Iran: Israel should be wiped off map
Ynet and agencies
Published: 26.10.05, 19:07
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31. #28 Michael
Ari ,   NYC   (10.26.05)
Michael - I appreciate your sentiment, but it's not true that "we're still here, stronger than ever". We have not recovered from WWII (in fact, we haven't recovered from losses suffered in C.E. 70! We have the threat of a near nuclear power who supplies money and weapons to Syria - we ignore him at our own peril. Unfortunately he is representative of Iranians like Hitler was representative of Germans, once upon a time - they were both elected and a majority of public sentiment supports them. Not all Germans were for Hitler, but that didn't matter much back then. The Iranians had an opportunity to elect a more moderate candidate in the last elections - they didn't, they elected one of the hostage takers of 1979. He deserves a quick targeted killing - imshallah.
32. REPRESSES iranians, represents ARYANS
yaakov ,   nz   (10.26.05)
actually, the problem is that nutcase mullahs run the country, the previous guy khatami was much better than this little slimebag. unfortunately the "revolutionary supreme islamic command" or whatever the $&*)& they call it runs the country and prevents the young people and women - the progressive forces from having any say in the government. If this moron was serious about lifting third world muslim countries out of their poverty and corruption he could start by using money to feed, clothe, school and shelter palestinians instead of encouraging and financing them to waste their lives murdering their abrahamic brothers - earning them a one way ticket to hell
33. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
What a stinky greasy camel-shagger this one is Look at him - does he look like hes taken a bath or had a shower in the last decade? Talk is cheap mate. Either he gets some balls and turns words into action or he should keep his cunning linguist mouth shut
34. Do not blame Iranians for the misdeeds of their government
MMM ,   USA   (10.27.05)
Please do not hasten to denounce the people of Iran for the comments made by the President whom they did NOT elect. Vast majority of Iranians are the daily victims of the regime in Tehran. They are the very first to suffer from any action imposed upon them by the government of Iran. If we are to cast blame, let’s blame those European and Asian governments that continue to strike lucrative financial deals with Tehran and repeatedly chose to ignore the misdeeds of the Iranian government. I read that several nations have spoken against the statements made by the so-called President of Iran. Talk is cheap. Keep reading, soon you will hear prime ministers of the same countries visiting Tehran to pay homage to the Iranian government. Peace loving people of the world should stand together. We should not speak poorly of the people of a great nation such as Iran or call the Iranian people derogatory names because of the government that have been forced to tolerate. Would that not be exactly what the government of Iran is seeking to provoke?
35. A song for Iran :)
Jeff ,   USA   (10.27.05)
Kol od balevav p'nimah Nefesh Yehudi homiyah Ulfa'atey mizrach kadimah Ayin l'tzion tzofiyah Od lo avdah tikvatenu Hatikvah bat shnot alpayim L'hiyot am chofshi b'artzenu Eretz Tzion v'Yerushalayim A personal message for Iran, Israel speaks softly, but yields many large "Sticks". Shalom :)
36. Iran (sarcasm)
Osama bin hidin ,   undisclosed cave   (10.27.05)
Sallam alleykum, Dear brothers and sisters in the worled, iran will strike a heavy blow on our enemies. The brave mujahadin will fight all those that appose allah. And remember Islam means peace. Thankyou. O.B.H.
37. Post #34
Jeff ,   USA   (10.27.05)
Makeing a statement like "Kill all the Jews" Israel, America will die by fire","Wipe Isreal off the map", these are statements of premeditated actions. And a direct call for war, on his part. I don't blame the Iranian people, but what ever transpires the Iran Gov will have the blood of the innocents on there hands, not the Jews.
38. Wipe Iran off the Map
Ezequiel ,   Brazil   (10.27.05)
and all dictatorial fascist governments like Syria and Iran
39. Iranian elections
Howard ,   Pacific Coast, USA   (10.27.05)
Remember that the only people allowed to run in Iranian elections are the ones permitted to do so by the Guardian Council. And remember that reformers (even ones who supported the last president, Khatami) have been systematically persecuted, arrested, beaten and sometimes murdered for their political beliefs. This guy is NOT the Iranians' representative of choice. In power, however, he is a very dangerous and evil demagogue, with a mindset straight out of Orwell's _1984_ with a large helping of religious fanaticism. We cannot blame all Iranians for Ahmedinejad, but unfortunately we cannot ignore this psychopath either. You can't wait for weeds to become established before you weed the garden.
40. Translation of #35 for non Hebrew speakers
Howard ,   Pacific Coast, USA   (10.27.05)
The song is called "Hatikvah" ("The Hope"). Here is a rough translation: As long as the Jewish spirit yearns deep within the heart, with eyes turned toward the East, looking toward Tzion, then our hope of 2000 years will not be lost: to be a free people in our land, the land of Tzion and Jerusalem. This beautiful song of yearning reflects the hope of return to Israel. The song refers to the fact that for 2000 years, Jews said special daily prayers for return to Israel, while facing eastward toward Jerusalem. The song is Israel's national anthem.
41. Scary
SARAH ,   CROSSVILLE, USA   (10.27.05)
Ok, Why is this man still alive??? Had he made that statement against USA he would be DEAD right now!!!!
42. basta ya hijo de tu madré iran!!!
exeverria ,   melilla spain   (10.27.05)
only one way to destroy them with force cama zm"an hem tzohakim alénou?
43. He's made the same statement against the US and still alive
AK   (10.27.05)
44. Pre-emptive strike
Georgi ,   Sofia, Bulgaria   (10.27.05)
I think we haven't learned anything from two world wars. We can't just stand by and wait for country leaders calling for genocide to execute their plans. The civilized world should take a firm action against Iran before it gets too late.
45. Iran Leader's Attitude to Others
Mon Simmago ,   Sri Lanka   (10.27.05)
Iran leader said the world without Zionism is safe. What about the world without such Iran leader's attitude? The world without such a leader is safer, more in peace.
46. The Nuclear Reactor for Energy
MARK ,   USA   (10.27.05)
How can he possibly say that they are for peaceful purposes. He just admitted the truth and admitted his intentions. Israel nuke IRAN. I hope more Iranian Jews flee to Vienna. Iranian Jews Leave Now
47. nuclear energy?
Marcin ,   chiacgo, usa   (10.27.05)
we aint dat dumb and we know dat deyre gonna destory one nation > probably israel or us !
48. Yet another example of muslim leaders fail their people
Moosa Zameer Hassan ,   Selangor, Malaysia   (10.28.05)
Remember that its the rhetoric the likes of a madman not a leader that will give prosperity and peace to its people and the neighbours. Few muslims around the world will dance to the tune of a madman. Who is Irans President to make that judgement on behalf of the world muslims. Remember also that much closer in kin is Saddam to the muslim arabs, but they too rejected such blasphemy and joined hands with the world community . The world and muslims will prevail over all the evils of Iran and the like. May allah show the true path to the humankind. Amen
49. Every Death violates Life
walter flueck ,   Canada   (10.28.05)
"The ink of the scholar is more sacred then the blood of the martyr" Mohammed. Are there no artists to redecorate the blot of Israel? No teachers to teach people how to live and love together in the middle east? Are there no psychologists, ,scientists, priests, doctors in the middle east who value life in all of its designs and can lead us away from another round of bloodshed and violence. War will never bring happiness, mankind's ultimate destiny. Let the peacemakers rule forever. Any leader who speaks or plans violence in the view of history or growing global calamities should be replaced. The world including the middle east should look and operate like Granny's sewing room. We are very tired of war, bloodshed and violence.
50. freedom of speech
walter ,   canada   (10.28.05)
why should I require your approval to state my opinion?
51. Armageddon, here we come...
Anthony ,   Manteca, USA   (10.29.05)
Iran dears to wipe Israel off the map. Let them try...they will lie in waste and rubble as they are fighting against God's people. The bible is so true about what is going to happen.
52. New name for Iran?
Anthony ,   USA   (10.29.05)
I wonder what Iran's new name will be when they get wiped off the earth by Israel and her allies? This has gone way too far; something really needs to be done with this hatred of Israel.
53. Iran
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.29.05)
Let this terrorist president threaten all he needs,Israel is used to treats. He dosent have the balls to put his finger on THE button.He knows very well he will be blown to kingdom come if he even walks in th e edirection of THE button. Paranoid or not,Israel will survive this little man. We know not all Iranians voted him into office.
54. Stuff The Government
M Sandivoski ,   Melbourne   (10.29.05)
I am of Iranian descent and i think we have to remember that its the Government and muslim extremists who support what the president is saying. Many people such as me could never speak against the government in Iran or else we would be dead. So please blame the stupid Iranian muslim government and not the innocent people.
55. World war III ??
lenin_my ,   penang,Malaysia   (10.29.05)
well...a clash of civilisation?just as the us neutralised iraq as a threat...we have iran now..what a bad choice the people made..the previous president was a reformer...this dude dsnt look anytng like a o' my...all this sounds like a Jack Ryan novel to me
56. On Israeli TV News The Other Night
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (10.30.05)
One anchor referred to Ahmadinejad as a monkey and the second anchor asked him how he can talk like that on Israeli TV and the first one said, "I'm sorry I called that dreck a monkey."
57. Reply
Rev.David Marks ,   Dallas Texas. USA   (10.30.05)
All That Is Going On All Over The World To Day Is Because The Bible Tells Us So.... Want To Know The Out Come? Read The Bible.
58. His statement shows how helpless the situation in Iran is
Afshin ,   Los Angeles, US   (10.30.05)
This man's statement shows how terrible the situation in Iran is....if there was a free election( a real one) in Iran, Iranians would not elect him. his statement more than everything shows IRANIANS need help to get rid of this kind of idiots. trust me they are the first nation who are going to be victims of childish decisions of people like Ahmadinejad. His statement shows he is not even a real politician. He is an uneducated man. People in the world please hear me Iranians need your help to get rid of their regime and brutal idiots like Ahmadinejad
59. Signs Of The Times Indeed!!
Sean ,   India   (10.31.05)
What a sick depraved jerk that guy truly is!!! Actually, he unwittingly voices the inate dark perverse hatred of anyone not a follower of Islam. Here's just a quick recap of muslim boorish endeavours from time immemorial: 1) war in kashmir -against hindu India 2)war against Israel 3)killings in Bangladesh-against christians 4)terrorists and suicide bombers galore 5)dictatorial sycophants ruling states in the middle east. Poor muslim race, looks like they indeed with ALLAH'S GRACE AND HELP have plenty of issues with the world-planet rather!!!!
60. the president of Iran
shoshanna ,   USA   (11.01.05)
wow!, how ignorant are some that are in leadership around the world. Get a clue Mr. Iran President, you can say all you want about Israel, But God has already established the nation and you can do nothing about it. I pray for your salvation and repentance of your hate toward Israel. You are a poor example of a leader. You do not deserve that priviledge over any nation even Iran.
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