'I went to see Palestinian ghettos'
Vered Luvitch
Published: 19.11.05, 22:54
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1. He did the crime, he paid his time...
it's time we (Israel) left this poor misguided soul alone. It is quite unclear to me how it is that Israel has its knickers all in a twist over the American Spy Jonathan Pollard anad yet Israel treats its nuclear spy so poorly. Israel needs to recognize that its over the man finished his jail term. let it go already.
2. Why was this TRAITOR released? Put him back in jail.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (11.19.05)
How irresponsible to release this traitor who can do terrible damage to Israel. Has someone informed this traitor that billions of American and European TAX DOLLARS were given to the Palestinian Authority for the benefit of PA Muslim society so that there would be no ghettos. Instead, the billions of tax dollars went into the war chests and bank accounts of the PLO/Palestinian Authority. The terrorists laugh all the way to the bank.
3. is this the same Lin-dah! that barks for Pollard's freedom?
a gentle reader ,   Israel   (11.20.05)
Don't you ever get tired of hating so much? Vanunu committed a very serious crime, he was caught and brought to justice, he's paid his debt to society -- leave him alone already. Did your is your milk of human kindness go sour? Did you forget that Mr. Vanunu is a good Christian soul (just in case you missed it Mr. Vanunu is a "completed Jew" he converted to Anglican Christianity many years ago. I would expect that you would be pulling all the stops to provide him with assistance...instead yet again all I read is your insouciant ranting rage. I am very sad for you.
4. Dangerous and bitter idiot
Ram ,   London   (11.20.05)
This guy has been more of a threat to Israel than anyone has ever been. Compared to him Pollard has done nothing and yet he still languishes in prison. It is a disgrace to the judiciary that he has been released after "supposedly" having served his term. This man is worse that a deserter and yet deserters used to be shot. The security of the Israeli public should be taken into consideration before any form of political correctness. Place this abhorrant man behind bars and throw the keys away instead of giving him all this publicity and the freedom of expressing his evil and distorted feelings through the media.
5. Only the dumb liberal Jews would release that virus
Roger ,   USA   (11.20.05)
They should have shown him a road to hell as that is where he belongs.
6. Hes a snitch, and he sold his story for MONEY $$$
Hes not interested in ghettos or whatever Hes only interested in getting publicity for himself so he can make more money by publishing his ''life story' or some crap Snitch.
7. what vile venom is this?
a gentle reader ,   Israel   (11.20.05)
it was a leftist government who captured him, tired him and put him in jail. where in the name of goodness have you left your memories. Mr. Vanunu is a poor and misguided soul but that is not a crime. He has already paid for his crimes with a long jail sentence it is time to let go of your hatred and to realize that he really has no more knowledge to offer he has been away from the "shmata factory" (affectionate name for the dimona reactor) for many many years. you over there on the right give it a rest already
8. traitor
b.horowitz ,   new jersey, usa   (11.20.05)
this guy is a traitor - in any other country especially the ones he sympathizes with - he would have been put to death - Israel left him alive and also let him out of jail after only 17 years - the stupidity of letting him out so soon is now haunting israel
9. linda the hipocryte
linda my dear your mission is to convert jews to christians mr. vanunu is now a christian why in the hell you call him a TRAITOR. can you give us an explanation.
10. Linda you are for lughing
a few days ago you was asking for the release of Pollard the one who cheated your country and now you are asking to put Venunu in jail forever because he warned the world from what Israel was doing under the table , the one who changed his relegion and became Christian like (you) , i am more sure now that you are or ... zionists agent or brain washed or just hatress but what's sure is that you are not a real Christian like you allways said , the hate inside and your way of thinkig is not a way of a real Christian and me as Christian i feel shame from you ... and i am just woundering who put this ideas in your mind ... is it brainwash or money or you just an ignorant fanatic ... check your self or yopur next place will be in a crazy hospital
11. go and see the palestinian ghettos
Samir ,   Montreal   (11.20.05)
Why don't you all do like him and go to see how the Jews who suffered living in ghettos in Europe just use the same method to enclave Palestinians in ghettos to rob their land and build settlements. For those who don’t know the history, the Nazis put the Jews in Ghettos like Warsaw ghetto and built a wall around them. The Jews fought back to break this wall. Now when vanunu’s conscious woke up and can’t accept this treatment to the Palestinians you call him a traitor.
AMBROSINE SHITRIT ,   london uk   (11.20.05)
What a whinging little Boring, useless, vile little man. Who cares Mr Van woo woo.....We dont ! Now get off our TV screens you are a nasty little man with NOTHING to say. i would rather watch PAINT DRY, and then peel off!
13. Trade him for Pollard. Lose a scum, get a hero.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (11.20.05)
14. The Nazi Ghettos that Arabs supported
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (11.20.05)
Like the Hitlers best friend the Mufti of Jerusalem. Samir you have a damn cheek and audacity to compare Israel to the Nazis... we're not gassing you by the millions. Your comparison is ugly, weak and just reflects your ignorant desire to insult the Jewish people.
15. to samir
gil ,   ashkelon   (11.20.05)
have you ever travelled in gaza city and/or ramallah? The only shantytowns ghettos are controlled by UNRWA which maintain people in poor conditions for political reasons,refugees status keeping alive "right of return",suggested to Arafat by West advisers .And right now these smart people are experiencing in their countries what it means:the end of christian/secular values.By the way,because of Arab countries boycott and bellicous policies,Israel is the largest ghetto ever.
16. A gentle gentile's opinion...
G.K. ,   California, USA   (11.20.05)
Mr. Vanunu has paid a very heavy price for a very serious crime. However, if Israel requires nuclear weapons for its defense (I think it does), then the world has a right to know about them. Whatever state secrets he still possesses are so old at this point as to be worthless. The Israeli government should allow him to leave the country if he wishes and they should also acknowledge the existence of their nuclear arsenal and under what circumstances they would employ it. The doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) worked to keep peace between the USA and USSR for many years; it could work equally well in the middle east for Israel, Pakistan and probably Iran in a few years. Just my two shekels. Hoping for peace...
17. to # 14 & 15
Samir ,   Montreal   (11.20.05)
"Just reflects your ignorant desire to insult the Jewish people". Is this what you all can say, because you have nothing else to say? For your knowledge I have very good Jewish friends who agree with me and don't accuse me of insulting people, because they think that Israel with what it does to Palestinians doesn’t represent them. They’re ashamed that it tries to represent them. Try to be fair and see the facts and don't deny it and take the easiest path by accusing people of anti-Semitism. To # 15, the "right of return" will be alive even if the refugee camps disappear. Palestinians leaving in the rest of the world and not in refugee camps will keep fighting for their right to return to their homes. If you think that Palestinians are trying to keep those refugee camps to make the "right of return" alive then you're doing a big mistake. I don't leave in a refugee camp but I'll keep fighting for my right to return to Yaffa the city of my decedents for thousand of years. The only way to do so is through leaving together in one democratic binominal state and many of my Jewish friends agree with me.
18. Correction for 17
Samir ,   Montreal   (11.20.05)
democratic binational state
19. Samir
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (11.20.05)
Firstly, I never accused you of being anti-semitic. You are the one who used that word not me. Secondly, I couldn't care less what your so called "Jewish friends" say. What they say does not automatically make you right. Also, you insult me as a Jew and most Jews around the world trying to compare Israelis to the Nazis. If you don't see that then you are blind and even more ignorant than I already thought. The Palestinians might live in rotten camps but it is NOTHING compared to the ghettos of 1930 / 1940's Europe. And they are not being EXTERMINATED either. It is exasperating that you consistently FAIL to understand this simple fact and insulting and pathetic of you to continue peddling this line. If you think this is the way to peace by insulting the Jewish nation with this lie then you will never achieve anything. I have Palestinian friends who agree with my position on the above.
20. Gil
Samir ,   Montreal   (11.20.05)
If you're trying to make yourself insulted by me then this is your problem because it's not my intention to insult Jews. An advise to you, don't get angry when you go in a discussion and start to through words like insulting you, pathetic or I would understand that you feel the guilt deep inside you but you try to hide it by attacking the person in front of you. Now back to our problem, you’re right the Palestinians’ rotten camps can not be compared to the 30's and 40's ghettos, they are much worse. If you have the chance to go to Lebanon, go and see the camps there. And this is all because you wanted your Jewish nation. Is that not racism? Extermination doesn’t necessary mean killing. We are being exterminated every single day since 48 because of the "Jewish Nation". Go and read Norman Finkelstein, Illan Pappe, Katz, Chomsky and many others. Last, I don't see any position of you that anyone could agree with. .
21. Vananu
Shosha ,   Toronto   (11.20.05)
Shalo, I have to wonder after all these years what information Mr. Vananu could possibly still retain that would be of value today. The speed with which technology has evolved makes it unlikely that anything he knew more than 18 years ago would be valuable today. Also I would think that anything valuable he had to offer in the way of information would have already been reaped by some organizion/country before his kidnapping in Rome. Mr. Vananu's continued "harassment by the Israeli government does not play well in the media, especially overseas. It is seen as a governent that is certainly not democratic when Israel desperately needs to be seen as democratic. Also it makes our politicians look vindictive, childish and spiteful. Mr. Vananu has served his sentence and no matter what the Knesset members or members of the public feel about him he has served the time in prison handed down by an Israeli Judge in and Israeli Court. It is frightening to think that someone can commit a crime., serve a sentence and then because a politician does not like you they restrict the rest of your life, in effect ruining it. It is wrong.
22. You must be on drugs
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (11.21.05)
Samir, I will not stoop to your disgusting level where you deny the tragedy of the Holocaust. Extermination is what happened to the Jews of the Ghettos during the war. You seem to wish that this is what is happening to the Palestinians now when clearly.... CLEARLY IT IS NOT. I will not waste any more time on your re-written version of history. All you have done is make yourself look foolish.
23. Gil
Samir ,   Montreal   (11.21.05)
I really feel sorry for you. Now you start something new, me denying the holocaust. Who said that? Don’t bring the tragedy of the Holocaust to this. But as you said it, we also have our own holocaust. The time you drove us out of our land through mascaras. Dir yaseen, Kafr qassem, Tantora and many other. Doesn’t that fell into the holocaust terminology? At least we recognize it and feel sorry for what happened to the Jews. On the other hand you deny our tragedy. I still don't use uncivilized, low level words when I talk to you. I can see your anger. Calm down and be open minded.
24. Vanunu
David G. Turco ,   Rhode Island, USA   (11.21.05)
Interesting reading these polarized views. It is a legitimate question to ask why Isreal is so afraid of someone who has been in jail so long, he has no secrets that could be pertinent today. Why does Isreal think it's OK for them to have nuclear arms (although officially denied) but not arab countries? Does Isreal really think that they are special, more holy than others and what laws apply to others don't apply to them? Vanunu was a whistleblower not a traitor.
25. Hypocrisy
Mas ,   USA   (11.21.05)
These comments reveal the hypocrisy of a nationality eager to rebuke Arab nations for secretively amassing WMDs. Pollard never committed a crime, unless we deem honesty as treason. The crime was perpetrated by Mosad which makes war by way of deception.
26. Samir
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (11.21.05)
I have every right to be angy. My family were massacred in the Holocaust and its a DAMN DIFFERENT THING to being "driven out" of a village I can tell you. How dare you try and apply the word Holocaust to your own Palestinian experience. The word has a totally different meaning and it is ridiculous of you to try and say otherwise. Your evil words just make me more convinced that maybe there is no chance to negotiate with Holocaust denying Palestinians like yourself. After all some Moslems were SS Nazis during the war so in some ways its not surprising.
27. Vanunu is a hero
seep ,   USA   (11.21.05)
He's one of my ONLY heroes-and one of the most admirable people ever to come out of Palestine. Anyone with 2% of a brain wishes him all the best and success in all his endeavors and important uncoverings. I would be honored to meet this man someday-if he were only allowed to leave by the pigs who captured and enslaved him.
28. Honesty and transparency obviously aren't valued in Israel
Duncan ,   Melbourne, Australia   (11.21.05)
This man deserves a Nobel Prize. Speaking out against the proliferation of nuclear weapons, which Israel is now demanding of Iran, when you know the repurcussions will be great, requires a level of courage you Internet trolls can only dream about. Shame on you for vilifying an honest, reputable man.
29. Vanunu should be celebrated
Austie ,   Prairie ,MD   (11.21.05)
people like Vanunu should be celebrated not jailed ,he did it for the Israeli people first and the rest of the world ,many from withen Israeli society should come out and reveal the EVIL policy of the Israeli governements towards the Palestinians and the Arabs in general .
PURO PICHARDO ,   NEW YORK   (11.21.05)
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