Evacuees demand tuition fees exemption
Moran Zelikovich
Published: 20.10.05, 00:52
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1. somewhere, in a land far, far away
yiftah ,   israel   (10.20.05)
there's a tiny violin, and it's playing just for them. maybe if they didn't waste their summer blocking roads and screaming like banshees, and generally making the lives of innocent israelis a living hell, they would have been able to "keep their heads in their studies." pathetic.
2. heartless
Oreet ,   Israel   (10.20.05)
Maybe if you had a heart then some true, caring, human emotions would show. Maybe if the government came and threw you out of your house, destryoed it and your entire community, tossed you from one temporary spot to another and another and another - and did NOT compensate you for the home that you paid for, took your job away and left you with nothing - you might show a shred of human emotion ---- but I doubt it. All I can say is that I hope it happens to you someday - and then everyone will treat you the way you are treating the people of Gush Katif -- you might wake up - but I doubt that too.
3. reward against their crimes. They should be locked up
ali   (10.20.05)
4. y do they think they r special? other students also struggle
with life's challenges and manage just fine without calling special attention to themselves or requesting special wavers. On the academic level: Besides the policy at ALL Israeli universities and colleges is that there are three chances to take a final exam (Mo'ed Aleph, Bet & Gimmel) and that term papers are due at the beginning of the school year which by the way this year is at the end of October because of the Holidays. However it is very easy to get an extention to turn in the paper in December. On the financial level: Tuition in Israeli institutions isn't all that expensives it ranges bewteen NIS 10,000 (state funded Universities) to NIS 21,000 (private colleges). That's USD 2,500 to USD 4,500 which isn't difficult for most people here to pay. Everyone works and everyone who needs gets scholarships from a variety of sources. So why should these people even asking for these special arrangements? Because they are used to being taken care if that is the case: while they are listening to the Yiftah's small violin, may I suggest that they eat cake! (or more correctly let them have Mr. Netanyahu buy them Pizza as he did for another group of students a few years ago)
5. ONCE a mooch always a mooch
See, these settler welfare jews got to use to the dole. LOL. how gross.
6. very telling from Posters 1-5 only poster 2 is with them....
It will be interesting to see what our charming friends from abroad (Adina Kutnicki, Linda Rivera, Bunnie Meyer, et. al.) will have to say about this one.
7. Another Outrage Against Jewish Refugees
Adina kutnicki ,   NJ, US   (10.20.05)
Who would even contemplate that the refugees (created by Israel's gov't ) would have to pay tuition this year? Does the insults and disgusting treatment have no bounds?
8. Ms. Kutnicki is that it? that's all u have to say?
weak very weak. cause deep in your heart you know that the Israeli posters are on point on this one.
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