Is Israel planning Iran strike?
Roee Nahmias
Published: 02.10.05, 14:53
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31. It's all George's fault, right?
Tim ,   Spokane, WA   (10.09.05)
#27 I cannot believe how some in this world simply will not grasp the evil intent of Islamic Fundamentalist Terroism. Are you and the other head in the sand whiners simply ignorant or just plain scared. Defending the decent peoples of the world against this evil is a gigantic and terrible responsibility and George Bush should be thanked for his resolve against the evil regimes who would support Bin Laden and the rest of his murderous ungodly pact. Do you really doubt Iran's intent to use nukes against Isreal and America? Do you not know of Iran's radical ideaology? I suggest you hide and shiver while Blair, Sharon and especially George Bush do the dirty work of defending you and yours. Who's side are you on anyway??
32. Israeli first strike againt Iran
Jerry Angry Bear ,   Leonard MI, usa   (10.09.05)
I suppose that Sharon said he would not do it if we forgive many of the loans our Gov. gave them.. The Black Mailing S.O.B. Just like Desert Storm. I hope the Arabs wip his Butt. May God protest the Innocent people on both sides,Arab and Jew. George you Loony stay out of this one!!
33. Molla's nuke
Hamid ,   iran/canada   (10.09.05)
i hate Molla's. im an iranian but this rejim only know one thing force. with force we can stop these brutal mollasbut not yet. if u.s. support opposition parties of iran, if they start giving them room to play for iran's future israel do not need to strike any millitry action. but it is too sad to see the world going to confront with iranian rejim which iranian rejim love to start another war with west.remember the slogans of iranian rejim when they were figthing with iraq. (the only way to get to jurusalim is from karballa(iraq)). my frinds, it is not late yet ..we must support opposition parties of iran and let the people overthrow this barbarian rejim. thanks.
34. You can't take this seriously
Dear Mr. Ouiji ,   Los Angeles, CA   (10.10.05)
Israel has been issuing threats for years. It was a November attack last yeat. Then it was an attack by Spring. Israel may be crazy to a degree but I doubt they seriously would attack Iran. Look at how they readily attack Syria and Palestine. Why not Iran. Man Iran has 7 modern submarines that are capable of launching nuclear cruiser missiles. They have near 1 million men in their military and the largest missile launch capability in the region. The odds are against Israel and they know it. Israel wants to attack Iran ONLY because the U.S. can get caught up in the crossfire. Thats THE ONLY REASON. Iran has aircraft, SSMs and submarines were in Israel has only 25 Eagles that can reach Iran, submarines(despite less amount). Not to mention Iran has Mach 6 stealthy missiles. Israel is butt out and I disregard their irritable noise they try to make out as threats.
35. Israel attack
Mehid ,   Sweden   (10.13.05)
I don't think there is a program for attack to Iran by Israiel. Israel Just show some military support behind of deplomacy. This is normal. I think even united states doesn't want to involve itself in new war. Israel has a good politic and it will not be a begginer of war, but if war started it will support it.
36. Some logic..most insanity..
Effendi ,   Seattle, Washington   (10.28.05)
I commend the few on here that realize the reality of the situation. If either country Iran or israel use any such kind of weapon, they are finished in the rest of the world. More importantly you hear all this mouthy rhetoric from Tehran and Tel Aviv but what NONE of these Idiots) and yes they are all retarded) comprehend is that if even ONE bomb goes off, your ALL finished. The earth will assure that, whether it's the fall out from American made Israeli controlled nukes filtering back over American troops and settling back in israel proper or if the Iranians really did get a bomb and find a way to take out Tel Aviv, EVERYONE within 1,000 miles and probably the entire earth would get to enjoy the radiation fallout and have mutated kids if any at all. israel CAN NOT and WILL NOT take out the Iranians, Iran CAN NOT and WILL NOT take out the jews,. so you all need to STFU and have a cup of tea.
37. worry
11   (01.14.06)
stop your crybabying and expect an attack. who knows when? only god and the one who would make that decision.
38. Iran's nuks
Noaman A ,   Damascu,Syria   (05.11.06)
Jeo Livey, Let me staight up your historical facts; America was the one country inciting WWII , thats whow the Polish Secret documents states the US role.Of course, Jwish power was behind the US stance prior the actual commencemenmt of the war.
39. WW III
Aaron Sanderson ,   Melb, Australia   (07.19.06)
We can clearly see the intensifying of world war three. The U.S Administration puppets for both the Jews and The New World Order are hell bent on controlling middle eastern resources in order to dominate the world and maintain their superiority over the next few decades. Little do they know by igniting this massive conflict they have essentially started World War 3 which is only going to grow larger. Invading old enemies under the pretext of “democracy and WMD’s" has already proven unfounded and unjustified. Israel and the US make take a step back before invading Syria and Iran and contemplate the Violence that would ensue if the followed the Zionist plans. An un-winnable war, a massive Vietnam which would stretch from The Mediterranean Sea To Eastern Pakistan, a massive Geopolitical section of the globe which would become engulfed in a massive high-tech Insurgent Guerilla war, a war which cannot be won. The terror this intensified war would create will give the news stations ample time and unlimited propaganda of "terrorist attacks" to fill the minds of the Western Masses. This indoctrination will cast a shadow over the war and make it look legitimate, however we all know this is a corrupt evil plot from the infidel Zionist forces who collaborated with the New World order and puppets within the current U.S administration to make this possible. The extent this war could reach is terrifying and dragging powerful state backed armies into the conflict will intensify the situation and blow it out of control. For those above the conditioning and brainwashing dished out by Western media, know this, the infidel forces are ready to launch the final war, the war which will have devastating and far reaching effects, and they do not care about anything but their own agendas.
40. israel should strike now!!!
mark ,   mnl, phil.   (05.13.08)
iran should be wiped out of the map.
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