Hamas: Bush trying to bring war
Ali Waked
Published: 21.10.05, 01:21
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1. arab doctors err, circumcised head above neck instead of
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (10.21.05)
head below navel. hamas has been in a war to kill all the Jews and now they want to accuse bush of trying to bring war? Even as dinbat as Bush is, he can't start something that has been going on for years. A plea to all arab doctors: please stop the above neck circumcisions, ask an Israeli mohel how it is properly done.
2. Israel a problem for USA
Barry ,   Anaheim, USA   (10.21.05)
Without US support and backing Israel would not be able to carry on. With billions of dollars of support and donations still Israel defys US policy and constitution. How can Isrealis justify the recent Pentagon spying by your country against our government. Is this how you treat a hand that feeds you? I can imagine how you treat others who are in disagreement with you. We're organizing lobby power to counter Israeli lobby in the US. It is unfair how US is treated by Isreal.
hiram ,   tel aviv   (10.21.05)
Stop Terror Organizations in Palestine... No deal , no prgress of any kind, no serious decisions can be made without implementing step #1 : dismantlement and outlawing of religious backed terror organisations in Palestine and #2 implement arm controls under EC control ( not UN whihc has proven times and again unable to do anything serious) Short of that , no chance. Islamic terror organisation are responsible for the stalling of peace process...( and on the top of that they can't even handle explosives properly !)
4. Bush trying to do what Israel wants and tells him to do
A ,   Memphis, TN   (10.21.05)
The invasion of Iraq was only the start in a long list of countries that Israel and its supporters want the US army to invade.
5. BARRY - good post!!!
Do you have a web site ? I know MANY AMERICANS that are on your page.
6. To # 3 Hiram
Ali ,   Gaza   (10.21.05)
#1 : dismantlement and outlawing of religious backed terror organisations The camel never see the bent of his neck !!..Israel also is religious terror country , and also out of international law !! you have any doubt ?????
7. To # 2 Barry
Ali ,   Gaza   (10.21.05)
Not only problem for USA ..All over history Jews were always big headache even for God and prophets !!!
8. Hamas now Kosher
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.21.05)
Hamas now has the blessing of president Bush.They are kosher terrorists for the next democratic terrorist election.What a farce all of this is.Only a barry in annaheim can't figure out what is going on There was a time when the hypocrite in Washington called hamas a terrorist group ,His words ;'you are with us or you are with the terrorists' were just empty ,meaningless words . Israel is absoutedly nuts for trusting the U.S. ,especially con man George who has soldIsrael out with a Plaestinian state. He truly does bring war and not peace to Israel with this stupid plan that will never work..
9. To Ali in Gaza
Hiram ,   Tel Aviv   (10.21.05)
Ali I grant you that a few stupid Jews endoctrinated by God knows who (?) have killed in the past.....but it was never a tstate controlled and approved affair such as it is in Palestine with the existence of so called " Organisation" which are nothing else than uncontrolled gangs of hoodlums suffering from religious and Islamic indigestion ! I am an insider Ali, I Know ALL of Gaza, ALL of the West Bank , ALL of the Middle East...I have seen it all when it comes to terrorist organisations from Iran to Gaza, from Lybia to Soudan.....and the cause is ALWAYS religiously backed....Just go and take a look on Islamic sites on the net.....and judge for yourself : enter Islamic terror and you will be suprised to see the result from the search engine !!! and then be proud of your "brothers"
10. Hiram
Ali ,   Gaza   (10.21.05)
No I 'll never be proud of an terror act I am true moslem and shame on exremist moslem who do it ..but also dont mix bet terror and resistance , terror and self defence right ?resistance of ocupation is not terror !!fighting to restore Haifa and Jafa is not terror !!!...any way we will never agree ..unfortunately ((::
11. Get your head out of your _ _ _ post 4
Newt   (10.21.05)
"The invasion of Iraq was only the start in a long list of countries that Israel and its supporters want the US army to invade." Ya, and that secret decoder ring you get in a cereal box is able to reach the mother ship on Uranus.
12. Well well well Ali
Newt   (10.21.05)
Finally, your anti Semitism is showing and I must say you've been pretty good at hiding it for so long. My hats off to you Ali. The difference between Israel's religious zealots and Palestinian religious zealots is that Israeli's aren't afraid of them. Regular everyday Palestinians are afraid of the nuts who live among you. They have to speak in code when referring to the trouble makers because they fear that they will be attacked or killed. Face it, there are Palestinians who just don't want the killings to stop and until you and the rest of your people grow a spine and finally stop this nonsense, then you have only yourselves to blame for living like you do. You people have alot of work to do and Israel would be stupid right now if they handed over more land.
13. No to Hamas
Caro ,   Beaver,Pa.   (10.26.05)
While I am Glad to see my country's decision concerning Hamas,It should have been apparent that Hamas long ago made the decision about acting without violence. Now that the U.S. has come forth on Hamas,it tis also time to "come forth" on those who aide and abeit them.
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