London mayor: Israel caused bloodshed
Leslie Bunder
Published: 17.11.05, 00:05
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2. This man is a nobody. Who cares what he thinks
3. mayor
ely usa   (11.17.05)
is he a french?
4. Ken and #1 u will go to Hell
5. Mr. Livingstone is quite Reasonable
Ramzi Sfeir ,   Bethlehem, Palestine   (11.17.05)
HE IS RIGHT! Sharon is ruining everything ! The likud is killing you people! Kick them out! VOTE PERETZ! 1967 green line, Border of peace!
6. a wasted....
kristian ,   stockholm   (11.17.05)
What a shame the LONDON bombers missed the mayor of LONDON. I suppose they can't get it right all of the time. May, you be revered as an Islamic martyr soon...very soon. By the way, KEN, how much did Arafat pay you ? you seem to have forgoten to declare it. Go to hell, Ken.....## k.
7. Man of few words
Peggi ,   Fr   (11.17.05)
He is really a great man in this bad time where most of the guys are easy cheated by the Israeli false claims that are brodcasted day and night....
8. Who Cares?
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (11.17.05)
Insulting Jews is his shtick and his comments, in my opinion, represent the frustrations of Europeans who like passive Jews but hate to see the strong and assertive Jew represented by Israel.
9. His maternal grand mother was a "Zona"!
Sheik Yur Bouti ,   Eurabia   (11.17.05)
Which means "whore" in Hebrew. How befitting.
10. Governments do need good criticism, not CRAP from him.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (11.17.05)
11. hamass is ruining everything!
Daisy ,   USA   (11.17.05)
12. No doubt red ken is a muslim.
Daisy ,   USA   (11.17.05)
He supports Islamic terrorists because he is one.
13. Why doesn't Ynet ban ramzi who threatened me?
Daisy ,   USA   (11.17.05)
I don't understand why ramzi is allowed to write comments here after he threatened to murder me and Linda Rivera . Is it because he is an Arab and Muslim? Or because ynet loves Arab terrorists?
14. What a guy
don't insolt him but discuss with him , you can not live all your life do not axept any critics and accusing every one who critic Israel an anti-simitic ... the Jews are not Engels they did and they still doing many mistakes so you have to axept the other opinion or you can discuss but you are allways ready with your famous tittels and the most used words in your language ... ant-simitic , nazi , terrorist and so ... this does not help any body and all of this created by the first zionists who but this words in front of any one trying not help Israel to scare him and to black mailing him ... this guy Mr. Ken he is not afraid from your accusation and he saying what he belive in and he has no interest of anything behind ... face once the truth or you and the world will never live in peace
15. RAMZI # 5
DACON9   (11.17.05)
16. Honest man in a dishonest world
Salameh ,   Gaza, Palestine   (11.17.05)
Mr. Livingstone is a rare voice of honesty in a dishonest worl where zionists have manipulated every politician in this world from Micronesia to ElSalvador through AIPAC and ZOA. We, the opressed occupied poeple of Palestine, salute Mr Livingstone and wish him happiness and long life. May God bless you.
17. May the riots continue to London
MARK ,   USA   (11.17.05)
Ken, You what I like about the UK? NOTHING!!!! I hope the rioters destroy London too. It is only filled with Anti-Semites like you. UK is the Ugly Kingdom. You represent what the people in the UK are like. Arrogant Jew hating snobs. Just like the BBC
18. I used to think him a bigot....
Dan ,   Nashville, TN   (11.17.05)
but now I realize he is just a horse's ass.
19. Ken is a left wing version of Meir Kahane
Shai ,   Israel   (11.17.05)
Straight shootin', extreme, not afraid to tell the truth as he sees it. But the difference is that Kahane was disowned by his state, shouted down in every forum, and not allowed to govern even when elected to Knesset, while Ken is cherished, coddled and caressed by left wing, anarchic and amoral people. I guess left wing extremists get a free-pass.
21. Hypocrite
David ,   United States   (11.17.05)
Zionism is much like every other form of nationalism." And yet, neither he nor any other anti-Zionist makes a point of attacking nationalism. The U.N. didn't rule that naitionalism equals racism. No, Livingstone and his sort direct all their criticism to the one nationalism that happens to be Jewish nationalism. It's also funny that because he isn't religious, he cannot except the notion of a relgious state. Isn't that bigotted?
22. sharon was the main reason for this disastor..
aa ,   london calling   (11.17.05)
and he knew exactly what he was doing when he walked in the moslems mosqe that this is the hay that was going to break the camels back , ken , i do beleive that there are still good people in this world like you , and the truth shal prevail....
23. weird torrent of abuse in response
david ,   Yerushalayim   (11.17.05)
none of the hysterical torrent of abuse that is in the talkback for this article deals with anything he says or provides any rational argument. and nothing he says in this interview is very unreasonable. why this response? is it just the usual right wing nuts on this board? and is it true most London Jews voted for him? can someone sane and rational explain?
24. Ken is Jewish?
josef cohen ,   bkk thailand   (11.17.05)
25. Ken is Jewish?? NOT!!
josef cohen ,   bkk thailand   (11.17.05)
For an interview he obviously worked very hard to prepare for so as to appear reasonable and moderate, he really blundered by suggesting his Grandmother was Jewish, so his critisisms are to be taken as more of the internal debate him being one of the tribe and all. JEWISH PEOPLE DON'T, NOT EVER, NAME THEIR DAUGHTERS ZONAH!! For consideration, Josef Cohen
26. Sharp minded anti-semite
Ram ,   London   (11.17.05)
The Livigstones and Galloways of this world are sharp minded articulate anti-semites. Livingstone is even capable of convincing self hating Jewish leftist to swallow his poison. His quick wit will not fool the average listener of seeing through the veil of smooth talk. The fact is, everyone who matters knows the poison that Livigstone is. On a positive note, he is so blatant about his bias that it is no coincidence that he is still in office; a clear sign that Jews should ignore at their peril.
27. yes ken Jews can marry muslims in Israel.
josef cohen ,   bkk thailand   (11.17.05)
They has been intermarriage between pretty much every concievable group since Israeli independence. They can't marry in religious ceremony but despite the red tape their marriages are registered and recognised by the state. For the record, Josef Cohen
and the fact that jews are calling him an anti- semtite proves he is telling the truth. I find jews call anyone an anti semite when they know the person who is critisizing them is RIGHT!!!! DOESNT WORK ANYMORE THOUGH LOLOLOLOL
29. Daisy...
Ramzi Sfeir ,   bethlehem, Palestine   (11.17.05)
I AM AN ARAB PALESTINIAN as long as you are concerned.......and my religion is not your business!
30. BEN ZONA!!!!
mike ,   rishon le zion   (11.17.05)
So by his own admission Livingstone is a Ben Zona !!! (son of a prostitute)Wow! Out of the proverbial horse's mouth...............
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