices ,a reward to his arab oil partners. Spineless Sharon is leading Israel into national suicide under the lie of peace .There is no peace will those who obey allah.
2. lran our patıence ls lımıted
stop dolng nuklear bombs or declde what happens to tahran
3. sharon should strike iran's reactor when it is operational..
It would be nice to see a mashroom cloud rising above Iran :)
4. Israel attack Iran? Lunacy and suicidal
Ilan ,   Ariel   (10.02.05)
Iran is too far away for a surprise attack so that nothing good could come of this. Although diplomacy and the international community are not encouraging they are the only way to "solve" this problem. Perhaps Israel giving up it's nuclear option in exchange... More likely a MAD policy towards Iran in which neither side can afford to use it's arsenal will be the "best" alternative. An attack on Iran is tantamount to a nuclear exchange, something neither country can accept.
5. No Attack Like Pearl Harbor
Joe Levi ,   Los Angeles, USA   (10.02.05)
Israel must leave all options on the table., including blasting Iran with nuclear bombs if need be. Let me explain my reasoning to who advocate Israel's demise in Internet land. In 1933 the Western world had it's chance to stop Hitler, and failed. (England wanted no war with Germany at any price, and Russia and Poland signed treaties with the NAZI regime). Germany almost won the war, which would have meant the destruction of tens of millions more people and whole countries). Finally, after losing 25m people, the US and Russia won. Let this be a lesson. Israel, the US, Germany, France and Englahd must issue an ultimatum to Iran's Mullahs and hard line leader. It must dismantle the reactors immediately, or face certain doom. There should be no hesitation. It's either Tehran or San Franciso, either Tehran or Dallas, or Miami, or Chicago, or Los's them or US. I don't want my children living under the gun of a nuclear armed Muslim "Evil Empire" state, not for one moment.
6. project Daniel Is The Solution
Adina kutnicki ,   NJ, US   (10.02.05)
Shraon has the blueprint for striking Iran on his table. This blueprint is called "Project Daniel", put together by Professor Louis Beres and his group of nuclear and military experts. Bush was also presented with this option/plan. It's overview can be found at NATIV online under Professor Beres's policy papers. It is Israel's ONLY hope when confronting Iran. Read it!
7. Give up its Nuclear option!?
Saus ,   Montreal   (10.02.05)
That's the most insane thing I have ever heard, from a settler in Ariel yet?... I hate to break the news, but using conventional military means to attack a nation with which you are in a state of war is NOT tantamount to a nuclear exchange.. Allowing a fanatical religious Islamic tyranical regime which has sworn Israel's destruction to develop nuclear weapons <-- that is tantamount to the likely nuclear exchange. If you have such faith in MAD as a solution with these mullahs, then you should have no problem with a conventional attack on Iran, as clearly they realize that responding in kind will mean their destruction. If you are willing to depend on MAD, then we should be willing to put that concept to the test. Otherwise it is a fool's strategy. When one measures the aparent willingness of Muslims to slaughter other Muslims with abandond for the goal of Jihad, MAD seems truly like madness to me in this case.
8. if he's going to do it should be like we did to Iraq in 1981
9. The end of Iran's regime
Aharon ,   Israel   (10.02.05)
The end of the dark regime in Iran is a question of time. It endangers not only Israel, but many other countries as well. Iran's neighbouring countries are extremely bothered, though they would not admit it, by the fact that it might posses nuclear weapons. Already today, Iran has missiles that can reach the southern area of Italy. It won't stop at this point. The goal of bringing an end to the Iranian regime should belong not only to the West, but to any Moslem who cares about his fellow people, namely the Iranian people. They suffer under the Mulla's rule in Iran, but they can't do anything about it because this regime is mercyless and brutal. Everybody knows the efforts of the Iranian regime to obtain nuclear capabilities should be stopped. Also, behind many closed doors in the Middle East there are many wishes, Israel would do the job. As it seems now, this possiblity is quite realistic.
10. Many benefits if Iran is nuclear power.
Daniel Pearl ,   NY, US   (10.03.05)
I don't know if Iran is seeking Nuclear armement. But if it does, I think it's beneficial to all the region. This will create a balance of power. Israel will stop threatening its neighbour with nuclear strikes once for all. It's clear also if Iran has nuclear capabilities, Israel will start following UN resolutions, end the murdering of innocent Palestinians and bring peace to the region.
11. Nonsense
Dror Kronstein ,   Israel   (10.03.05)
Dear Mr. Pearl (talkback 10), I am afraid you don't know what you are talking about. Israel had NEVER threatened ANY nation with its supposed nuclear option. Using nuclear weapons by Israel is simply commiting suicide, thus it is only kept as doomsday weapen (if at all). The addition of nuclear weapons had never in history added "balance". In fact it only caused arms races and eventually may lead to a catastrophe. Of course, such a catastrophe is balance eventually, but I'm sure that's not what you meant. There is absolutely no benifit for the region in Iran having nuclear weapons. Iran has a history or war with Iraq. Do you suppose that Iran is not going to use its new Nuclear option if it had one? Iran has a history of sopporting terrorism. Do you suppose it is impossible that Iran will support nuclear terrorism? Iran has to remain weak as long as it's not a democracy. For all our sakes.
12. Daniel Pearl? More like Yassir Saddam
barry ,   tokyo   (10.03.05)
The Iranian people traditionally has always been if not Israel's friend, a friend of the Jewish people. Like the Turks, they dislike Arabs, whom they consider a people way beneath their culture. Although the current Iranian regime may actually feel compelled to launch an unprovoked nuclear attack against Israel, they also feel threatened by their Arabs neighbors. Remember, they suffered an unprovoked attack by Iraqi Arabs where hundreds of thousands of Iranian men, women, & children were buchered, especially through the use chemical weapons. Keeping this in mind, it would not be in Israel's interest to attack Iranian civilians through a nuclear attack. Regime change should be the main goal. In this globalized world we live in today, the Iranian regime's days are numbered.
13. Nuke one, nuke 'em all. Its going to be such a political
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA USA   (10.03.05)
nightmare nuking Iran that you might as well include Saudi Arabia and Syria, et al and be done with it so there is no one left to complain. Come to think of it, I do remember nuking all the empires of evil as part of the roadmap.
14. Balance to a nuclear power
Daniel Pearl ,   NY, US   (10.03.05)
Dear Mr. Dror, Iran didn't start the war with Iraq as you may know. After the revolution, the Western countries along with the US backed monarchs engaged Irak to launch a losing war. As for Iran's support for terrorism, one can argue about the definition of terrorism itself. If resisting Nazi occupation in Europe is terrorism, then Iran is in the right side. As for Democracy, Iran is the only democracy in the Islamic World. This democracy is far transparent than Turkey's. Women have more freedom to participate in politics than many countries in the World. I am not defending Iran but I believe that Isreal's impunity has to end. To much of the World view, if there is one country that poses a security risk for human beings is Israel.. not Iran. We really have to encourage Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. Sooner, better.
15. Sick
Mike F ,   Detroit, MI   (10.03.05)
"Daniel Pearl" Your mocking of Daniel Pearls' name really lets everyone know how "balanced" your arguements are. You are a sick person.
16. Hipocrisy!
Zuckerman ,   NY, US   (10.03.05)
To be fair, everyone knows the stockpile of nukes Isreal has so if the Mideast is to be a nuke-free zone Isreal MUST open its facilites to IAEA officials and give up its nukes. It is the hight of hipocrisy when one country says another should not be able to do what they want because of a 'moral' superiority over that country. As an Jew, I am saddened and scared by the rhetoric and actions of the Isreali government.
17. you're a sick coward
The End ,   USA   (10.04.05)
Easy for you Zionists to relish violence--you pretend to be heroic by picking off helpless Palestinians, and meanwhile the U.S. is doing the real fighting for you. Thank God that the Zionists don't represent all Jews.
18. "Is Israel Planning Iran Strike?"
Andy ,   Berkeley. CA   (10.04.05)
FYI- Iran is not an "Arab" nation. The vast majority of Iranians are Persian.
19. Iranian Nukes
Yigael Lerner ,   Santa Fe, U.S.A.   (10.04.05)
Don't any of you realize, if Iran were to build bombs and hit Israel with a pre-emptive nuclear strike, the entire world would come down on them and they would cease to exist within HOURS!!! Nobody can be that stupid.
20. Hypocrisy indeed
Obermann ,   Netherlands   (10.04.05)
I agree with Zuckerman. But a little realism is in order. Israel as does the US have no interest in a nuke free ME. What they want is a nuclear monopoly, that is what in reality is understood by a NFZ. And they have it, they simply want to secure it, and at all cost. Why? It is the guarantee of unwavering US support well after the neocon siege in control of the increasingly important oilreserves, real-politik -wise. Without it (US shielding against International Law for instance, the weapons, and USAID) the Jewish state (which designation alone immediately makes any claim to democracy laughable) is simply not sustainable. Judging by the statistics which show a steady increase of poverty, it already is spiralling downward.
21. Isreal striking Iran
zoomzoom ,   Dubai, UAE   (10.04.05)
why doesn't Israel get rid of it already large stock pile of nuclear weapons first before preaching about threats from other regional countries. This double standard and spoiled child attitude must stop. The world does not revolve around Israel for a small country they are very whiney.
22. Future Attack on Iran
Krusty ,   Canada   (10.05.05)
Didn't China sign an energy and security agreement with Iran? What's their response going to be to U.S./Israeli aggression towards Iran?
23. # 19
barry ,   tokyo   (10.06.05)
that's what the desperate Jews of Europe wishfully hoped for in 1942. When are you going to learn? Can't believe that people like you still exist! Complacency can be hazaderous to your health.
24. zoom zoom # 21
barry ,   tokyo   (10.06.05)
look whose country is tiny and look whose whining! Don't worry, Dubai is not even a target for Israeli nukes... You guys need to just keep pouring the scotch to the Saudis and keep the party going!
25. krusty cana"duh"
China's resonse would be to sell as many supplies as it can to the post nuclear Iranian reconstruction effort while double dealing with the US in securing cheap Iranian oil in exchange for their votes at the UN security council -------duh! what planet do you live on?
26. Beneficial--are you nuts?
Great Nullifier ,   Kentucky   (10.06.05)
Time for a jolt of realism here. Idealistic nonsense aside, one BIG fact remains: If we do not stop the Iranian nuclear program, Isreal will. And when they do, they won't be so careful about collateral damage. They'll simply turn Iran into a blasted pile of rubble.
27. Crying 'wolf' once too often
accessol ,   Spelthorne, England   (10.07.05)
One minute Israel says the threat from Iran is ten years off, the next moment it is 6 months away. Depends on who is writing the script in Washington. When it suits the US's policy needs against Tehran for its efforts to overcome the Iraq debacle then Israel provides the backing necessary to bring the Christian Zionists on board. Sharon and Blair, the two barking lapdogs of George W. Bush.
28. kentucky
Sheik yur Buoti ,   Mohamedistan   (10.07.05)
Gee, I though Iran was a pile or rubble already! maybe it'll look prettier after the blast
29. T Krusty of Canada
Jacob ,   Palmdale, CA   (10.08.05)
China need Israel! and 300 Nukie on space and in deep water (SubMarines), is not for nothing. even Big Rusia is scare a bit from Israel, so slow down and lern a good lesson....
30. Myopic
john ,   Sacremento CA   (10.08.05)
If Israel strikes Iran it will be the end of the shallow support Israel enjoys in the US, among the people. Certainly the politicians can be controlled through political bribes to continue towing the line, but this can only persist for so long. Eventually, like the immigration issue, Israel and US' blind support of it (which costs American taxpayers billions) will become an issue. Attacking Iran will be a big step in that direction. But such support will disappear sooner or later, it’s simply a matter of when. Contrary to what many of you believe, Bush is doing all in his power to serve Israel. Attacking Iran would obviously be myopic and eventually destructive to the interests of Israel (Bush’s primary concern.) He and his advisors realize this, Sharon doesn’t. But in the end Sharon calls the shots. This is why it will almost certainly happen.
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