Mysterious blasts rattle Israelis
Ynet reporters
Published: 28.10.05, 13:25
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1. must have been a great ecstasy party in the negev
2. Call the Ministry of Magic!
Shai ,   Israel   (10.28.05)
3. There are about 800 talkbacks on this topic in the hebrew
site. Lots of crazy ideas ranging from sonic booms to training for the iran strike to UFOs to Nuclear testings at sea and a new device that creates earthquakes. I also heard it, loud boom that shook the curtains of my house.
4. Blasts
Richard Sadove MD ,   Herzliya   (10.28.05)
I was up nearly everynight watching the american baseball playoffs. There were blasts like this that shook my home three to five nights. They seemed like sonic booms to me. The whole house shook.
5. Maybe we have something to celebrate?
hanina ,   usa   (10.28.05)
This could be a good thing.
6. Mystery Blasts
Jeanne ,   Archer   (10.28.05)
Maybe it's thesound of the footsteps of G_d?
7. yyyyah
Dave ,   Herzliya   (10.28.05)
I was on a soccer field at like 10 PM maybe on wenseday night when i heard it, what was that?!?! We all thought it was a pigooa (suicide attack) but we heard no sirens. how odd is this.
8. Yeah, right.
NG ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.28.05)
If the army says there was no air force activity, there was probably air force activity. The IDF has brought the concept of plausible deniability to a new low.
9. Israelis fear justice from hashem!
accessol ,   Spelthorne, England   (10.28.05)
Retribution is on the way, every Israeli knows that. They try to bluff it out but deep down they know: evil is always ultimately avenged. That's why they can't sleep and jump at every firework and car backfire. That's why they flock to acquire foreign passports and get out of the country as fast as they can. They are scared !!
10. #9 fears leaving his PC for longer than five seconds
because he may just end up doing something constructive with his life instead of typing away for hours on end on a sticky keyboard
11. #9 Fear Hashem for what?
Michael ,   SF, California   (10.29.05)
I don't know what you are talking about... Why should Israel have any fear of Hashem? Hashem has always protected Israel, and as he promised, he will always protect Israel. For what reason should Israel be in fear? Blessed is Hashem in his place! Michael
12. It should be you who is scared accessol
A declaration issued by the Islamic Foundation in Leiceter stated that its goal is to change the existing British society into an Islamic society based on the koran. Sounds as if you should be looking for a passport. May I suggest Israel? The only government with the balls to stand up to Islam!!!!
13. Israel is going CRAZY!!!
elChe ,   Enlgand   (10.29.05)
14. #11 says : "Hashem has always protected Israel"
accessol ,   Spelthorne, England   (10.29.05)
I recommend getting the dvd of Lanzmann's movie Shoah. That might make you wonder if hashem is going to save Israel from retribution. Why do you think the Jews were sent into exile in the first place? Pay a visit to the Naturei Karta website for more exciting history lessons.
15. Sonic? Booms?
Heather Bee ,   Israel   (11.23.05)
I too experience these "shakes" and windows rattling etc. I have also noticed an increase in earthquake drills at the school where I teach!!!!! Makes me wonder!!!!
16. Mysterious blasts
Peter Beter ,   Ba   (11.28.05)
Not so mysterious after all. They are produced by Russia's fleet of Cosmospheres firing in defocused mode charged particles. It happened first in 1977 when they showed their presence above US. See article: More info at: regards Peter
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