Bomb hidden under toddler
Efrat Weiss
Published: 22.10.05, 14:33
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1. Hey George these are your folks.
Josh ,   Israel   (10.22.05)
2. so u see that we confront real barbarians
Danny ,   Israel   (10.22.05)
palestinians don' t have to cry when IDF kill a palestinian because palestinians don't even care about the life of their own children
3. As Mahmoud said before.....
hiram ,   tel aviv   (10.22.05)
he knows how to deal with terror groups....! And I am convinced that Hamas , Islamic Jihad and other fanatics, religiously endoctrinated and brainwashed want only one thing : peace ! (!)
4. he would be a shaheed in diapers, enjoying 72 virgins
mike ,   usa   (10.22.05)
palestinians would eat their young if the koran said so.
5. Bush called them.....Armed Gangs.
Shir ,   Israel   (10.22.05)
Whatever. Democracy for the Palestinians is a million miles away. They no more 'feel it' then they are willing to practice it. Yet.....there are those willing to give it to them without earning it. Go figure. Of course a democracy UNEARNED no matter what the leaders of the world calim IS NO DEMOCRACY. Pretending that these so-called armed gangs will lay down their arms is complete and utter crap. It stinks like crap too. These armed gangs (HAMAS, islamic Jihad, Fatah, Aska brigades etc) are the new leaders of the about to be pretend (for public consumption) state. And their leader the protégé of arafart, holocaust denier, suspected planner of the Munich massacre, Abu Mazen is now a man of peace. Goodness, look up to the sky folks....oh my! instead of blue sky and clouds donkeys are flying!!
6. Palestinian child abuse.
Naomi ,   South Carolina   (10.22.05)
/ THE USE OF PALESTINIAN CHILDREN IN THE AL-AQSA INTIFADA now see for yourselves: And this: Don't see this being talked about at the White House for all the world to hear! / / Want more the internet is full of such pictures. Why the media refuses to show these is beyond me. Looks like it is up to us to let people see the culture of hate within Palestinian society.
7. Those who care send story to all media outlets and the Prez.
Richard ,   Long Island, NY   (10.22.05)
8. Arabs:Toddler & grenade under mutual blanket =animals!!!
Eddie Shor ,   Ariel Israel   (10.22.05)
9. it was only
just maybe   (10.22.05)
10. But it was only a toy granade ; -)
Sarah ,   Israel   (10.22.05)
11. #7 (Richard) As if they don't alreayd know?
Miss Muslima ,   London, England UK   (10.22.05)
" Those who care send story to all media outlets and the Prez. (End) Richard , Long Island, NY (10.22.05) " As if the "Prez" and the media don't already know? or are not aware?
12. Just when you think Arab savages couldn't sink any lower!
Daisy ,   USA   (10.22.05)
13. What is wrong with Palestinian parents?
Newt   (10.22.05)
A mother hides a grenade underneath her baby? I'm still waiting for a Palestinian sympathizer to come up with some kind of lame excuse for this.
14. They blow up so fast
Efi   (10.22.05)
15. The baby hid the grenade, parents give them out as
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (10.23.05)
pacifiers and the kid was playing a game called "Hide the Grenade." The parents don't let their babies play with bullets because they are easily swallowed, cost real money and they might not be able to find them in time for a terrorist attack.
16. right Efi and to expound
Yisraeli   (10.23.05)
Jewish mother with tears of happiness in her eyes watching her son graduate from Medical School and now to be a doctor in service of others Jews as well as Arabs "Oy they grow up so fast" Palestinian mother with tears of happiness in her eyes attending the martyrd ceremony for her son being a Shahid after murdering 12 innocent Jews and now to service 72 celestial virgins "Walla they blow up so fast" Sick isnt it? yet the ugly truth.
17. toddler martyre
steven ,   france   (10.23.05)
I once read in a talkback a comment by a woman called Salameh from "palestine" She used the word SHAME ON ISRAEL over and over,for "mistreatment of the IDF of their "freedom fighters".and certain civilians.I know ask her and all the PRO PALESTINIANS,who think that these people are "human beings" who deserve,to be apart of the human race,There is no greater SHAME,on a person or a nation ,when they put these innocent children and babies in such danger.and dare to call it "FIGHT FOR FREEDOM"That chers Palestinians,is the greatest SHAME of all.May your ALLAH have merci on your souls when jugement day arrives.I have also one question to ask these palestinians ,what is the babies reward for such a sacrifice,is this too writen in the laws of Islam,that a baby may be sacrificed for the cause??????.
DACON9 ,   BROOKLYN NY   (10.23.05)
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