Mofaz: IDF to appeal 'human shield' ruling
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 11.10.05, 21:39
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1. The High-Court is accomplice of palestinian terror !
Disband the high-court gang
2. High Court of Justice is Right Hand of G-d!
3. High Court
Micha Sloman ,   Sydney, Australia   (10.12.05)
As an Israeli I am proud of our High Court. It endeavors to be just, ethical and impartial. Maybe it sometimes make a ruling that conflicts with the political views of some people. However, all its Judges are all highly learned and moral persons.
4. Replace the palestinian judges on the Israeli ?high court?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (10.12.05)
with Jews, perhaps even Israeli Jews. This ruling is cattle dung trying to pass itself off as kosher beef. It is more greatly moral to use palestinians to ask their neighbors to surrender than it is to destroy the whole building without an attempt at getting the terrorist to surrender. The ?high court? needs to go back to Ethics Class 101.
5. To Australian
Gil ,   Tel aviv   (10.12.05)
yeah you#'re not Israeli... you're Australian!! Or is that Austrian??
6. Bunnie! shame on u! hi court=right hand of G-d
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