Israeli killed in Jordan blasts
Ali Waked and AP
Published: 10.11.05, 11:51
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1. Check your information please
Sam ,   Alquds, Palestine   (11.10.05)
Al zarqawi is not the son of any palestinian refugee, he is from the Khalayleh family, original east jordanian family from Zarqa, part of Bani Hassan, the largest clan in jordan.
2. What difference does it make Sam?
You're all of the same mindset. Destruction and murder are only but two things Muslims share in common.
3. you did it
Fares ,   Cleveland   (11.10.05)
according to Haaretz ,all israelis were evacuated hours befor the explosions .. at 9/11/2001 no one had shown up to work that day ..they were all given that day off...or called in sick ... i see a trend here ... i think i do agree with one of the jordanian's parlement members who was talking to aljazeera not too long ago .. Israel did it .there was no suicide stuff she thinks . i tend to agree with the jordanian congresswomen ..i think even they killed MR Hariri as well .
4. There is no AlQuds and no Palestine, check your information
Brana Lobel ,   USA   (11.10.05)
There is no AlQuds as Hashem is my witness, Sam is lying. There is no Palestine, ditto.
5. There is definitely a difference
anonymous coward   (11.10.05)
From what I read, all Sam did was clarify the information. Or at least he has a different understanding of Zarqawi's past. All Muslims are not of the same mindset. In fact most people on this planet are of a different mindset. Seriously, how many Sufis are out there blowing people up? You are sir are(or ma'am) are only of a similar mindset of muslim extremists. Which is to say that you only think about extremes. People who on one extreme agree with you or people on the other that don't. Perhaps you should be more open-minded person number two.
6. Jordan is 65% palestinian Sam
8. Sympathy for the bereaved
Emily ,   Australia   (11.10.05)
People should stop trying to score points from this horrible crime. The ones who committed this crime are vicious murders and do not represent normal Arabs or Moslems. Our sympathy goes out to the bereaved families.
9. Wait for a few days....
Hiram ,   tel Aviv   (11.10.05)
..and you will find out that the Jordanian authorities knew a part of the plans...They simply did not know the targets and were not able to act accordingly for protection. Remember that the King was due to travel very soon to Israel. THis could have had an impact on the motivation of other terrorist trying to use the Palestinian issue in order to set up additional campaign against Israel... Better to keep the king in Jordan busy with internal tragedy no ? Give it a thought...!
10. hey hey hey chill..
Ramzi Sfeir ,   Bethlehem, Palestine   (11.10.05)
response number two, you are a major racist, Palestinians have nothing to do with the bombings and we had our own victims in those bombings! as for Brana Lobel,#4...there is Palestine in my heart...I can say the same thing about you " There is no USA"...but i'm not that superficial! There will be a Palestinian state, and you are forced to live with it...and Keith from Mumbai , i suggest that you go and take a reality test! Nobody will leave palestine! as far as you are in india, we are very happy! Stay where you are! I am PALESTINIAN! Son of a Refugee from jerusalem, BORN IN 1914(34 years older than israel)....and i still live in the Palestinian Territories and ignoring this fact is called Racism and Nazism! You know better! For god's sake! Its funny how the Most extreme remarks come from people living at Thousands and thousands of Km away! Leave us alone , we will find a peace solution! We dont need your " Help"! We dont need your Feelings! They are useless! We WILL MAKE PEACE with our israeli neighbours! And as far as i know, i will never ask Keith or Brana for their approval! THEY ARE FORCED TO FOLLOW THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE!
11. Congratulation Ramzi on your 91st birthday
AK   (11.10.05)
You're a "Palestinian" miracle" not only you're literate; you're computer literate at 91. Of cause you could have had some dates confused, then, perhaps, you had places confused, as well. However, you should know, in 1914, there was no "Palestine" and there could be no "Palestinians." But of cause, at 91, your memory is gone.
12. amman attacks
khalid ,   abu dhabi   (11.10.05)
13. There is no sovereign Palestine. Jordan is Palestine.
Roger ,   USA   (11.10.05)
There has never been a sovereign state of Palestine in the history of this planet. The Russians claiming to to be Siberian remain Russian, the French claiming to be Alpian remain French. The Libyan Arabs claiming to be Saharan are still Arabs. There is no Palestinian nationality because the state of Palestine does not exist. The people that live in the area are Arabs speaking the same language, praying in the direction to Mecca have almost identical customs and characterisitcs be they Arabs from Jordan, Egypt, Syria or Ramallah. It is comical when some Arabs try to use the definitions like racist or a nazi to describe an Indian when they are slaughtering the Black Africans in Darfur, Sundan.
14. Palestinian Arab entity produces terrorists
Danny ,   USA   (11.10.05)
That is what it excels in that is the most renowned Palestinian Arab industry. The serial killers and gangsters do not deserve a state if they continue to be violent, tyrannical and very corrupt.
15. Hello mumbai!!!
Sam ,   Alquds, Palestine   (11.10.05)
The things which are said here usually make me laugh, but now I am really sad. My only intention here was to clarify a fact, Zarqawi is not from Palestinian origin. Blaming a whole nation, which everybody here enjoys doing, for the acts of a handfull is wrong, it is just like calling every german a nazi, and every italian a fascist, and every jew an anti-christ. I never use this terminology, but whoever wants to do so, please feel free, go ahead. As for Miss Lobel from the USA (for those who don't know what that is, this is a country in north America, 12 thousand miles away from here), well there is a Palestine, and there is a city called Alquds (Am Palestina Hai! thank god). The thing which makes me wonder, is that usually around here, the most extreme anti-arab, anti-islamic, anti-palestinian comments come from people who have no relation to this region's reality, and day to day life. It makes me wonder, where do these people go to school? What do they hear at home? But afterall, Zarqawi and his likes had very good teachers among the zionists' ranks, and maybe they studied the King David hotel explosion (ask Mr. Shamir about that for more information) in the 1940's while drawing their sketches for their shameful act.
16. #11
Sam ,   Alquds, Palestine   (11.10.05)
By the way AK, Ramzi said he was the son of a refugee who was born in 1914, and check the history books, there was a Palestine, the British didn't sleep one night and decide to call it Palestine in 1917.
17. #11 Please don't judge him harshly
Marge ,   USA   (11.10.05)
He was born in a culture where a make-belief is reality and reality is a make-belief. If you listen to the Arabs from Bethlehem Jesus was a Palestinian and not a Jew from Judea. The problem is how does one make peace with those who continue to lie and disregard the facts and reality?
18. what the fundamentalist says..
faiyaz ,   dubai,uae   (11.10.05)
brana, if i'm gonna talk like you, i would say there were none of you in america ealrier, only the native indians, so there is no USA, would that make any sense?!! would that help anything..?!!.. If Israel should exist, so should Palestine..its as simple as that.. about suicide bombing its honourable to give up ur life for a cause, but its sickening if you have intentionally killed civlians, a true fundamentalist never does that for the Qur'an says: chapter 5 "the table full of food" vers 8: " O ye who have believed stand firmly for Allah as witnesses to fair dealing(fairness), and let not the hatred of others to you make you swerve not to do justice. Be just that is closer to piety." a fundamentalist says while you have to right to fight, the Prophet has forbidden the killing of innocents, even trees unnecessarily. To those who say there can be no peace between Israel and Muslims: Noble Verse 2:224 "And make not God's (name) an excuse in your oaths against doing good, or acting rightly, or making peace between persons; for God is One Who heareth and knoweth all things." to you anonymous coward, the same applies to what you said, sufis are sufis. fullstop. they are not muslim. how can u call yourself muslim, when nothing u do, is as the Prophet did, not the way u pray even, nothing at all. be a sufi if u want, thats ur choice, but dont say ur a muslim. "It is not fitting for any believer, man or woman, when Allah and His Messenger have decreed a matter, to have a choice in their affair. And whosoever disobeys Allah and his Messenger, he has gone astray into manifest error." [Soorah Al-Ahzaab, Aayah 36] so spare me the baseless points about everything u say... live 'n let live..
19. To #3 - lying and twisting truth
EM ,   Israel   (11.10.05)
It is so pathetic that the 9/11 lie crops up every time someone like you wants to deflect the fact that fanatic Moslems are working hard on a "jihad" against the West. I also read that Israelis (mainly Arab Israelis) were evacuated by Jordanian police who had security warnings that they were going to be targeted by a suicide bombing. Here you are just twisting the truth to justify your agenda, which is again to turn attention away from terrorists who in the end didn't care if their victims were Israelis, Jordanians or Europeans.
20. Sympathies to the victims; background on Zarqawi
Howard ,   Pacific Coast, USA   (11.10.05)
We should all be offering our sympathies to the victims of this horror. Many innocent people were murdered in this terrorist attack. Not all Arabs/Muslims are alike and many of the victims would have been going about their daily business - like Hadera or Netanya. Israel & Jews are all too familiar with how it feels to be targetted for this kind of evil. Stop trying to score points. Be human. Sam is right about Zarqawi's clan (al Khalayleh). The UN Security Council identifies him as Jordanian but does not identify him as Palestinian; but numerous news reports and reference sources on all sides of the Israel-Arab dialog have tagged him as the son of Palestinian parents, born near Zarqa (thus his alias). You can take that for what it is worth. In any case, it's not important. Every individual is culpable ONLY for his/her own actions. Zarqawi is responsible for the awful things he does. Hamas members are responsible for the awful things that they do. And the parents who donated their kid's organs to Jews and Arabs are responsible (and blessedly so) for the beautiful thing that they have done. NEVER paint everyone with the same brush. You tar innocents with awful crimes, or you miss the evil deviants among normal, friendly groups.
Lemar ,   UK   (11.10.05)
Stupid people cant they realise there is no 'correct' religion. God will judge all according to what he does on earth to his fellow men. There sure will be a lot of Muslims in hell. Its when a Muslim kills another Muslim that you can realise the truth. My sincerest condolences to the Mahajna family.
22. Terrorists Kill their own
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.10.05)
It used to be just infidel Jew who were targeted ,now the mad jihadists killed high ranking Palestinian's and fellow moslems . The cancer spreads.
23. #1; BULLSHIT
Zarqawi is Palestinian, like 70% of the Jordanians. The Palestinains also has hundreds of difrent hamulas, but still they are all Palestinians.
24. #16; There was a land called Palestine but no state.
It was a name of an area like the Middle east (Al Shark Al Awsaat) is a name of an area. The Brits didn't give it its name, the Romans did, way before the Muslims came here, it was called after the Philistines who were the enemies of Israel (and if you wonder, no the Palestinians have nothing to do with the Philistines).
25. Karma or Comedy?
Stephen ,   Raleigh   (11.10.05)
A bunch of senior Palestinian 'security' people got vaporized. Sometimes I think that irony is nothing more than dark comedy with bad timing.
26. To Ramzi, Sam & anyone else in denial
Joel Schaffer ,   Belleair Bluffs, FL   (11.10.05)
To Ramzi, Israel was not created in 1948, to any Jew the year is 5766. Our recorded history predates the common era. You are not 34 years older than Israel, Israel is 5,675 years older than you. Israel never stopped being Israel. To Sam, there is no Alquds only Jerusalem. Jerusalem which is older then Islam. Please stop placing Islamic Holy Sites on top of Jewish holy sites.
27. 24
and there was no Israel for 2000 years- it IS and was a dismantled country- A jew is a jew and a palestinian- named after an area- like the Maasai or something- located in Kenya, Tanzania, is a Palestinian- a rose is a rose by any other name.
28. Beit-lehem 2015..Ramzi,the last Christian...
Paul ,   paris   (11.10.05)
29. JOEL
according the the rest of the world- ISRAEL WAS DISMANTLED>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.
30. Shut up Fares
Israeli's were evacuated hours before the explosions because threats had been made you moron!
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