Israel indifferent to breached border
Anat Bershkovsky
Published: 10.10.05, 19:58
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1. What Base
Egyptian ,   Egypt   (10.10.05)
Base!! They have airplanes in it or tanks so they can take over Egypt. If there a base Egypt will hit them hard. Stop telling lies about Egypt and mind your own business.
2. Always the fault of Israel, hah?
Haim ,   Yahud   (10.10.05)
Sadly, Egypt has turned a blind eye to this as well as the US who rewards Egypt with billions for their blindness.
3. Border Fence
J K ,   NYC, USA   (10.10.05)
Time for Israel to take a few of those soldiersfrom Gaza and some money saved and station a few men at intervals along the border and use some of that money for motion detection and night vision surveillence equipment until they can put up a fence across that border. I dont count on Egypt cracking down to hard, so once again, Israel must help itself.
5. Egypt is the worst of all Middle East
Jared ,   Miami   (10.10.05)
The fanatics in Egypt are some of the worst hate-mongers out there. And their dictatorship certainly does not bode well on a prosperous future next to the Jewish state. Egypyt----Grow some guts and close the border already!
6. Sharon Has Brought Al-Quadea Right On Israel's Doorstep
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ, US   (10.10.05)
Does it take a military security expert to explain and acknowlege that the "Judenreining" of the Philadelphia route has caused an inevitable, yet self inflicted catatrophe? The only people who will not admit this are those whose hatred of the "settlers" is so extreme that they would rather have Al-Quadea in their crosshairs! What else does a country needs an army for if it won't take the necessary risks to protect their people? Leaving Gaza because it was too dangerous only brought the dangers that much closer to Israel's heartland. Those who refuse to believe these facts are either willfully deluded, willfully blind or hoping for the destruction of Israel. None of these choices paint a pretty picture.
7. !!The Truth!!
Yakir ,   Switzerland   (10.11.05)
you won't believe this, watch this movie and you'll see the real face of the palestinians...
8. Ms. Kutnicki u r so wrong! IDF is right hand of G-d!
9. To # 8 - You Missed My Point Completely
Adina kutnicki ,   NJ, US   (10.11.05)
To # 8, anonymous- I take no great pleasure in having stated the obvious - that the Sharon gov't has perverted the IDF's mission which is to protect the country from its enemies, and NOT to be used as a political pawn. This is particularly painful for me because as I have stated before at this site, my own son volunteered ! as an IDF combat soldier for a year and a half having completed his service last spring. He was in the same mortal danger as all Israeli soldiers are. And to what end did he put his life on the line? For a gov't that abuses and misuses its own peoples army? You have obviously missed the point of my post .
10. Illegal aliens
Michael ,   Israel   (10.11.05)
Why is'nt anyone talking about the massive incursion of beduins from sinai into Israel, we keep hearing about the Negev and how it is being lost, it's not just because of a high birth rates, its because of a massive migration of beduins from sinai to Israel. As usual and as always we will only hear about it when all of a sudden the beduins in the sinia begin to complain about dicrimination and all of a sudden the question of where they all camw efrom will no longer be asked. It will simply be assumed that they were always there and their numbers grew because of high birth rates, just like the arab pop. in gaza. The native pop. of Gaza is about 250,000 the rest come from our impoverished neighbours seeking a better life. Who can blame them, but of course it our problem.
11. READ #7 Pallywood
Israel ,   Israel   (10.11.05)
This video is unbelievable, the extent these arabs go to.
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