Bush: Stop West Bank construction
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 20.10.05, 17:54
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31. Let My People Go
MCW ,   NJ USA   (10.20.05)
Where is Moses when you need him? It is about time for Israel to remove the shackles given to them by the US State Department and act in the best interest of Israeli citizens. It is amazing that the countries that demand Israel do this or that, were themselves responsible for murdering and forced deportations of Jews. Israel is a regional super power, both in military terms and economic. Israel needs to acts in its best interest and not to satisfy Bush and his incomprehensible foreign policy. The "Palestinians" as a group or nothing more than Arab invaders seeking more land in the name of Islam. Furthermore, in the, God forbid, event that an Arab state is birthed, how will this new state manage economically without outside aid. The Palistinians produce very little that would interest Israel, US or Europe. No one benefits from this other than the Arabs. It is obvious that the US and the rest of the world is being blackmailed by petrol dollars. Saudi Arabia banks rolls terrorism, and we just look the other way for the sake of oil and payoffs.. Without oil, the Arab nations contribute very little as far as commerce is concerned. Therefore, another terrorist muslim welfare state is the last thing Americans want. Wake up Bush, your Middle East foreign policy is not backed by the majority of Americans.
32. yawwwwn
Josh ,   NY   (10.20.05)
Blah blah blah... Same stuff, different press conference. At the end of the day the Palestinians still have to deal with their anarchic society and an Israel that is more confident than ever in its ability to impose a unilateral solution when and as it sees fit. The rest of this is just background noise...
33. #30
Jane ,   New York   (10.20.05)
Well, Rob, you're preaching to the choir. How about putting your Kumbaya speech up on a Hamas or Islamic Jihad website? You met two Israeli soldiers who gave you insight. Perhaps you should speak to parents of kids blown up at discos.
34. ''Road map''
The road map is a waste of time In 57 years the palestinian leadership have not dropped even ONE of their demands. They dont know how to negotiate Negotiation requires both side to at least give up something and a little reciprocity is required on BOTH sides The palestinians want it all - its their way in total or the highway Just how is anyone supposed to negotiate with these people? Every Israeli government has been willing to negotiate in some way, even Bibi was willing to give just a little, and Barak was on the other extreme giving almost eveything and they still didnt want it Bush stay in US and stop your imperialistic monologues We will build when and where we want We lay claim to this land too. Nobody seems to understand that. We dont need anyones permission to do this We will hunt and kill those with blood on their hands and capture those who intend to kill at a time and manner of our choosing When the palestinians are prepared to NEGOTIOATE and fully understand what that term means then we will talk with them
35. To AK
What are you talking about?? who are you ?? if you really mean what you said why dont you say on the palestinian local press ??
36. G-d gave all of Israel to the Jews. The romans, the greeks,
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (10.21.05)
etc., etc., all brought their armies and all won for a short period. The "palestinians" think the land is their because they were the last ones to steal it from the Jews. Sixty years ago the land of Israel was a barren desert. It was the Jews returning to the land given to them by G-d that made Israel again into the land of milk and honey. If it wern't for the Jews returning home, the land of Israel would still be populated with goats and camels and an occasional wandering caravan of itinerant nomads. Bush wants to treat terrorists as equal in value to Jews who invent new medicines. That is why he will never be profound in the history books, he lacks common sense but not friends to reward.
37. Oye! Bush! Haven't you screwed things up enough already??
38. President Bush said the right thing
Sal Azam ,   Chicago, USA   (10.21.05)
He said to stop illegal settlements so many times before. He also said that Israel should be held accountable for such and other actions that defy the road map. President Bush is just and fair in his approach while the Israeli government is criminal and will face deadly consequences for its actions past, present and future at the right time unexpectedly.
39. #17+18 Israel earns USA support? how?
Miss Muslima ,   London, England UK   (10.21.05)
"Since we only have 1, not 22 arab/islamic judenrein terrorist entities, i think it is you who should, in fact, shut up Jane , New York (10.20.05) " Yes Jane, you forget that the 22 nations are Judenrein because they're in a state of war with Israel. Just foryour info, there are Jews in the Gulf and in Iran, so it's not totally "Judenrein." "Israel is still & will be American's best interest because it earns it. Not because of the Lobby, not because of loving Israel. Because Israel earned it. No salves or masters here, it's just getting benefs with no blame! Billy , Burlington, Canada (10.20.05) " ???? Billy, please show us how Israel earns USA support.
40. #31 (MCW) Israel could not survive without Aid!
Miss Muslima ,   London, England UK   (10.21.05)
"The "Palestinians" as a group or nothing more than Arab invaders seeking more land in the name of Islam. MCW , NJ USA (10.20.05) " Not more land, but land we already had! "Furthermore, in the, God forbid, event that an Arab state is birthed, how will this new state manage economically without outside aid. " Oh really? Is this the pot calling the kettle black? And where do you think Israel would be without outside aid? not only American aid, but aid given by expat Jews? Oh wait, let me answer that, It would not exist!
41. Stop illegal Arab settlements!
Daisy ,   USA   (10.21.05)
Arabs are the real settlers!
42. to AK #2
Hilda ,   USA   (10.21.05)
I , too fell for his rhetoric and believed him when he said he was a friend of Israel. which we now see was a lie. How dsare he ytell Israelis where they can build and where they can;t in their own country. What will it take to show him at there is no difference between Abbass and Arafat and no different between Osama and the Palstinian terrorists. Enough Jewish blood has been shed in the pursuit of peace.
43. to miss Muslama in London
Hilda ,   US   (10.21.05)
How does Israel ear US support, I will give you a few answers to that though these are not the only reasons. a) for one thing Israel always votes with the US in the UN 2) any monies Israel receiveds from US is spent in US 3) Israel is the ONLY democracy in that region of the world 4) Israel has cooperated with US in stratigic operations in the area. 4) Israel has contributed to the well being of the world with many new innovations and scientific discoveries 6) Israel served as as a buffer to the entry of the Soviets into the area. 7) Israel was a training field for Soviet weaponry captured 8) Israel has served as the canary in the mine--testing arms etc for the US 8) Israel carried out dangerous missions so US would not need to.--like the destruction of Iraq's nucleur capability before the first Gulf War. What do you think would have happened to the troops if Sadaam had had the bomb at that time? There are many more reasons but this will suffice for now.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (10.22.05)
Stop the ethnic Jew Cleansing. Stop the despicable Jew-hating demand for freezing of Jewish communities. STOP THE EVIL JEW HATE 22 HUGE, OIL-WEALTHY Arab states cover over six million square miles, over ten percent of the land surface of earth. TINY, over-crowded Israel, only one tenth of one percent of the Middle East. America is breaking U.S. laws which make it illegal to discriminate based on race or religion. Demanding forcible removal of Jews from the Jewish homeland based on race-Jews and RELIGION-JUDAISM. Making Jews jobless and homeless for implacable enemies sworn to Israel's destruction, Israel destroyed the homes of about 9000 Jews in Gaza and north Samaria. Homes for which the Jews must still pay mortgages for. The terrorists, their bank accounts and war chests filled with billions of American and European TAX DOLLARS, are not expected to create businesses with their own finances, hard work, and long hours. All of this was to be done for them by the Jewish victims of their terrorism. Thousands of Jewish greenhouses and hundreds of Jewish farms built on land that NEVER belonged to Arabs were given as gifts to the wealthy Palestinian Authority terrorist organization. A most dangerous precedent is being established that Jews in other countries and other NON-MUSLIM people groups will suffer the same horrendous human rights violations as Israel’s Jews. Does the U.S. government plan to eliminate the laws which make it illegal to discriminate based on race or religion? Or, does the U.S. government plan to add a clause stating THE LAW DOES NOT APPLY TO JEWS? Oslo-Road Map ruthlessly destroyed the human rights of Christians who suffer horrific persecution under the cruel occupation of PLO/PA. The following is from: 'Christianity Dying In Its Birthplace' By Daniel Pipes | September 13, 2005 “Almost every day – I repeat, almost every day – our communities are harassed by the Islamic extremists in these regions,” Pizzaballa says. “And if it’s not the members of Hamas or Islamic Jihad, there are clashes with … the Palestinian Authority.” In addition to the Islamists, a “Muslim land mafia” is said to operate. With PA complicity. it threatens Christian land and house owners, often succeeding to compel them to abandon their properties. The campaign of persecution has succeeded...Bethlehem and Nazareth, historic Christian towns for nearly two millennia, are now primarily Muslim. In 1922, Christians outnumbered Muslims in Jerusalem; today, Christians amount to a mere 2 percent of that city’s population." This MASSIVE ATTACK ON JUDAISM AND CHRISTIANITY by the Quartet-U.S. EU, UN and Russia, has ominous implications for every Jew and Christian on earth. Where are the human rights organizations???
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