Boy pressed to carry out attack
Efrat weiss
Published: 12.10.05, 11:15
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1. Terrorists are Child Murderers
hiram ,   tel-aviv   (10.12.05)
We already knew that they did not find murdering Israelis children...not surprising that they now turn to murdering their own in the name of terror and possibly in the name of Allah..who certainly disagree... Terrorists beat by a short distance members of the nazi party who waited till the end of WWII to send children fighting against the russian during the last days.Terrorists are scum. They are the garbage of the Middle East and will end up in the garbage can of history. Nothing will ever be obtained from Israel under pressure or terror, but the criminal idiots in Tanzim, IJ, Hamas do not have enough brain to understand that. They will then have to pay the hard price !
2. Dracollas
Feidel ,   Ramallah   (10.12.05)
Those rats who are hidden in balata refugee camp must be slaughtered as pigs. they re mafia members and run after money. if they are heros they should them self go to suicide.
3. The "Cream" Of Philistine Youth
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (10.12.05)
Some things never change. That is one sick society, where death and those 72 virgins are the supreme values. They have no past and this is proof that they have no future.
4. the terrorist organizations pretend to be fighting..
Eliran,beer sheva   (10.12.05)
for the people,but in instead -they send women and children from their own people to blow themselves up and to ruin the lives of their families at home. and then they have the nerve to blame israel 0n the families beloved sons & wives
5. Disturbing and Disgusting
Newt   (10.12.05)
I feel bad for this poor kid. The animals pick and use the weak among them to do the dirty work.
6. Amamzing to see the courage of the arab male adults.
Uzziel   (10.12.05)
Blackmailing women and children to do the job they are unwilling to do... This is the people who later come here to whine about the "terrible" conditions of the "occupation". This is the people who rallies so much support around the world. Glad and grateful to the Creator to be on the right side of this mess. "Freedom fighters"...huh...
7. Nuts
J K ,   NYC, USA   (10.12.05)
This is crazy. Even the Tanzim are wiling to fight to the last Palestinian boy and woman to kill Jews. If they had any courage, they would do it themselves, but why die when you can force others to do it for you. Sick bastards. Hope they rot. The even sadder part is many in the world support these actions against Israel and 'understand' the motivation. Way to encourage this.
8. What a sick society
Isac ,   Florida   (10.12.05)
And always blaming others about their misery. Now, I would like to hear their "excuse" for using a child in order to commit horrible crimes. But G'd will punish those evil people. Just wait for your day of your judgement Tanzim, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and all their followers!
9. terror teen
yiftah ,   israel   (10.12.05)
haha nice one i guess abbas likes 'em young. tanzim is part of his fatah movement after all
10. Child Abuse? Anything Go's
Andy Moss ,   London, England   (10.12.05)
In a normal society, sane human beings would run a mile before letting their children be even looked at by these evil monsters. Where are the parents? have they no sense of care? But these "liberators" or "freedom fighters" have no shame. They are immune, they are by all accounts sub human. As the song goes "Anything Go's" .....when you are a "Palestinian Freedom Fighter" Fast Well!
11. What a shame
CZ ,   New York, NY   (10.12.05)
Too bad this kind of news will never be presented by CNN for example, b/c g-d forbid they paint these terrorist animals in a negative light. Instead the international news programs regard these wastes of life as "freedom fighters." Pathetic
12. Same old recycled Israeli propaganda & nonsense
George ,   NYC   (10.12.05)
13. These terrorists are sentenced to hell. They will get 72
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (10.12.05)
donkeys in hell that expect to be serviced all day long with the big mouths that were used to induce a child to committ suicide.
14. tanzim
dd ,   il   (10.13.05)
why dont u send one of yr own children, cowererds
15. We (Palestinians) will never learn
Michael ,   Bethlehem   (10.13.05)
I really feel sad after reading this story but i felt more sad when i read the comments about this subjects! Is this the picture palestinians want to reflect to the whole worl?! a picture of a 2 years old palestinian boy rounded with bombs is still stuck in my head... don't you think this will only make things worse?!!! don't you think it's the time that you should accept the reality of Israel being the absolute power in the Middle East?!!! don't you think it's time to start using your brain instead of terror for your cause?!!! I am sorry to say this but i am ashamed to be a palestinian if all palestinians are like this, we need palestinians that think smart, fight with thier brain, talk, show thier case to the whole world. A Reply for Yashan Kohen # 3, how come you say we have no past, you can trace us in this land for 3000 yars ago, you are the one's who had this land and lost it due to ur hard hearts, G'd gave you everything but u still didn't follow him, and he sent you many prophits to warn you about the judgment if you don't listen, i guess after all you didn't, and you were captivied twice. you lost the chance of keeping this land with you. G'd Bless You all
16. I've wondered for a while....
Howard ,   Pacific Coast, USA   (10.12.05)
Poor kid. :-( How many of "collaborators with Israel" were just guys who refused to blow themselves up -- or their relatives? I have always figured that this kind of thing goes on. This is the 1st time I have seen an article about it, though. Things to think about: 1. Palestinian society, like any other society, has sociopaths and psychopaths. 2. Sociopaths in any society disregard societal standards/laws and the rights of their fellows. They are usually indifferent to punishment or fear and to the consequences of their actions. They have no empathy for the suffering of others.They may simply not grasp the concepts of right and wrong. There is a core of suppressed rage but they can be quite charming on the outside. Consider, for example, Zubeidi. Heck, consider Arafat. 3. A terror gang *prizes* many of the sociopathic and psychopathic traits, without which terrorism would be difficult. It tries to cultivate the same level of moral desensitization through brainwashing, but with people who are already twisted, the "success rate" will be higher. Because sociopaths in such a society will tend to seek out terror gangs anyway, and because of their higher "success" rates, the % of truly warped personalities will be MUCH higher in a terror gang than elsewhere (duh). 4. But sociopaths do not come with an "off switch" and they don't abide by limits for very long. They are as much a danger to their own people as to the people against whom their inner rage is being aimed, although it often takes a while for this to become clear. 5. Sociopaths will quite readily use their own kids, or those of the neighbors, as human shields or as bombers. They will quite readily lie, cheat and stteal if it profits them to do so. 6. The only thing restraining the more sociopathic types from using threats as well as bribes to fill their quotas of suicide-bomber recruits is the risk of discovery by their own population. But clearly the threat to brand someone as a collaborator is their counter against that.
17. desparate Israel
Ahmad ,   Nablus   (10.12.05)
it is very nice fairy tale by the world renouned state with lies, fabrication, and far they Shin Bet will go in their lies to make a case against my people, only god knows!!! it is already making waves with morons and idiots by calling my people as "sick", is this not demonzation and dehumanization of an entire nation to justify the on-going murder of our children by this terror laden state? shame
18. poor israelis
reham ,   Kuwait   (10.13.05)
of course, what had happened to this helpless child is a disaster, and Hamas has to think so many times before doing such things (if Hamas was really involved) this rubbish happens because Arab leaders give up their resposibilities towards Palestinians this job sould be done by the Arabic Armies not by this helpless child,
19. Cowardly 'Freedom Fighters'
MED ,   USA   (10.13.05)
What a sick society, that wants to have an independent state!!! Their men are cowards hiding in kitchen cupboards while they send their women and children to do their dirty jobs. Then they blame Israel for all their misery!!!
20. Damned terrorists!
Arab For Israel ,   Texas-USA   (10.13.05)
These cowards have no respect for anything! Our Islamic and Arab values have nothing to do with such unbelievable evil! may Allah damn all the terrorists and bless the soul of all the innocent victims.Amen.
21. What else is new?
Nancy ,   Crossvile   (10.13.05)
Why does this not surprise me? Coming from a country who supports murder, suicide, and all other criminal acts.. It is truly a horrifying thing that they would force a CHILD to do their bidding.. But what else can you expect from such disgusting lowlifes?? I agree with Andy.. I'm just glad I'm on the right side of G*d.
22. Tanzin
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.12.05)
Tanzin terror gorillas = Arafat = Abbas= Shame on them for robbing kids of their youth, etc,etc. As for the parents,we dont know how they were threatened. This is too sick to believe. Appreciation goes to IDF, as always.
23. 12 Come and see by yourself
Shimon   (10.13.05)
24. use of children just makes me sad
25. mercy
love ,   -----   (10.13.05)
may god fill your hearts with love. each of you should think for a minute that they will die and face god and life on earth is not for ever .what will you tell god ????????
26. You're sick Ahmad
Newt   (10.13.05)
You can't ignore things like this in your society and put the blame on others. A child was being forced to kill himself and this hasn't been the first time and you know it. Start acting like an adult and take responsibility for your own actions. Never mind.....Palestinians don't have to be held accountable....they just have to blame everyone else.
27. Boy released by the IDF?
Tal ,   Ramat Gan   (10.13.05)
Disgusting indeed. Just one question, because it's not clear to me: did the IDF release the boy in the end or is he still in custody?
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