'I went to see Palestinian ghettos'
Vered Luvitch
Published: 19.11.05, 22:54
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31. Mordachai..the 21st century hero.
Ralph ,   New York, USA   (11.22.05)
Mr. Vanunu, even through decades of imprisonment they never could suceed in breaking you spiritually. The world salutes your courage and crusade in exposing the truth of Dimona. A nuclear free israel would be for the benefit of israelis as well as all the world.
32. Linda pls zip it
Hadad ,   Haifa   (11.22.05)
ok Linda what eva ...what are you saying ( slogan statments in cap's letters) you have nothing to contribute to this dialoge other than going to radical web-site ....copy and paste , try to write your own opinions since you tried in this posting don't make any sense WE ARE TALKING ABOUT VANUNU not the PA corruption scandels pls zip it you may learn something
33. Vannu called a traitor
Aaron R. Orr ,   Canada   (11.22.05)
So what would you say about Nelson Mandela? Or the other men of decent conscience who spoke their minds.
34. Only the righteous and the true stand tall
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (11.23.05)
Note amongst the dogs barking here, the arab Samir does not answer the facts laid before him. The one poster who disguises himself as many rubbishes the facts and smears his anti-Jewish hate hidden as Vananu-worship. Meanwhile, the Israelites continue their kingdom moving ever forward. With respect and dignity cutting a new swathe, breaching new waters and shining the true light in front of the world.
35. Re #34
Xarno ,   The Netherlands   (11.24.05)
And create Palestinian ghetto's...
36. Vanunu
eileen fleming ,   Clermont, USA   (11.24.05)
USA mainstream and alternet media shield and ignore the truth about Vanunu and the Apartheid Wall. But muckracking journalism and the Internet have torn that iron curtain. We American's understand that no government has the right to revoke inalienable [means God given] rights of of speech and movement and that democracies only flourish when 'we the people' are vigilent and actively involved. -e muckracker for WAWA:
37. Mordechai Vanunu
Heather Watts ,   Yorkshire, England   (11.24.05)
I am shocked at the vile and hostile expression of sentiment found in some of the comments here in "Talkback" - a truly deplorable reflection on humankind. The hypocracies and duplicitous machinations of world governments, and the dishonesties they perpetuate in the name of power, should be, to us all, of much greater concern, and should be of much more serious consideration to all who live in the free world, than the act committed by Vanunu almost 20 years ago. One man's "treason" as interpreted by State law is another man's reflection of a truth. No-one seems to wish to place any emphasis or comment upon the fact that a truth was reflected in Vanunu's revelations - a horrifying truth. He paid a terrible price for the choice he made in revealing that truth. Vanunu served his sentence for the "crime" he committed and in the eyes of most democratic institutions, which consider it only right that an individual, having served the term of their prison sentence, however decided, should be allowed to re-join society and become a contributing member once more. Vanunu's debt to society has been paid. To continue the restrictions placed upon him, for the spurious reasons maintained, only serves to reflect shamefully upon Israel - actions condemned by Amnesty International and the European Court of Human Rights. Are (as a retort to some of the revelatory views expressed) terrorists, rapists, paedophiles and murderers who, on a daily basis, do harm in our society, much more worthy of that consideration than one man who told a truth? Our western societies seem to reflect that they are. The imposition and renewal of the restrictions placed upon Vanunu, and his re-arrest for any infringement of them, is viewed by very many, world-wide, as unjustified and morally bankrupt. Mordechai Vanunu earned the Right to his total freedom. He earned the Right to be able to leave his past behind and begin a new life elsewhere. To the people who expressed such vitriole towards Vanunu, and judge him in the harsh manner you choose, I say this: the next time you look in a mirror, ask yourself what you really see and attempt to judge instead, if you dare, the person you clearly have become.
38. 36
richard Hitchings ,   methil   (11.24.05)
How I agree with you Eileen Vanunu ........ Eileen I also looked up WAWA perhaps you may email me on the Subject Im a mix of Scottish American parents and now live in Scotland `````
39. Gil Point by point
Richard Hitchings ,   methil   (11.24.05)
Gil If u have anger it is not because of events Its because u choose to have anger.... The Holocaust was perhaps a unique event, but Jews do not have the monopoly on suffering If we compare the Holocaust to the Seige of Lenningrad both were unique both involved incredible levels of suffering. 700 000 civilians mainly starved to death in Lenningrad There is no special day to commerate internationally the Event in Lenningrad. Palestinian people do have a right to resist oppresion Vannunu is a man of peace, the state of Israel chooses to silence
40. Leningrads Suffering is Zionism saviour
richard Hitchings ,   methil   (11.25.05)
This is direceted towards Gil but also to all zionist The Level of endurance that the Soviet People had to bare in order to resist the Fate that awaited their Country Had the people of Leningrad not endured as they did, it may well have brought an end to the USSR in the early winter months of 1942 Should that have happened its fair to say that, there would have been no liberation of the death camps and the inmates therein. those same survivours were the very ones who created zionism in Palestine. People such as Shamir and Begun were released inmates who were expert terrorists Did they ever give a thought to how the people of USSR suffered in order to bring them liberation ? Have I ever once heard, or read, a jew say thanks to the people of USSR we have our freedom here in Israel. The people of Leningrad died defending their City They did not trundle off in large numbers on trains to camps of any kind. Gil u have the state of Israel because of the endurance of christian or most likely atheist . and You dare to call the Palestinian people terrorist.... Lenigrads suffering was indeed Zionisms Saviour
41. Richard what we really owe to USSR
bob ,   russia   (11.25.05)
The army that was much stronger than the Russians was that of the United States of America. The government of the USSR, persecuted Jewish citizens of the USSR fo rmany year before WWII and for many years after WWII. You think the people of the USSR were so brave and those in Leningrad 700,000 died due to starvation? Well that doesnt compare to being murdered in gas chambers. There is no comparison. How many Jews did the USSR put in jail or murder in the 1900s. What do Jews owe the USSR? Thanks for not directly killing us like the nazis in the halocaust, and thanks for simply persecuting us for 100 years.
42. Bob U have ur right to be wrong if you choose
richard Hitchings ,   Methil   (11.25.05)
Bob I Simply dis agree with your assertions however I would defend with my life your right to think as you wish.... best regard Richard
43. Vanunu, a hero no longer a threat to your precious regime
Heather ,   Leeds, UK   (11.27.05)
After recently meeting with Mordachai Vanunu on two occasions in the church where he lives in Jerusalem, I can ease some of your worries about his "threat" to Isreal. He has told the world all that he knows, and many of us have listened. The only threat he poses to you now is that he may reveal the utter disgusting brutality and denial of human rights that he has suffered at the hands of your supposedly God-lead government. Your words of hatred provide nothing to him but strength, because through you he knows he is right and finds comfort in that fact. As for being a snitch and selling his story for money, nobody can deny that money exchanged hands but do you honestly think he was stupid enough to think that Israel would let him get away with it? Vanunu gave up his life, EVERYTHING that you take for granted in order to tell the truth and follow his dreams of a nuclear free world and all you can do is spit in his face? I'm offended that there are still people like you around and that you are still criticising him as though he sold a kiss and tell. One day you will be thanking him for his services to your children and to their children and I for one will continue to champion Vanunu as a hero, a true icon.
44. hero
nova ,   USA   (11.27.05)
Vanunu is a hero and should be looked at as such. Go on Van. and defy the brutality of the occupation, now you will be listened all over the world and no body can stop you from showing the truth to the whole world.
45. #43 Heather
Truth   (11.28.05)
First of all Heather, the problem with the Israeli gov't is that it is not run by G-d fearing people and it obviously is not 'G-d lead' or we wouldn't have trash like Vanunu to worry about. Vanunu was treated like a king in jail compared to Jonathan Pollard. That is a human rights violation. There will always be liars like Vanunu and people like you who have to leach off of their fame because you haven't accomplished anything positive in your own life.
46. Palestinian ghettos
Nick ,   France   (12.02.05)
I don't know why but i'm sure we will heard more and more about PA ghettos, cantons and bantoustans. It's quite normal when the only thing israel do is "defending" itself by building fences, walls, bypass roads, settlement blocs, and checkpoints Apparthied, Apparhied, Appartheid... The next few years will be harder and harder for Israel !!!!!
47. # 45 - Truth?
Heather   (12.02.05)
I'd like to say I'm offended by your comment but that wouldn't be exactly accurate. I pity you more than anything, for having to resort to petty insults aimed at a complete stranger regarding her worth and achievements. I'm glad, Mr/Ms ruth that you do not know me and will never know me and will therefore never be around to judge what I have and have not achieved. As for my "leeching" off Vanunu, you could not be more wrong. Your petty attempts to make me feel bad will not even scratch the surface. I believe in a nuclear free world and in that belief Vanunu is a hero and his sacrifice is enough to withstand the harshest of insults. If it pleases you or not I am standing firmly beside Vanunu in his hopes for the future of nuclear weapons, of Israel and of the Occupation. I'm sorry you won't be joining me.
48. I Am Your Spy
Brian Christopher ,   Scotland   (12.06.05)
How many people commenting on Vanunu's actions would be willing to spend 18 years in prison (most of them alone in a tiny cell) in order to safeguard their right to free speech. This man is a hero - and you treat him like a dog.
49. Vanunu was a Traitor
Jim McMullan ,   London   (04.27.06)
They should have Hung him. One does NOT have the right to be a nuclear Scientist and then freely blab ones Privileged info. Those who champion his cause cause are the usual Anti-semites parading as 'anti-zionists. using this Kiss-and-tell scumbag as a club. not very effective tho. Even Crazy Flagburner Rachel Corrie is more symPATHETIC. have a nice day self-righteous jerks
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