Rice to Abbas: Show leadership
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 20.10.05, 08:04
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1. abbas & rice should be married to each other.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (10.20.05)
However, their house would need a HUGE air conditioner to control all the hot air coming out of their collective orifices. They think alike, they act alike, they just don't look alike but that's not important in a marriage of equals like these two.
2. Love you Abbas, Stay consistent.
ali   (10.20.05)
Abbas is the right leader, balancing national unity needs with the need to fight terror groups. SLOWLY but SURELY. He is well respected in the states and among reasonable israelis alike. However he needs help because Israel has distroyed and continue to distroy anything he needs to establish authority. Israel might think it is smart but long term it is shooting itself in the foot. Israel needs to promote friendship with palestinians like Abbas.
3. is balin crazy?
If Abbas says he will not stop hamas before the elections, why would anyone think he will do so afterwards. Are people going COMPLETLY out of their minds. On a side note, for the security of Israel and for the sake of "un-tieing" the hands of Israel, Hamas Should win the elections, get into power so we can finally have consistant messages coming from the leadership and the people. We must end Palastinian occupation.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (10.20.05)
The peace process of death and war. In the never-ending religious terror war against Jews, terrorists receive highly specialized training from the CIA and Britain. Every single one of the Palestinian Authority security services are involved in terrorist attacks against Israel. There were no apologies from the U.S. for the many Jewish deaths and great suffering perpetrated by U.S. trained Khaled Abu Nijmeh. There was no financial compensation for Khaled's many Jewish victims. There was no punishment for serial killer of Jews, Khaled. Khaled, and other terrorists were richly rewarded with long vacations in Europe. Below are parts of an article from Mideast training program backfires Palestinian security officers schooled by U.S. later used tactics against Israel - Matthew Kalman, Chronicle Foreign Service Monday, February 14, 2005 Bethlehem, West Bank -- In June 1998, somewhere near CIA headquarters in Langley, Va., two rows of men in military fatigues posed for their graduation photo. All of them were officers in Palestinian General Intelligence Service, charged with hunting down terrorists and preventing attacks on Israel. They had just completed a training course, paid for by the U.S. government, in which they learned firearms and counterterrorist tactics. But the graduation photo holds a stark warning for the Bush administration as it gets more involved in Middle East peacemaking. Some of the men in the picture later swapped sides and began using the skills they learned in Virginia against the Israelis. Such training courses, which were suspended with the outbreak of the Palestinian uprising in September 2000, will be an integral part of Washington's aid package for the new government of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Standing in the back row, second from the left, is Khaled Abu Nijmeh, from Deheisheh refugee camp in Bethlehem, according to two of his colleagues who are also pictured. By 2001, he had become one of the most-wanted Palestinian militants in the city, suspected of involvement in a string of suicide bombings and shooting attacks against Israelis. In May 2002, he was one of 13 gunmen escorted from the Church of the Nativity siege in Bethlehem, flown to Cyprus and then to exile in Europe. Three of the group, including Abu Nijmeh, were given asylum in Italy. "I am a member of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and a first sergeant in Palestinian General Intelligence," Abu Nijmeh, now 36, told The Chronicle from his temporary home in Rome. "I personally received a course in antiterrorism and VIP protection. "I was not alone. Many Palestinian security people were trained by the Americans. We hope they will continue helping us." Abu Nijmeh and his 12 comrades will be allowed to return to Bethlehem under the cease-fire agreement reached last week between Israel and the Palestinians. As Israeli commentators had been warning for years, the CIA inadvertently helped train future adversaries -- as it has done in other countries, including the anti-Soviet forces in Afghanistan who ended up as Taliban and al Qaeda militants. "This has proven to be a very risky undertaking," said Israeli political analyst Gerald Steinberg of Bar-Ilan University. "Both the CIA and British efforts to train Palestinians during the Oslo process helped strengthen terrorist capabilities." The training given to hundreds of Palestinian security officials between 1996 and 2000 was sanctioned by a presidential order in 1996 by then-President Bill Clinton, who was deeply involved in peace-making efforts." ©2005 San Francisco Chronicle Islamic terrorism is empowered, and our loyal ally, Israel, on the front lines fighting global jihad, is wickedly betrayed.
5. Control the terrorist thugs among you
Newt   (10.20.05)
Palestinians need to control the terrorist thugs among them and they can't even do that.
6. Sinking Ship
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.20.05)
U.S. policy towards Israel has been a consistent failure since Oslo. So they have to prop up another failure before it is flushed down the pipes of history's sewer. What is amazing is that Israel is too stupid to juump this ship before it sinks into same sewer.
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