Jewish Gaza capital 'Hamas terror camp'
Aaron Klein, World Net Daily
Published: 18.11.05, 00:13
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1. Did anybody actually expected anything else?
AK   (11.18.05)
2. Congratulations to C.Rice.
kristian ,   sweden   (11.18.05)
May I offer my warmest congratulations to Ms C.Rice. Thanks to her effort,the state of Israel is under threat from Hamas, Islamic Jihad,and dare I say Al QAEDA. Ms Rice to win the favours of muslims ,stuck the knife in the back of the Jewish people. Frst, she pushed the Jews from their land by forcing them out, then, she opens the borders between Gazza and Egypt. What next CONDIE ? the re- opening of Auswich, would that satisfy you and your Islamo-facists friends in Sweden and the rest of Europe. Is CAIR in America threatning your person ? Time for the israelis to tell the BUSH administration to Kristian. PS. I am a Swede, pissed off of the " PALESTINIAN" sopa opera. Fed up seeing my taxes be used to support terror.
3. haruffff!
goodness it is like a jacky chan movie a whole great deal of posturing and a whole great deal of "bitch slapping" back and forth! in the end none of us will be happy!
4. Road Map Progress
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.18.05)
The final solution Bush Road Map goes well and the Jewish people even help in their own extermination thru unending acts of insanity . When Condi and Bush give Israel the final push into the oven they'll probally get a thank you for everything they have done for the peace which destroyed Israel.
5. What else could you expect
ilya ,   USA   (11.18.05)
What else could you expect? Is your government thinking about ordinary people in Isra/el, or just about their names in history? Why have there sold the sellters out? Why they always betray their best people and friends? Windrawal from Sinai, windrawal from Lebanon, windrawal from Gaza, and next windrawal from what? That action has damaged your state reputation. Do you know how many people refused to go to Izrael after that windrawal? That windrawal was just the beginning of Jewish state desintegration
6. Mordor is on the Rise...
Frodo   (11.18.05)
Darkness has fallen over the land. The Orks are spinning their evil doings. J.R.R. Tolkien had it right many years ago. Men will have to defeat this evil to bring back light.
7. Disgusting Pigs!
SARAH ,   CROSSVILLE, TN. USA   (11.18.05)
8. oh well. Wheel out the F-16 Sufas
One hot potato! comming up! (sorry, comming down)
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (11.18.05)
Oslo betrayed Israel and was conceived in great secrecy. Israelis who treasonously took part broke Israeli law forbidding meetings with terrorists. Because Oslo, and the other agreements are made with terrorists fighting for conquest of all Israel, the agreements produce massive increases in terrorism and murder of Jews. Arab Muslim MKs, members of Israel's government, along with large numbers of Arab Muslim Israelis are openly genocidal, and support the violent overthrow of Israel. Below is part of an article from: Lessons of the Rabin Assassination By David Bedein | September 17, 2004 "25,000 religious Israeli citizens gathered on Saturday night, September 11th in the public square of a major city in Israel chanting slogans that called for the death of Israel’s police minister and for the violent overthrow of the Israeli government. Their goal? To replace the government with one closer to their religious ideology. The most vociferous moments of incitement during that rally were telecast that evening on both major Israeli TV by newsreels on Israel’s Public Channel One and on Israel’s Commercial Channel Two. Yet there was no public outcry to indict the organizers of this event, and there was no response of senior Israel law enforcement officials in reaction to the rally. Calls placed to the Israeli police to ask if they would prosecute the organizers for incitement did not even receive the courtesy of a returned phone call. The rally on September 11th had been organized by the Israeli Islamic Movement and took place in the largest Israeli Arab city, Um El Facham..." The 9/11 jihad date against American innocents was chosen for the demonstration. Throughout more than 26,000 terrorist attacks against Israel in the last five years, and thousands of Jews maimed and murdered, the U.S. has continually demanded restraint from Israel. The U.S. and EU insist on the right of defending their citizens and defeating terrorism, but deny these same rights for Jews. When it comes to Jews, terrorism is NOT to be defeated, but richly rewarded with an Islamic state enabling conquest of TINY Israel. A major goal of global jihad. Arab Muslim Israelis and Arab countries will join in the final war against Israel's Jews. Abbas was Arafat's terrorist partner for over 40 years. Arafat explained on Jordanian TV shortly after Oslo the PLO strategy adopted in 1974: "Since we cannot defeat Israel in war, we do this in stages. We take any and every territory we can of Palestine, and establish sovereignty there, and we use it as a springboard to take more. When the time comes, WE CAN GET THE ARAB NATIONS TO JOIN US FOR THE FINAL BLOW AGAINST ISRAEL." There was not a single homicide human bomb in Israel before the Oslo onslaught. All those responsible for the Road Map, Oslo and other agreements made with the PLO/Palestinian Authority terrorist organization, are guilty of horrific betrayal of Israel and owe financial compensation to the thousands of Jews maimed and murdered; victims of agreements made with terrorists.
10. Neve Dekalim Becomes Hamas Training Camp Courtesy of Sharon
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ,US   (11.18.05)
This report magnifies, unlike any other the depravity of the expulsion decision. Not only HASN'T terror been tampered down - in fact it has gone up 600% since the expulsion - but Jewish communities are now active terror training camps. There you have it for all the world to witness. The most productive and beautiful communities in all of Israel have been turned into camps to murder more Jews. I truly hope that Sharon, and all his cronies who made this possible (Peres, Weissglass, Olmert et al) go to sleep at night and wake up in cold sweats, with this horrific information imprinted on their brains. This will be Sharon's legacy for all eternity.
11. to Frodo
Gandalf   (11.18.05)
If you dont put that toy midget sword away young man I'll have to ride over you with my dragon--shapped merkava
12. Jewish home to terror camp, rot in hell arik sharon.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (11.18.05)
13. They stole it from precious
Golum ,   Middle Earth   (11.18.05)
14. Where is the problem?
B. Oker ,   Germany   (11.18.05)
Easy target for the Israeli artillery. BO
15. If they dont give
mh ,   eu   (11.18.05)
up sending missiles there is one ane only one option: invasion.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (11.18.05)
What IDF will not fear to stand before G-D one day, & have a heavenly book opened to read: IDF soldier_ took part in the forcible ethnic cleansing of Jews from land given as an eternal possession to every Jew...Jews made jobless & homeless; removed from homes and synagogues as they cried out to G-D in fervent prayer & pleaded with the IDF...Jewish land; thousands of greenhouses & hundreds of farms given as gifts to the terrorist murderers sworn to Israel's destruction. Dear IDF, REPENT. NEVER AGAIN give Jewish land to Israel's enemies.
17. all in one pot
tony ,   paris   (11.18.05)
Yeah ,and now all these F;;;;; terrorists are all gathered together,will be easier to dig them out of their sh;;;;t holes.No matter ,that Neveh Dekalim was Israeli,before.The Israelis have turned the page to a new chapter.Life goes on,SO when the tough get going ,those murdering terrorist,those killers of innocent Woman & children,will feel what it really is like ,when the going gets tough.Let them turn ND into a camp for "MARTYRES" we all now what happened to those camps in Afghanistan??? We all new that as soon as israel left Gaza, the Palestinians would use these superb lands and Homes as war grounds instead of ,future homes to thousands of poor and wreched people desperatly needing decent homes,and living conditions.So now I ask you ,what else did we expect,??from these" Oppressed" people??huh,Let them show the world who they really are,and also the International community,where all their £££&¤¤¤$$$$$$&€€€€€ are going.NICE IMAGE OF THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE"really ,bravo,for your courage in standing up to these thugs,Isay to you all,look at what recently happened in Jordan,after that Terrorist attack on Jordanian soil,The Jordainians revolted all together to condem terror,and not once did they look for excuses,and say It was Israel. They took their responsibilities,and condemed the people guilty of this hidious crime,Don't the palestinians want their children,to grow up with an education,,a better life,and honour,for themselves.Because as far as i am concerned,these people are on the way down,"the long and winding road to self destruction.
18. tak to Kristan in Sweden #2
Hilda ,   US   (11.18.05)
Tusand tak to you for really "getting" it. So many in Sweden are under the influence of their Muslim invaders. Scandenavia has always been known for liberal thought and Islam has used this to poison the country against Israel. It is hopeful that there are still some right thinking people there.
19. Mis-leading !!!!
Jasson ,   UK   (11.18.05)
It is really rediculous calims.Nave Dekalem is the state of jewish community, Y net embarrassed to say it is a stolen land from Palestinians in 1967. Even U are not honest in reporting your news and try to go around the terminolgy of the language to give the feeling that Isreal is not a terrorist country and you are the owner of the land.Saying that, only brainwashed people who believe in these false claims...
20. #2 Kristian
Jasson ,   NY   (11.18.05)
Keep on your shirt Kristian, w/out the US support, Israel would be a nice memory by now. Just look for some honest media to show U the true face f Isreal.Just look at the moral side where they are trying to make Tel-Aviv the world Capital for gays.I would not talk to U about the terror that they are experiencing on Palestinians on a daily basis
21. Anti-Zionism can become quite expensive.
AK   (11.19.05)
Just look at burning of France and you can see the downfall of the rest of Europe, and then you can take it a step further and figure out the price we'll be paying in the near future for our leader's misguided and greedy policies. Do they represent us or the Carlite Group?
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (11.19.05)
The U.S. EU and UN having achieved the success they sought in Jewish Gaza are eager to duplicate this achievement in Judea and Samaria. After hundreds of thousands of Jews are ethnically cleansed from Judea and Samaria and terrorist training camps are set up in the former Jewish communities, terrorists from every terrorist organization in the world will go to the camps. IT TOOK THE GLOBAL VILLAGE TO RAISE THESE TERRORISTS. The PLO/Palestinian Authority terrorist organization's bank accounts and war chests are filled with billions of American and European tax dollars. PLO/PA are not expected to create businesses with their finances, long hours, and hard work. All of this was to be done for them by the Jewish victims of their terrorism. An Islamic terror state in Israel is the international reward and approval for over 26,000 terrorist attacks against Israel in the last five years and the maiming and murder of thousands of Jews. Wealthy PLO/Palestinian Authority terrorist organization were given fabulous gifts of Jewish land, thousands of greenhouses, and hundreds of farms of the Jews the terrorists attacked and murdered. In intense hate for G-D, Muslim mobs destroyed the synagogues. Hamas flags flew from synagogue roofs as synagogues burned. A major victory for global jihad. Murders, pogroms, genocides. Deportations. The stealing of Jewish land and assets is the way Jews have always been treated. The U.S. EU, and UN demand Jews accept this racist, depraved treatment ruthlessly demanding more Jew cleansing from Judea and Samaria. Hundreds of thousands of Jews will be criminally rendered jobless and homeless, massively exacerbating Israeli Jews dire poverty and joblessness. The deliberately created economic and human crisis will be enormous. The Road Map Islamic terror state compacts TINY Israel into the world's most overcrowded Jewish ghetto, reducing Israel to 9 miles wide at mid-section. No longer a viable country, and TOTALLY INDEFENSIBLE. Stop the ethnic Jew cleansing. STOP THE EVIL JEW HATE.
23. The Failed Policy of Occupation
richard Hitchings ,   methil   (11.19.05)
Israeli withdrawl from Gaza was indeed brought forward by the Resistance of those suffering injustice, and It may seem from their point of view that if that works then it can be reapplied to the West Bank also, and so it will continue. We are witnessing the inevtable end of bad policy. The Challenge is now.....To look beyond the failed policy of occupation and join with our Arab brothers to make a integrated prosperous home here in Israel/Palestine for us all.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (11.19.05)
TAKE BETHLEHEM AND THE OTHER CHRISTIAN TOWNS INSIDE THE GREEN LINE IMMEDIATELY! PLO terrorists conducted bloody, barbaric jihad against Lebanon's Christians, mass maiming and murdering huge numbers. Click on photo gallery - 20,000 Christians handicapped by PLO atrocities. The reward for PLO savagery was to implant these PLO terrrorists into Israel as "peace" partners through Oslo to continue their jihad. Christians in PA areas suffer horrendous persecution, under the cruel occupation of PA/PLO and other terrorist organizations. The following are parts of an article: Christianity Dying In Its Birthplace By Daniel Pipes | September 13, 2005 "What some observers are calling a pogrom took place near Ramallah, West Bank, on the night of Sep. 3-4. That’s when fifteen Muslim youths from one village, Dair Jarir, rampaged against Taybeh, a neighboring all-Christian village of 1,500 people. The Ajajs and their friends broke into houses and stole furniture, jewelry, and electrical appliances. They threw Molotov cocktails at some buildings and poured kerosene on others, then torched them. The damage included at least 16 houses, some stores, a farm, and a gas station. The assailants vandalized cars, looted extensively, and destroyed a statue of the Virgin Mary. “It was like a war,” one Taybeh resident told The Jerusalem Post. Hours passed before the Palestinian Authority security and fire services arrived. The fifteen assailants spent only a few hours in police detention, then were released. As for Khouriyye, the Palestinian police arrested him, kept him jail, and (his family says) have repeatedly beat him. A cousin, Suleiman Khouriyye, pointed to his burned house. “They did this because we’re Christians. They did this because we are the weaker ones.” The Khouriyyes and others recall the assailants shouting Allahu Akbar and anti-Christian slogans: “Burn the infidels, burn the Crusaders.” This assault fits a larger pattern. According to the Catholic Custodian of the Holy Land, Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Christians in the Bethlehem region alone have suffered 93 cases of injustice in 2000-04. In the worst of these, in 2002, Muslims murdered the two Amre sisters, 17 and 19 years old, whom they called prostitutes. A post-mortem, however, showed the teenagers to have been virgins – and to have been tortured on their genitals. “Almost every day – I repeat, almost every day – our communities are harassed by the Islamic extremists in these regions,” Pizzaballa says. “And if it’s not the members of Hamas or Islamic Jihad, there are clashes with … the Palestinian Authority.” In addition to the Islamists, a “Muslim land mafia” is said to operate. With PA complicity. it threatens Christian land and house owners, often succeeding to compel them to abandon their properties. The campaign of persecution has succeeded...Bethlehem and Nazareth, historic Christian towns for nearly two millennia, are now primarily Muslim. In 1922, Christians outnumbered Muslims in Jerusalem; today, Christians amount to a mere 2 percent of that city’s population." "Islamic mafia accused of persecuting Holy Land Christians" Every single agreement has been broken by the PA/PLO, rendering Oslo, Road Map and ALL agreements NULL AND VOID. Israel: the Christians of the world appeal to you. Stop the injustice. Stop Islamic cruelty. Stop the massive criminal human rights violations. Liberate the Christians from ALL terrorist organizations immediately.
25. Jasson, US
AK   (11.19.05)
You seem to conveniently forget that those "setler" communities were actually built on Jewish owned land. Yes, the land purchased by the Jews with hard cash from Ottomans or Arabs, from which they had to flee in 1948. So you see, Arabs are thieves -- they first sold the land and then took it from the very people they sold it to and claim it again as their own. Very dishonorable behavior.
26. Richard #23
AK   (11.19.05)
How exactly Arabs have the right to the Jewish owned land in Gaza, again? It seems that you Europeans have been dispossessing Jews for such a long time, you cannot even see the immorality of such an act. Explain also, how come Arabs can reside in safety in Israel, yet the Jews cannot in Gaza. That land was bought and paid for by Jews. When all is said and done, your “liberal” support of “civil and national rights” of Arab so called “Palestinians” is nothing but a convenient cover for the very old-fashioned brand of anti-Semitism. Why is it that you have such a problem with the Jews having a one place under the sun they can call their own? There are so many Arab countries controlling huge territories. Why don’t you go to Israel, rent a car and find out the actual size of this so called “Greater Israel.” By the way, do you also support the rights of Germans expelled from the Czech Republic, Poland and France? Do you support rights to self -determination of the Welsh? Haven’t seen any articles on this subject or UN declarations. And then Kurds still do not have their “President” being showered with honors and billions either, they don’t even have a “President.”
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