Kabbalah victim: I couldn’t keep quiet
Eli Senyor
Published: 03.11.05, 16:13
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1. Kabballah centers are dangerous
Michal   (11.03.05)
I know people who gave up their lives for it...
2. she didnt want to die
like many of us would fight till the end for our lives- But her stupidity and her husbands, to believe in this rabbi charlatan- is beyond pathehtic- we all hope for miracles- but they dont come through giving some shyster money- miracles are a gift of god- I want to feel bad for her stupid husband- but I cant- he was stupid and greedy enough to buy into this thievery- and not trust in the supreme universal laws of god- rabbis,priests, etc are ALL JUST PEOPLE_ PEOPLE WITH flaws- the human condition- aside- I do believe this "rabbi" should be arrested and indicted for false advertising- His career is ruined anyway-
3. jews always blaming someone else
so the potion didnt work- so the jew has to sue- it wasnt guarneteed-
4. Scam artists
J K ,   NYC, USA   (11.03.05)
True Kabbalah is not a scam at all. The Kabbalah Center Inc. is a tremendous scam and I hope heads roll on this. Even if they escape punishment, their true comeuppance will happen when they must answer to G-d for preying on those in dire straights.
5. Not connected to orthodox Judiasm!!
Daniel ,   Jerusalem   (11.03.05)
It is important to point out that this Kaballah center has nothing to do with authentic Judiasm. Any real Rabbi, excluding a Reform of Kaballah rabbi, would never do anything like this. There is, on the other hand endless stories of those who have come to truely Holy Orthodox Rabbis and have been given blessings that work. Whoever charges for his blessings is a fake!
6. Too bad they use so much good for their own evil intentions
C Solis ,   USA   (11.03.05)
I went to a center, once, twice, three times and saw what they were up to. It's a shame they have to use the wisdom of the rabbis to further their own goals. But then, isn't that pretty much what everyone does? It's all a matter of power. Something good will come out of this entire mess.
7. The basic laws of economy applied to Kabbalah center
Hiram ,   Tel Aviv   (11.03.05)
Where there is a market there is always a product to be sold. The product in that case was that "kabbalah set up " the maerket was ( and IS ) gullible desperate people. God has nothing to do with money...Any time money and spirituality are mixed to closely ( and for the exclusive profit of a restricted amount of people ) one is GAURANTEED to have a scam behind it. Other similar non-Jewish examples are numerous ...Scientology ( millions of dollars to Ron Hubard ) TV evangelists in the US ( Millions of dollars ) I need to continue? The only reason for crook to exist is to abuse gullible people....This poor lady would have dies even if she was the richest person in the world...
8. Maybe they are really Christian missionaries in disguise!
Only Christian missionaries would deceive and prey on the weak and feeble in order to discredit Judaism and ultimately turn people away and toward Christianity. It is so obvious that it has to be true!
9. 8- jew racism must stop
how dare you talk about christians that way- when all the things chirstians do for Israel- without Christians you would be dust in the desert.
10. this husband looks semi retarded
he is mad he got suckered, but he still did it- stupidity is not grounds for a law suit-
11. poor sod
Roi ,   Israel   (11.03.05)
Unfortunately you can't trust anyone these days and specially people like those kabballah bastards. they will try to sell you this ancient jewish mysticism crap while taking away your money and your soul. the real kabballah requires long time study and effort and it's not like anyone can do it. stay away from such centers it will only do you good and there are other ways to find happiness in life
12. kabbalah shmabalah
What a load of medieval mumbo jumbo Sounds like something out of one of those dodgy star wars movies
13. Hey number 9!
Daniel   (11.03.05)
Without the christions we would be many many million more!!!
14. daniel...Rabbi Rentgen is very orthodox...
as are many of the Hassidishe Ashkenazi rabbis and their courts (Hatzerot). You'd be amazed at some of the promises these rabbis make. The Kabbalah center inc. is indeed part of the problem but they aren't the only ones. In fact it would seem they are just copying the practices of many orthodox groups.
15. #10 nasty heartless comment...
I can understand this poor man all he wanted was to assist his wife and he was taken in by a bunch of Charlatons.
16. #14, Not all orthodox blessing help but ...
Sruli ,   NY   (11.04.05)
Not all orthodox blessing help, as not all prayers are answered, but they don't charge for them
17. #16 you'd be surprised at the price of a "Camea"
amulets are sold in Israel for all kinds of things.
18. #17 A camea is not a blessing. Who wrote it anyway?
19. Autism...
Jude Westmoore ,   Detroit, MI, USA   (11.05.05)
Calling somone "Retarded" is full of malice and ignorance. Whats the differerence in using a racial slur? Insteaded of demeaning somone because of thier ethnicity or religious beliefs, you demean someone's I.Q. level. Well it doesn't matter what race, religion, or social strata you are. There are people w/ Special Needs everywhere! I'm offended by someone calling someone "retarded". They don't know what it's like to have a brother w/ Autism. I can only hope that #10 Talkback will become more enlightended. Just remember thier are Muslims, Jews, and Christans around the world who have a Special Needs Person or persons in thier life. Thier "Human, and Cival Rights" are violated around the world all the time. One thing people of "All Faiths" should fight for is thier "Freedom".
20. Tzdaka tatzil Mi'Mavet
Miara ,   Miami FL   (11.07.05)
This is what our religious and spiritual leaders are saying for thousands of years. Tzdaka Tatzil Mi’mavet. May be you need to sue them too?
21. This isn't just about Kabbalah
Annie Weder ,   Illinois   (11.10.05)
I study kabbalah and I myself have chosen to stear away from the Kabbalah center inc.. I think that it like many other religous "centers" is a bit too commercialized and out to make money. I agree that this situation is disgraceful, but lets face it , as someone else said, this sort of thing has been going on since the beginning of religon. That is the explotation of the members for the betterment of the "church". This is not typical of the teachings Kabbalah, judiasm or christianity for that matter. Numbers 8 and 9 arent we all past this mud-slinging? Just a thought.
22. Kabbalah
Oscar ,   UK   (11.10.05)
Religon should not cost money, Lets all think properly
23. # 9
NM ,   NY   (12.11.05)
The Christians tried the'dust in the desert' with Jews some years ago.. They were turned back and defeated in the desert by Jews that will not tolerate nor accept a foreign religion.We Jews have fought wars for our Jewish Heritage,and won them !
24. # 10
NM ,   NY   (12.11.05)
Pray that you never lose a loved-one.. Grief can tear the heart -strings and it can be read with facial features.. Be kind,it is received gently.
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