Kabbalah guru arrested for fraud
Avi Cohen
Published: 30.10.05, 18:29
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1. Not suprising !
Hiram ,   tel aviv   (10.30.05)
Judaism like any other religion is a good source of income when on one hand there is a market ( gullible desperate people) and a product ( provided by a that case " holy" water). In this particular case it looks like the materminder did " receive" something ( hi Kibel) but the woman did not ....Shame ! and double shame ...was some Rabbiinvolved in this ? really ?
2. bitter waters
Hanina ,   usa   (10.30.05)
Holy water? Where did they get that one?
3. Arrest of Kabbalah Center leader
Stan Ames ,   Henderson,Nevada,USA   (10.30.05)
It is important not to confuse the world wide phenomenon of the Kabballah Centers with "Kaballah." The latter is the study of Jewish mysticism and requires a throrough grounding in Jewish Law and the Jewish texts such as the Torah, the Mishnah and the Talmud. Most true Jewish scholars look with disdain and embarrassment at the Kabbalah Centers.
4. Go figure
Chris ,   Huntsville, USA   (10.30.05)
Of course Madonna would buy into this egotistical "spend and be saved" religion. I was trying to figure out for the longest time why an egoist like her wouldn't be a Scientologist, now I know. These people should go to jail for a very long time, but lets not forget. Anybody who gets "duped" by these people aren't exactly victims, unless "victim" means "slow on the uptake."
DACON9 ,   BROOKLYN NY   (10.30.05)
6. Kabbalah Centers are a disgrace
Jayjg ,   Williamsburg, NY   (10.30.05)
I am disappointed that Israeli swindling has been extended even more.
7. Kabbalah
Zahra ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.30.05)
It happened in Israel - ran by Jewish Rabbis and allowed by the local and State Government so it operated as a Jewish organization no doubt about it. By the way, not even Jews are clever enough to speak Hebrew and certainly not Aramaic from BIRTH, maybe a smart child begins to speak in its' parent's language from approximately 10 months old.
8. Holy Water
Chingatch ,   Van Nuys   (10.30.05)
You know how they make holy water??? . . . . They boil the HELL out of it! ;-)
9. Woa there Zahra
Marc ,   Boston   (10.30.05)
Easy there, clearly #5 means from childhood, not litterally from birth. As for Hebrew, it never really died. While it was not commonly spoken in conversation, Jews have been praying in Hebrew for thousands of years. While there are several differences between modern and ancient Hebrew, all languages evolve over time. People who can read modern Hebrew have no problem understanding ancient Hebrew. The differences are negligable when comparing modern English to shakespirian English. As for the culture, totally different. While we might also enjoy hummusm, you won't find Jews commiting honor killings.
10. Can too understand some Kabbalah
msarata ,   Greeley, CO   (10.30.05)
I study it. I can't understand it much, that's true, but I can understand some. Hate to contradict you; what you say is true and yet non-Jews can get some insight as well.
11. Answer to # 7
hiram ,   tel aviv   (10.30.05) have your crooks, we have ours....after all, arn' t we Arabs with blue eyes ? ( except that in that case, the crook seems to be of east european descent ! but he is a crook allright !!!) PS: Are you jealous that Jews are gifted with speaking several languages when you own english is even painful to write ?...Shame on you ! Jealousy and hatred transpiring from your lines....Thank you for reminding us that Modern Hebrew was set up by Ben Yehuda, I believe that Ynet viewers had already a fairly good notion of the difference between the " ancient " Hebrew and the "moderne language"
12. Naswer to #8
hiram ,   tel aviv   (10.30.05)
I simply loved it !...You ve got to be Jewish !!!If you are not, join quickly !!! Great........
13. You made the Drudge Report - kudos!
Matt (not Drudge)   (10.30.05)
14. You want Kabbalah, give us ya dollah..
David ,   USA   (10.30.05)
15. "Zahra" No. 7
Dan ,   London   (10.30.05)
Why does Ynet publish antisemitic comments by posters as "Zahra" from Toronto. We are at war with Islamic antisemites and they should not be allowed to post in an Israeli publication. I'm furious.
16. kabbalah
Perron ,   Kansas City   (10.30.05)
The Kabbbalah is not a light hearted fanciful religion for new agers. It is a serious religious study, not some fly-by-night Llewellyn books hodge podge, where we run around with little red string bracelets like celebs. Being a student of traditional Kabbalah i find this current trend offensive.
17. re: Chris from Huntsville
Ron spectre ,   wingnut, USA   (10.30.05)
Listen here Chris: Where you say: "THIS IS A FRUADULENT ORGANIZATION FROM THE UNITED STATES" .. Oh yeah??? What part of "Israeli Branch" and "In Israel" did you miss? What is it? You think the poor persecuted Israelis cannot do evil deeds? Tell you this much, the sooner we STOP BABYSITTING them the better!
18. Really,,,,,,
David Sanders ,   Chickasha, USA   (10.30.05)
"ONE CANNOT LEARN KABALLAH IF THEY DO NOT READ AND WRITE HEBREW & ARAMAIC THOROUGHLY SINCE BIRTH" I suppose you were "Born" Knowing how to read and write it? How's a religion supposed to spread if if can't be taught?? Sorry, There's no way Judism will ever (out-breed) all the rest of the world. You so silly!!!
19. Kabbalah
Sol ,   Canada   (10.30.05)
For years Orthodox Rabbis have been comparing the centre to a cult this just goes to show.
20. Anti-Semitism? Lashon hara!
Big Bill   (10.30.05)
Why does Ynet publish lashon hara? Slanderers of the Jewish people should not be allowed to post in an Israeli publication.
21. Kabbalah is phony
Avraham ,   Minneapolis   (10.30.05)
A true enough tale of the psuedo-science and spirituality of the false teachings of Kabbalah. Jews! SHUVA!
22. What a sorry state of affairs!
Miss Muslima ,   London , England UK   (10.30.05)
Tch tch............ I wonder what comments Madonna has to make on this whole mess ;)))
23. Arabic and Hebrew
David ,   Ann Arbor, US   (10.30.05)
Zahra doesn't know what he/she is talking about. Israelis Hebrew has little in common with Arabic, and is very similar to ancient Hebrew. Modern Hebrew speakers could not be understood in an Arabic-speaking country, and Israelis don't understand Arabic, either, unless they learned it separately from Hebrew. But when did facts ever get in the way of anti-Semitism?
24. Kabbalah is a cult
Jason ,   Lubbock, Tx, USA   (10.30.05)
Kabbalah is nothing more then a money extorting cult which happens to be loosly based on Jewish myths.
25. To 7 - see this link
Shai ,   Israel   (10.30.05)
Actually, authentic Kabbalists have been protesting the commercialization of kabbalah, specifically the Kabbalah Center. You'll see the evidence at,7340,L-3152946,00.html Zahra, I think you owe the people you libeled an apology. As it turns out, in Israel where our secular beliefs entitle everybody to choose to go to hell their own way, we have no shortage of charlatans who for a fee will guide us there by way of their twisted beliefs, whether it takes a guise as Judaism, Communism, Palestinianism. When twisted to serve the selfish needs of their leaders, it's all black magic and destructive. So if you're going to pick your poison, keep it to yourself and leave your venomous comments to those more worthy of it, starting with those who spill lies like "modern Hebrew which has little in common with ancient Hebrew has been taken from Arabic just like Israeli cooking, music, dancing, decoration, etc". Zahra, you flatter yourself.
26. Zahra the idiot
Yoav Ben Zakai ,   Dimona, Israel   (10.31.05)
ya Zahra ya haywana, Jews didn't take things from Arabs. We have been living in the middle-east for thousands of years while Arabs were roaming in the desert looking for water and fodder for their sheep in their desert peninsula. If anything, it was the Arabs who adopted our customs and music and traditions when they invaded the middle-east which was back in the day primarily populated by middle-eastern Jews, christians and Samaritans, Assyrians, Mandeans. My ancestors have been living in Iraq for 2,000 years and you mean to tell me that kabab, timan, bamia and dolmah are "Arab" cuisine "stolen" by the "white Jews"? Go read history and get to know the middle-east a little bit more ya habla. Jews have lived in Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt centuries before the muslim armies invaded, and middle-eastern music(which Jews have contributed to immensley because the muslims thought music was haram and led to raqs, tarab and ithm), cuisine, dance and so on are as much ours as it is Arabs. Roohi idrusi ya jahla.
27. Similar to Robert Tilton (USA TV Preacher)
John ,   Virginia, USA   (10.31.05)
Robert Tilton sits at his desk on America television reading and twisiting Bible scriptures explaining to the viewer why they need to send him $1,000 so they can receive wealth, health and success. He explains it as an act of faith that is needed to unlock God's blessing. All the major world religions have their share of charlatans. Like King Solomon said in Ecclesiastes, Chapter 1, Verse 9 - "That which has been is that which will be, And that which has been done is that which will be done. So, there is nothing new under the sun ."
28. Chris the Bigot
Ben ,   Los Angeles CA   (10.31.05)
I'm fairly certain Chris never met a religious person he doesn't hate or a spiritual belief he won't denigrate. I don't even know what Kabbalists believe, but I do know that any bigoted "man-is-mud" materialist like Chris has a very sad and lonely journey ahead of him. Too bad.
29. Judge and be Judged!
Todd =) ,   Minnesota USA   (10.31.05)
I'm but a simple man with a family tree that has many branches from all corners of the planet. I recognize a reflection of myself in all religions and gain knowledge through their wisdom. For my life is but a drop off water in a vast sea of life. Be thankful that you have had the opportunity to experience this Life. Look for bad in things and that is which you will find! Be careful what you speak of and wish for and even more careful in what you judge! Today I choose to be thankful for each breath I take and witness the beauty of life. May the people who practice Kabbalah rise above the unfortunate misdirection of the few. Peace
30. Kabbalah guru arrested for fraud
Den E ,   IL, USA   (10.31.05)
Sure glad I'm a heathen.
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