MK against ‘Yom Kippur campaign’
Ilan Marciano
Published: 09.10.05, 10:14
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1. How about a campaign..
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (10.09.05)
... to encourge people who think that they're too good for such things to go out and work?!
2. Beliefs
michael ,   Haifa   (10.09.05)
What kind of countries in the world employ state mechanisms to foster supernatural beliefs ?
3. What kind of countries...?
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (10.09.05)
Israel, the United States, Iran...
4. Judaism is Israel's soul
mordy   (10.09.05)
the article demonstrates that extreme Israeli secular population is rather detached from the overall sentiments and needs of Jewish people. Israel must preserve its unique Jewish foundation, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with having some religious programs that do not have coersive character be subsidized. These programs promote national dialogue and heal the rifts in Israeli society. Israel is not France; it is a country founded on the principles of preserving Jewish people, not on destroying Jewish values.
5. dorothy 100 points u got me 2 laugh! excellent!
6. #5 thanks!
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (10.10.05)
But I see you don't follow Eurovision - if you do you would have said 12 points! Actually, it grieves me to see what the United States has become.
7. converstions
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.10.05)
"You can lead a horse to water,but you cant make it drink "
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