In the prime of their lives
Efrat Weiss
Published: 17.10.05, 10:06
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1. G-D commanded: "You shall not murder"
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (10.17.05)
WHATEVER MEASURES THAT NEED TO BE TAKEN TO PROTECT JEWISH LIVES MUST BE TAKEN. TAKE BACK JEWISH GAZA AND NORTHERN SAMARIA IMMEDIATELY. Rewarding murderers of Jews with Jewish land is evil. My condolences to the families. The following is part of a news report by Michael Widlanski: PALESTINIAN MEDIA AND OFFICIALS SAY ABBAS'S OWN FATAH KILLED 'SETTLERS' BY MICHAEL WIDLANSKI 16 October 2005 Voice of Palestine Radio, the official voice of Mahmoud Abbas's Palestinian Authority, declared Sunday night that both of today's attacks on Israelis were carried out by members of the Fatah organization headed by PLO leader Abbas. "Both armed attacks were carried out by the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades which are part of the Fatah Movement," asserted Voice of Palestine, which, along with the other Palestinian media stressed that the attacks were on "mustawtaneen"-the Arabic word for settlers. The murders were not condemned by the official Palestinian media or any Palestinian officials who have generally called such previous attacks on "settlers" a legitimate form "resistance" to occupation. Dr. Abbas and his aides also did not condemn the kidnap murder three weeks ago of a Jerusalem man, Sasson Nuriel, who was tortured by Palestinian terrorists from the Hamas organization and then made to read a "confession" that was filmed and distributed on Hamas websites. The attacks have occurred during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan which is often a time set aside not only for penitence but also for jihad, holy war."
2. Wake UP Linda
NY ,   NY   (10.17.05)
Why U are shut up when your terrorist army invade and killed Palestinians on daily basis.....
3. To Linda
James Brown ,   Boston   (10.17.05)
Linda, What are you doing in New York ??? Why don't you go to Palestine and fight with your fellow zionists ???? who are loyal to ? USA or so called "Israel" ????? You live in New York right ?....try to go to one of the NETUREI KARTA centers and Learn more about the true honest Jews
4. continuing murders
a yehudi ,   melborne australia   (10.17.05)
Kahane was right. you can never live together with arabs. the quicker we expel them the better off we will be
5. Sharon's giveaway did this. G-d gave the Jews all of Israel
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (10.17.05)
and Sharon appeases the terrorists. These young people are dead, thousands of settlers are homeless, and the terrorists celebrate the death of Jews. Hate the Kach all you want arik, Meir Kahane had the forsight you don't.
6. Islam made manifest - evil death cult.
Yisraeli   (10.17.05)
7. Blood on their hands
Avraham ,   Netivot   (10.17.05)
The blood from these 3 innocent victims is on the hands of Sharon & all others who supported disengagement. I hope they can all sleep well at night.
8. how many Palestinian youth were killed in their prime?
Ahmad Abouali ,   nablus   (10.17.05)
over 1500 young palestinian kids were murdered on the hands of the Occupiation israeli army and the fascist settlers, what about them? are not they deserve to live too, or our blood is blue while these three were red? the israeli government is the sole responsibility for these three lives, for puting them in an illegally occupied land that is a war zone, a state is and must protect its citizens, not to shove them in a war zone. Poor souls, as there are 1500 Palestinans, in their prime, had gone before them. Shame on Israel for using its kids as sand bags.
Abu Zaid ,   Jerusalem   (10.17.05)
please leave now and save lives
10. Stay in Israel
Uncle Sam ,   Chicago   (10.17.05)
First is my condolences to the families. These people would of been alive if they lived in Israel, don't go to the Palestinian Territories. I ask Linda Rivera how many Israelis and Palestinian killed / injured in the last five years, and also how many in each others jails. Thanks Linda in advance. God Bless and Thank You
11. this is terrible
someone ,   somewhere   (10.17.05)
i send my deepest condolences to the families of the dead and ask how many more innocent people have to die before israel defends herself against the terrorist?
12. There will be a harsh response
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (10.17.05)
Sharon will announce the "disengagement" of all Jews from Gush Etzion.
13. Israelis Shooting Themselves
Dan Friedman ,   NYC, USA   (10.17.05)
Don't blame the Arabs. They're only doing what comes naturally. If the government in any other country in the world acted as irresponsibly as Israel's, rioting and insurrections would be taking place daily and the leaders would be in jail awaiting sentencing. The French bring down governments over the price of cheese. The Israeli people and their laziness are to blame, and they are a disgrace to themselves and to Jews everywhere.
Sarah ,   Crossville, USA   (10.17.05)
When is it ever going to end?? It could not get more tragic than this. My heart breaks for the families of these children taken so young and so early.. well before their lives even had a chance! G*D be with you and comfort you in your time of sorrow.
15. Sharon and all his pro-arab gang are also responsible
We are sad today
16. Terrible BUT????????
Sam   (10.17.05)
Killing is regretable on all sides. However, those settlers who steel land and play with fire should expect to be hurt just like the terrorists. I have mixed feelings on this. Lets spare settlers life and pull them into israel. Those settlers are living off the suffering of normal palestinians and it is their choice that they are there.
17. Israeli Lives
Steve Smith ,   Provo, Utah   (10.17.05)
First of all my respects to Linda I love your honesty! Secondly t o Ahmad Abouali in nablus this article is about young Israeli beauty killed by moranic beasts at a time when she was not in an uniform not fighting and on the side that for the time being is still under Israeli rule! I feel for the family, and offer my sorrow. As for palestinian kids killed, their parents called those "great" terrorist kids "myrtars" and that is what their parents wanted and were proud to admit, that killing a jew is an honor, and danced in the streets upon finding out about the suicide commited in the name of what? Ahmad Abouali! do not compare your suicide culture to the one who loves life!!! that is why nobody cares about 1500 palestinian kids anymore, since you do not care about them either! Do not blame the jews, they took enough blame for the worlds screw ups.
18. The Muslims in Israel are not bridge to peace
The want to destroy ,   Israel   (10.17.05)
19. The facts prove that...
Jul ,   Paris   (10.17.05)
...Even if you leave in Israel, you're susceptible of being killed by a terror attack. So to all those who say that these people wouldn't have been killed if they stayed inside the 1967 borders, this is nonsense. The point here is that they were simply standing at a hitchiking station, not engaged in throwing stones on palestinians. This is the main difference with the palestinians kids who get shot because they're used as voluntary human shields for hamas gunmen or sent throwing stones on soldiers by their own mother. That's the main difference and that's what characterize this attack as a TERROR attack while the young palestinians killed are casualties of war. Now, just tell us, if it's fair to kill civilians no matter how, where and when, well i guess the IDF can start the job right now and we all know who's going to win...
20. #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #10, ... sheesh
Howard ,   Pacific Coast, USA   (10.17.05)
My condolences to the families. This was a deliberate and disgusting crime. If Palestinians want to protest Israeli presence in the WB they have every right to do so -- PEACEFULLY. They have NO right to gun down young people at a bus stop. If someone did that in your neighborhood -- killed people because he was angry at their politics and thought he had been wronged -- you would demand that they be locked up. So demand the same thing in this case; tell the PA to find and punish the murderers -- or Israel will. #4/#6: like all groups, Arabs and Muslims have their evil murderers and their normal people. When some of the latter found that their kid was being coerced to carry out a suicide bombing, they stood up to the terrorists until the IDF arrested the kid (his mother said the arrest was a relief: "good, he will be in jail; that's better than dying"). Treat human beings as human beings and terrorists as terrorists. If you can't differentiate, you're simply a bigot. #5/#7: Ridiculous. The Palestinian terror gangs would be doing this stuff regardless. You know that. Don't blame Sharon for Hamas being Hamas; Hamas is a bunch of psychopathic murderers regardless of what Israel does. Don't absolve Hamas from the blood and the responsibility; they were behind this, not Sharon. You're letting policy differences distract you from the REAL enemy.That's just dumb. #8: How many of them were throwing molotov cocktails? Most of them. Those who weren't were mostly shot in firefight situations when soldiers thought they were in danger of being shot. These youths were standing at a bus stop, and your "heroes" drove by in a car and deliberately gunned them down. #10: This year, most Palestinians have been killed by other Palestinians; what most of the world misses is that half of the Palestinian terror gangs are basically street gangs, like Crips and Bloods, using the "intifadah" to give themselves legitimacy. They don't want their lucrative smuggling ops to end. #13. No, I blame the guys who fired the guns, and the guys who pay them. Your comments amount to bigotry against Arabs and a lack of clarity as to who is to blame for terrorism. E.g. Syria and Saudi are providing $$$ to Hamas.
21. In the Prime of their Lives
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem - ISRAEL   (10.17.05)
Israel : Stop inflicting grave injustice on innocent people so that Arabs would stop hurting you . Only like that could you spare your own citizens. Injustice is simply unbearable. I mean it. Jerusalem:October 17,2005
22. To #4 and other racist terrorists
Mike ,   Sydney, Australia   (10.17.05)
I hope John Howard passes his tough new anti-Terrorism laws just to lock away racists like you. By supporting the ideas of Kahane, you also support an officially recognised terrorist organisation, and that makes you a potential terrorist, just as a sympathiser with Hamas is also a potential terrorist. Your thoughts do not belong in Australia, nor do they represent anyone but you. They certainly do not belong with Israel; and I am ashamed that you would go and damage its good name with your racist, ignorant, slanderous ideology. You also pigeonhole an entire race of people without considering that many Arabs are good hard working Australians, trying to make a go of it like you or I. Shame on you, and may you soon open your eyes.
23. Well done Mike,,shame on you #4
Ali   (10.17.05)
Thank you Mike and most logical people will support what you say. I am a Palestinian and like most Palestinians we deplore senseless killings but I also deplore occupation and collective punishment. palestinians want freedome. Racism is deplorable. Terrorists are terrorists and we all should act against them and not be derailed by incidents like this. In anycase I encourage Israel to end occupation and pull settlers back to Israel rather than keep then is resistance dangerous areas.
24. Shame on you Ahmad
Newt   (10.17.05)
Israel didn't kill these people....Palestinians did. Why don't you put your energy into finding the animals who took the lives of these three innocent souls instead of hanging around here putting the blame onto others? As far as using children....Palestinians have NO ROOM TO TALK. I don't see Israeli's forcing CHILDREN to become suicide bombers.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (10.17.05)
Below is part of an article from: FAITH UNDER FIRE Nigeria`s war on Christians Islamic law brings death, suffering to non-Muslims Posted: June 11, 2005 © 2005 "More than 10,000 Christians have been killed since 1999, the year Islamic "Sharia law" was introduced in Nigeria, according to Voice of the Martyrs, a group that aids the persecuted church around the world. Nearly 1,000 homes and churches have been burned down by Muslim radicals – with a wink and a nod from a government that doesn't recognize the rights of non-Muslims. The war on Christians began in 1999 when Alhaji Ahmed Sani assumed the office of governor in Nigeria's Zamfara state. Just five months later, he introduced Sharia law. Soon 11 other northern Nigerian states, all with Muslim majorities, followed Zamfara's lead and implemented some form of the harsh Islamic legal code. Sharia is based on the Quran and Hadith, the Islamic sacred book and teachings. It imposes a strict code of conduct on the population. For example, if an individual is convicted of stealing, the punishment is amputation of his hand. In the case of adultery, the punishment is death by stoning. "If you go around villages, you will see people missing one hand or one foot," explained Rev. Obiora Ike. "Do you think that’s the result of an illness? That is the result of Sharia Law." Christians in the country say the imposition of Sharia law has resulted in a wave of violence and attacks against them, their homes, churches and villages as the militants wage jihad, or holy war, against them. Sharia law permits violent attacks against non-Muslims and the killing of former Muslims who have converted to Christianity or other faiths. The destruction of churches and the prohibition of new church constructions are considered legitimate actions. Recently, before a large crowd, the Zamfara state government recently held a five-year anniversary to celebrate the implementation of Sharia. Governor Ahmad Sani recalled why Sharia was introduced into the state: to satisfy the desire of the people for governance by the "laws of Allah … to cleanse society of social and moral vices like alcoholism, gambling, theft, armed robbery, prostitution, bribery, corruption and deceit." Muslim zealots are being financed by Saudis who want to Islamicize the entire African continent. The implementation of Sharia has been blamed for the vast violence and deaths occurring not just in Zamfara state, where it was first implemented, but in other states as well." In Sudan's jihad, over two million Christians are dead, including Animists. Hundreds of thousands of Christians have been taken for slaves by Sudan's Muslims.
26. "cancer" to no 20
palestine   (10.17.05)
Just imagine there is a cancer cell in your liver would you just say poor think its still young don’t hurt it. It’s the same as with Jews, they are in a place where they shouldn’t be in the first place. So to us they are the cancer. So my advise to all Jews if you don’t like the way this part of the world lives just bag your bags and leave and go back to where you came from in he first place
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (10.17.05)
JEWS MUST HAVE HUMAN RIGHTS Stop the Ethnic Jew Cleansing STOP THE EVIL JEW HATE Thousands of Jews living peacefully on their land in Gaza and northern Samaria were ruthlessly removed by Israel's military. Jewish land and assets seized as spoils of war for Islamists who conduct never-ending religious war against Jews and Israel's intense hate for G-D, Muslim mobs stormed the synagogues where the great G-D of the universe was worshipped and destroyed the synagogues. An Islamic terror state in Israel is the international reward and approval for over 26,000 terror attacks against Israel in the last five years and the maiming and murdering of thousands of Jews. Rewarding those from many nations who finance the terrorists, and those who arm and train them. Rewarding Palestinian Authority Minister Mohammed Dahlan who was in charge of coordinating the withdrawal with Israel-terror master who is responsible for the bomb attack on the Israeli school bus in November 2000 in which two school teachers were killed and three children from the Cohen family lost their legs. Rewarding Islamic human bombers for blowing up Jews and destroying the lives of survivors who have nails from the bombs embedded in their bodies. The bombs filled with metallic objects to maximize the suffering of survivors. Rewarding Palestinian Authority Muslim society who celebrate by the thousands in the streets when innocent Jews are murdered by homicide bombers. Rewarding the Palestinian Authority for teaching through their mosques, media and public education system that the murder of Jews is a religious obligation. Rewarding the Palestinian Authority for hailing as heroes the savage murderers of defenseless 8 months pregnant Jewish Gaza mother, Tali Hatuel, and four little daughters in Gush Katif in May 2004. Rewarding the sermon (and many similar) of Oct 13 2000 broadcast from Gaza mosque, Dr. Ahmad Abu Halabiya, on Palestinian Authority TV (transcribed by Memri): "Have no mercy on the Jews, no matter where they are, in any country. Fight them, wherever you are. Wherever you meet them, kill them. Wherever you are, kill those Jews and those Americans who are like them..." Genocide and/or planned genocide breaks international law.
28. moslems
Rod ,   Fargo U.S.A   (10.17.05)
Many arabs are hardworking ,but most terrorists today are moslem arabs.Face it!
29. To #26
Jul ,   Paris   (10.17.05)
Go back to where we came from ... You mean Israel ? We come from here you know so i have another plan : Keep quiet and peaceful or face the power of the IDF. Plus, no one has to accept the ways of some part of the world where you can get killed in a restaurant, at a bus station or in your car. It's the place's customs that have to change.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (10.17.05)
IDF PLEASE HELP THEM. PLO terrorists conducted bloody, barbaric jihad against Lebanon's Christians, mass maiming and murdering huge numbers. Click on photo gallery - 20,000 Christians handicapped by PLO atrocities. The reward for PLO savagery was to implant these PLO terrrorists into Israel as "peace" partners through Oslo to continue their jihad. Christians in PA areas suffer horrendous persecution, under the cruel occupation of PA/PLO and other terrorist organizations. The following are parts of an article: Christianity Dying In Its Birthplace By Daniel Pipes | September 13, 2005 "What some observers are calling a pogrom took place near Ramallah, West Bank, on the night of Sep. 3-4. That’s when fifteen Muslim youths from one village, Dair Jarir, rampaged against Taybeh, a neighboring all-Christian village of 1,500 people. The Ajajs and their friends broke into houses and stole furniture, jewelry, and electrical appliances. They threw Molotov cocktails at some buildings and poured kerosene on others, then torched them. The damage included at least 16 houses, some stores, a farm, and a gas station. The assailants vandalized cars, looted extensively, and destroyed a statue of the Virgin Mary. “It was like a war,” one Taybeh resident told The Jerusalem Post. Hours passed before the Palestinian Authority security and fire services arrived. The fifteen assailants spent only a few hours in police detention, then were released. As for Khouriyye, the Palestinian police arrested him, kept him jail, and (his family says) have repeatedly beat him. A cousin, Suleiman Khouriyye, pointed to his burned house. “They did this because we’re Christians. They did this because we are the weaker ones.” The Khouriyyes and others recall the assailants shouting Allahu Akbar and anti-Christian slogans: “Burn the infidels, burn the Crusaders.” This assault fits a larger pattern. According to the Catholic Custodian of the Holy Land, Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Christians in the Bethlehem region alone have suffered 93 cases of injustice in 2000-04. In the worst of these, in 2002, Muslims murdered the two Amre sisters, 17 and 19 years old, whom they called prostitutes. A post-mortem, however, showed the teenagers to have been virgins – and to have been tortured on their genitals. “Almost every day – I repeat, almost every day – our communities are harassed by the Islamic extremists in these regions,” Pizzaballa says. “And if it’s not the members of Hamas or Islamic Jihad, there are clashes with … the Palestinian Authority.” In addition to the Islamists, a “Muslim land mafia” is said to operate. With PA complicity. it threatens Christian land and house owners, often succeeding to compel them to abandon their properties. The campaign of persecution has succeeded...Bethlehem and Nazareth, historic Christian towns for nearly two millennia, are now primarily Muslim. In 1922, Christians outnumbered Muslims in Jerusalem; today, Christians amount to a mere 2 percent of that city’s population." "Islamic mafia accused of persecuting Holy Land Christians" Every single agreement has been broken by the PA/PLO, rendering Oslo, Road Map and ALL agreements NULL AND VOID. The U.S. EU, UN, Israel: the Christians of the world appeal to you. Stop the injustice. Stop the cruelty. Stop the massive criminal human rights violations. Liberate the Christians from ALL terrorist organizations immediately.
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