MK Kara: Likud will grow stronger
Ronny Sofer
Published: 21.11.05, 00:22
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1. I guess Likud just doesn't learn!
its like they picked up the hammer and delivered themselves a serious blow! a pity because the country will need a strong opposition party when Mr. Peretz wins!
RAMALLAH ,   ramallah   (11.21.05)
Yes it is coming, the boy who will carry the Palestinian flag OVER the wall of Jerusalem as Arafat Promised. Once SHARON JOIN HAMAS THE FLAG WILL FLY HIGH OVER THE WALL OF JERUSALME. SHARON THANK YOU FOR THE GIFT
3. Liqud ...+ #1
Michael Steiner ,   Praha, EU   (11.21.05)
Peretz WILL be the opposition. Dr. Sharon is rosh memshalah for at least another four years. As for haLiqud, they're dreaming. Arik is bigger than all of them. He is leaving not because of personal ambitions but in order to better serve the country and people, away from opportunistic losers like Netanyahu. One need only look at Katz' reaction to see what the Liqud is all about: “... I regret his decision to quit. Likud will organize itself and elect a leader as soon as possible. I SEE MYSELF AS A CANDIDATE ..." Never let anything stand in the way of egotrips and private ambitions, will you Liqudnikim.
4. Zionism is dying
Mohammed ,   Jerusalem Palestine   (11.21.05)
More proof the end of zionism is coming. Soon we will all be living in a democratic Muslim Palestine.
5. Likud will grow stronger?
josef cohen ,   bkk thailand   (11.21.05)
the people espousing Likud will grow stronger must think the Titanic could still float after everyone leaves since it would be lighter.
6. Mohammad
Mikael ,   New Zealand   (11.21.05)
Only in your dreams mate!
7. Settlers
Gregory ,   Brussels   (11.21.05)
Having seen on the BBC the way the settlers were treated in Gaza, I am not that sympathetic to Mr Sharon. A wrong policy; the enemies of Israel just keep coming back for more.
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