Guilty plea entered in Pentagon spy case
Associated Press
Published: 06.10.05, 00:23
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1. The real culprits are sitting pretty in Tel Aviv
accessol ,   Spelthorne, England   (10.06.05)
Zionistm corrupts all it touches; it is always other people who have to foot the bill for its dirty work.
2. AIPAC as a spy agency
Daniel Pearl ,   NY, US   (10.06.05)
We started to be very annoyed by the close relationship AIPAC has in the Washington sphere. Personnaly, as an American, I think this organisation has to cease to operate and its members put in the list of dangerous spies. What pains me most is the conduct of a 'friend'. I mean I, along with my follow American tax payers pay more than $10 Billions a year to help Israel to have the same living standard, the same level of our advanced military capabilities and technology. I don't understand why for so many years, Israel puts constantly our national security at risk. I for one start to believe that this administration has to downgrade our support and cease any cooperation with Israel when it comes to foreign policy.
3. acceshole; You're an example of Islam's corruption.
Daisy ,   USA   (10.06.05)
4. #2, did you know that US gives Israel less than it receives
David Landman ,   Natick, USA   (10.06.05)
First, US gives Israel aboujt $2.5 a year to a true friend. Egypt and Saudi Gammorah committed the terrorist acts against the US and the terrorist Palestinians celebrated by the thousands. For whatever reason I cant fathom, the US gives more than $3 billion a year to Arab countries that have committed terrorist acts against the US. That have broken peace agreements with Israel which is the reason they are getting US money. The US receives far more from Israel than it gives, from advanced technology from Israel, especially military. Israel is only 7 million people and the Arab world 125, million (5%), but Israel buys 33% as much as the Arab world does from the US every year, without any oil money and without the $2.5 billion from the US. The US also hold golden handcuffs on Israel. Without the aid, Israel would be able to sell billions of dollars more in the world in military technology. I guess you didnt realize that Israel has some of the best military technology in the world. Israel let itself be bombed by Saddam Hussein, to let the US gain Arab aid during the first gulf war. Israel bombed Iraq's nuclear facility in the early 80s, something that probably saved thousands of American lives. Israel is the best friend the US can have and at a very cheap price. Israel has fought the US's war again the Soviet Union and Islamists. The US should be getting closer to Israel, not downgrade. What the US needs to do is pressure the evil arab empire, specifically Saudi Gammorah and Egypt. Boycott Saudi Oil and stop funding Islamic hate. We in the US pay the oil to fund the hate and then have to fight it militarily. Stop funding the arab hate and have the same requirements of them as the US does of Israel and the problems will decrease. This case was clearly anti-semitic in nature. While it may be technically correct, I am 1000% sure than other US allies have done far worse. Its part of the intelligence community.
5. Message
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.06.05)
This is how loyalty to an ally is repaid by the Bush administration. As a Christian I am reminded of the bible passage about a great deciever who looks like a lamb but speaks like a dragon. What you see is not always what you get.
6. spy vs spy
dahvid ,   usa   (10.06.05)
All countries have spies, but Israel is always singled-out and back-stabbed because of the vast power of Saudi money. Israel and America are allies, but even though muslim countries have declared war and openly attack America, it over looked because of the corruptive power of saudi oil money. No doubt the saudis, etc have spies in America, spies..hell...they have sleeper cells, but that is overlooked all bcause of obscene amounts of saudi oil money, and everybody has a price. No country would accept the attacks that Israel suffers, there is a double standard in condeming Israel while funding and terror. Israel and Jews worldwide are fighting for their very survival against utter corruption and collusion of a world owned by saudi oil money. An example of double standard would be the call to arrest Israelis who embark to England, while there are no similar calls for the same treatment of other countries, for example: England - Ireland, France - Africa, muslim countries - Africa, the list goes on and on. To be fair, a shake-down of all nations on earth for spying and responsibilitiy for human suffering, would answer the hiprocracy. For example, pick any nation, say France for example, spies on America and other countries, but the French intelligence community would not be double-crossed as Israel is, simply because of the collusion around saudi oil money. It is obvious that certain posters here will take any opportunity to find fault with Israel, with reason or without reason, it doesn't matter, no matter what happens, they are extremely predjuiced against Israel. Israel is in a tough bind not only because it is so tiny compared to the billions of antisemitic christians and muslims, but because of the oil money that is used to purchase western governments, universities, media, etc. Only when oil becomes less of a valuable commodity will the haters loose their unfair advantage, for nobody would put up with them without their oil. There might even be a backlash, when the world is freed from the tyranny of the saudi oil, a reckoning if you will. All the countries presently supporting the obscene oil tryants would turn on their oil peddling comrades, just as Israel is being finked-out now. So the key to to end dependence on saudi oil. Petitioning to divest churches, universities, politicians, from saudi oil bribery, will be tough because it is obvious that countries and their governments, even their sense of morality can be bought and sold.
7. spy in the white house
dahvid ,   usa   (10.06.05) Well now, I just noticed the above story about a US Marine spy in the white house passing classified info to the Philippines. So shall we now call for all Philippinios to be arrested on-site as some have suggested for Israelis? No, of course not, because Israel is unfairly singled-out for special treatment. You will not see the same hatred directed towards the Philippines for the exact same reason Israel is villified for. No matter how obvious the world's injustice towards Israel, saudi oil money has purchased the world's soul.
8. re: AIPAC as a spy agency
josef cohen ,   bkk thailand   (10.06.05)
1rst point is: I have not heard anywhere that AIPAC or even the officials involved solicited the material, or any materials. Furthermore this is such a small event relative to the activities that do routinely engage in. So the notion that AIPAC exists to spy on the US go beyond absurdity, no matter what you may think about the middle East conflict. The reality is Jews are 2nd class citizens whose allegiance to Israel is always regarded as suspect vis a vis their US loyalties. 2nd point: Nobody suggests that Americans of European Ethnic ancestry are less American when they advocate for their homelands. The hard position ethnic East Europeans took after the fall of the Soviet Union in getting their countries NATO status despite the potential rift this might create with Russia immediately leaps to mind. Europe in no small part enjoys their high standard of living, a standard far in excess of the one Israel enjoys, because of NATO. The cost primarily born by the US not just in money but lives on the line. Again Israel which is at best a second class ally enjoys no such similar commitment. Had there been US troops stationed in Israel make no mistake that the entire war dynamic would have long since been abandoned. The conflict which might have simmered would have taken a much different course. But when you are a second class citizen you have to be grateful and not cry over the injustice of the inadequacies only revel in the generosity.
9. Anyone stupid enough to believe the CIA doesn't have dozens
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (10.06.05)
of spies in Israel spying on Israel? And in Russia spying on Russia? And in England spying on the muslim terrorists there?
PURO ,   USA   (10.06.05)
11. Missing the point
Toot ,   Uzbekistan   (10.06.05)
Everyone is being misled here. The real issue behind this is not what Franklin gave but what he received and what he did what that information he received. He admits it himself. "He also admitted giving classified information to a political official at the Israeli embassy, but said the information he received from the official was far more valuable than what he gave. " By him pleading guilty, we will now never hear the entire story. Franklin took false intelligence from the Irealis and fed it to the current administration to make the case for war. Proving once again, that Isreal is behind the reasons for the US going to war with Iraq. They goaded and suckered the US into going to war on their behalf. Having American's sons and daughters shed their blood in a foreign land so that they can reap the benefits. Now we see the same thing with Iran. When America gets sucked into a war with Russia and China (who want to protect Iran), Isreal will sit back and reap the benefits again. If Isreal was such a great ally, then why are they not right next to us in Iraq? After all, it was the information that they fed to Franklin to feed to the Pentagon that made the case for war. Of course, America is not without to blame in this. You either need a complete idiot to buy into this false intelligence, or someone in cahoots with the agenda of the one feeding the false intelligence. So, we know which one was the idiot, which one was in cahoots?
12. Israel-friend?
Ron Wheeler ,   Billings-USA   (10.06.05)
If so, why do they continually spy on the U.S.A.?
13. A Pox on all of them! bunch of self-serving bureacrats!
14. I wonder what people like 2, 10, 11 would say...
Tahl ,   Israel   (10.06.05)
When many American spies throught the world, including many inside Israel, are exposed. Just recently, Israel had tracked down an American espionage submarine which inflitrated Israel's territorial water, not far from Haifa. And guess what? The media did nothing about it! Imagine the media hoopla that would've taken place, had it been the other way around: Israeli submarine spying near Washington! Also, a few years ago, America tapped the Israeli embassy in Washington and consequently declared that they found out the Israelis have a secret agent in the government name "Mega". Of course after a thorough investigation this was proven to be false, an internal joke inside the embassy, but there was no media focus on the "kosherness" of the tapping itself. And I haven't mentioned the countless attempts of American intelligence to recruit informants from inside the IDF. And the media goes hush-hush. Conclusion: there is a double-standard here. Allies have always been spying on each other, (America to a much greater degree) but what's considered the normal order of business for America, is considered a scandal when Israel is involved, even to a much smaller degree. To #2: Israel gets less than 3 billion $ a year, the majority of which is given as a military aid, in which Israel gets credit to buy weapons solely from American manufacturers like McDonnel-Douglas. So in other words, it's like subsidies for their own economy. America also gave us loan-guarentees, to vitalize investments and stimulate our economy. These loan guarentees end up costing nothing, since Israel has a very good credit rating (which cannot be said about the billions America threw away in aids to the new ultra-capitalistic Russia). Compare this aid, to approximately the same sum given annually to Egypt since the peace accords in Camp David. And what for? For being "good boys" and not attacking Isael. For constantly aiding and abetting the Palestinian "intefada", and pushing the Palestinians into less compromises with Israel. For viral, disgusting, nazi-like incitement in their official newspaper against Israeli leaders and their "zionistic affiliates" in the world. For harboring vast networks of terrorists, and doing little to quell them. And this is just Egypt. Think of all the economic arrangements of the US with the great peace nation, Saudi Arabia, manufacturer of 9.11 and Bin Laden. Israel, on the other hand, is the only stable democratic country that the US can FULLY rely on in the middle east. Our prime ministers do everything the US tells us to do, no questions asked, and not the other way around. #11 - Getting rid of Saddam Hussein was a very necessary step, which Israel is grateful for, but so should you be. Israel by no means has the power to convince the America to go to war, this was entirely an initiative of the Bush administration, who decided on this long before this AIPAC story took place (which didn't have any influence on this war anyway). But in the bottom line - I guess there is no getting through to Israel haters like you, even when flashing the actual facts in front of you.
15. Tahl..what a dolt....
self-hating jew ,   New York, New York   (10.06.05)
"Getting rid of Saddam Hussein was a very necessary step" "Israel by no means has the power to convince the America to go to war, this was entirely an initiative of the Bush administration, who decided on this long before this AIPAC story took place (which didn't have any influence on this war anyway). " And if you believe that, I'll tell you another one. What chutzpuh....all the neo-cons are either Zionist dual citizen Israeli-Americans or diehard, fanatical Christian Zionists. And what about all those Israelis involved in 9/11, those Israelis dancing and filming the buildings on fire? How about the USS Liberty? Where's the outrage on that one? No, No...Israel can never do's all the evil Arabs' fault. Actually, it all traces back to the evil bankers in London with there support of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Zionists. Go complain to your beloved Rothschilds who sell our own people down the river when it suits them and support the terrorist that plague us all.
16. hehe! failure of fundamentalist Right wing Jews & Christians
17. stop foul Christian-Jewish alliance Now!
18. To the loon from 15-17
Tahl ,   Israel   (10.06.05)
The only smart words in your posts are your quotations of me. I was actually about to answer you seriously, then I saw the fantastic end of your post, and... Well, I suggest next time you'd take your prozac in time.
19. Franklin tricked with fake intelligence
reader ,   USA   (10.08.05)
"Franklin admitted giving classified information to a political official at the Israeli embassy, but said the information he received from the official was far more valuable than what he gave" Perhaps fake intelligence on WMD's in Iraq prompting the Bush invasion of Iraq? Could that be it?
20. I dropped a booger & I cant find it
Grumpy ,   Grumpysville, Grumpy   (10.08.05)
will someone please help me?
21. to those defending this action for israel.....
hemmer ,   Omaha, Nebraska   (10.09.05)
they should probably read this...... israel's government is not our friend, and it has betrayed the people of its own country..... the arabs are not who should be punished for something they did not is the zionists who falsely call themselves "jews" in the united states, and pakistan, who should be punished for their sick games....... the true people of jerusulem are ashamed of this behavior, and demand they stop using the name of jews on their behalf. it is over!
22. Dual Citizenship
Fred ,   Springfield USA   (05.20.06)
Dual Citizenship should not be allowed in the USA. Dual citizenship people should be deported. Re Franklin passing (and lots of others) to Israel should be tried for treason. Recall Jonathan J. Pollard the Navy analysis--keep him in prison. Recall the inteligence ship USS LIBERTY (AGTR-5) Israel tried to sink that killed 43 American sailors and wounded 172 more in Israel's land grab in the '67 war and our congress swept it under the rug. These sailors still want their voices to be heard. Take nukes away from Israel and stop the money flow that direction. This is the United States of America not the United States of Israel. Let's put our military Palestine/Israel and settle the land dispute. Then they'll be peace in the Mideast.
23. Dual Citizen Restrictions
Mason ,   Los Angeles CA USA   (02.15.07)
Dual citizens should not be allowed to serve in the government, especially in the department of defense. Their loyalties are compromised.
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