Orthodox riot in Jerusalem; 4 police hurt
Efrat Weiss
Published: 26.10.05, 14:25
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1. Zealots, just like Islamists....
Hiram ,   tel aviv   (10.26.05)
Tell me what is the difference between a bunch of Islamic religious fanatics claiming that Islam is the only true religion and our Zealots who not only accept Israel as a state, but destroy public property in their " religious anxiety", burn municipal belongings and show only contempt for non-orthodoxes ( while expecting them to pick them up when they tramp south of Jerusalem... Give me ONE difference..... Send all of them to boot camp !!!
SARAH ,   CROSSVILLE, USA   (10.27.05)
Hashem would NOT be pleased. We are not to lower ourselves to that level. We are to live above it. Violence never solves anything..
3. Dishonest Media
Jake ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.27.05)
Two points: 1) I live near the place of the alleged riot and heard nothing about it. I have read media reports of previous "ultra-Orthodox riots" near me that also never happened. This is not the first time. The media lie. Often. 2) This report barely hints at the complaints of the Orthodox at the digging up and bulldozing of ancient graves. In fact, a TV report a few days ago showed that peaceful ultra-Orthodox demonstrators at the construction site were being brutally beaten by hired thugs and policemen. That report resulted in assault charges against the road construction company and individual police officers. The Ynet report, however, gives the impression that the victims are the criminals.
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