Hizbullah video shows attack on north
Published: 22.11.05, 18:49
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1. civilians
Nabulsi   (11.22.05)
i see two tanks on could the casualties have 12 civilians and 1 soldier? what kind of civilians are we taking about here? the camouflaged ones perhaps!
2. "Israeli Civilian" = MYTH!
Khaled ,   Disneyland, Jordan   (11.22.05)
all israelis are obliged to serve in the army, so they all are legitimate targets at war.
3. All Hebollah are Terrorists
David Landman ,   Natick, USA   (11.22.05)
Kudos to the IDF to killing terrorists. Too bad people like Khaled and Nabluski are so full of hate that they forget that it is the Arabs who attacked Israel for the past 100 years and the arabs who has said no to peace and the Arabs who are the occupiers in the area. The Temple Mount was built 2,500 years ago for the natives, Jews, not the invading Arabs.
4. to #1, nublus/schem
joe ,   philly, pa.   (11.22.05)
it 's the same israeli civillians that you and your murderous brethern continue to slaughter daily.... that's who!
5. #2 Muslim morality [sic]
Huck Finn ,   Hannibal, Missouri U   (11.22.05)
Since all able-bodied Israelis of eligible age are required to serve in the Israeli army, Muslims such as Kahled conclude that all Israelis-- including children, elderly, and disabled--are legitimate targets. This would explain brave Hamas warriors gunning down a mom and her four daughters in cold blood. This would explain Palestinian "freedom fighters" killing two small children in their bedroom. This would explain blowing up a pizze restaurant filled with moms and toddlers ages 1-5 years. Yes, such is the morality of the "Religion of Peace"... Actually, since many Muslim societies proudly teach their children to be racist mass murderers ("Death to the Jews"), there is a stronger case for carpet bombing such societies. Unfortunately, Israel's leaders never seem to lose hope that Mohammedens will stop urging their children to become mass murderers. They don't seem to realize that Islam values death, while Judaism and Christianity value life.
6. Al Quida:"Every Jordanian Bride + Groom a legitimate target?
cookooland   (11.22.05)
7. "Jordanian in American owned hotel"=target
8. "disarming Hezbollah"=MYTH
9. Peace Negotiations with Syria=Myth
10. KHALED is a trouble maker=FACT!
11. Freedom resistant fighter=MYTH
12. #3 Look who is talking of HATE !!!!
Codi ,   USA   (11.22.05)
You American jews never stop making ignorant fools of yourselves. You think you are doing Israel a favour by your blind hatred and ignorance. Lie, Lie, Lie and the world will beleive. This old cleche does not work today. The real help you can afford to israel is by opening your minds and recognize that peace is the only way. That the occupation of the territories must come to an end and that the old dream of HaEretz from river to river is but a dream. The Arabs say: we've seen invadors before... the crusaders kingdom lasted two hundred years...The came Saladin. (bi the way, it was Saladin who brought Jews back to the Holy City, having been slaughtered and dispersed by the crusaders). For your information, Landman, only the 1973 war was started by the arabs to restore the lands lost in Israel's war of 1967. Read History ... you very much need it. King Solomon built the temple 3,000 years ago in the Canaanite city of Jerusalem which his father David stole from the Jebusites, the original inhabitants. and for Yahweh's sak stop this stupid historic / God given claim on the land. It is sick.
13. Hizbollah's Failure
Marcel ,   Flotida   (11.22.05)
They had allah on their side and still failed. This is the same problem moslems have faced in five wars against Israel. Maybe one day they will figure it out ? In the meantime I suggest more strong medicine to deal with your delusion's of grandeur and supremacy , losers .
14. peace thru blood
BES ,   Los Angeles USA   (11.22.05)
You cannot achieve peace by being weak. Hesbollah is a tool that Syria and Iran supports militarily and financially and uses to achive their goals. However, their existance also depends on Lebanese public opinion. Lebanese civilian centers must be attacked by IDF in reprisal in order to pressure Hesbollah to stop this useless mosquito bites. P.S. This policy also applies fully to Gaza and Hamas.
15. 1and 2
yoel   (11.22.05)
First, you should learn reading. 11 soldiers and 1 civilian! When I read you, I can answer you by reciprocity: palestinians are throwing stones against soldiers, and are considered as "freedom fighters" by their own side. So, they aren't civilians. Men, women and children included! Do you think this should be correct? It's same for israelis,.... But for me, human life has no price, and any murder should be acceptable!
16. hahahaha hezbullah suck
17. why aren't you out hotel hopping in amman
hey khaled   (11.22.05)
18. Codi, USA
Yonatan ,   Knoxville, Tn. USA   (11.22.05)
"You American jews never stop making ignorant fools of yourselves." Clearly a bigoted remark... You also seem to have a very selective view of your history...You never say how the Arabs lost the land in 1967, and you call it "Israel's war". Why? Was Israel fighting herself? Do you happen to know what happened to Israel immediately after she declared independence? Probably not. Face it, you're just a bigot. There, I said my piece... Codi, don't expect me to respond to any of your drivel again, I'm done with you. (BTW, just for you, I typed slowly in the hope you might understand, but I doubt you have that much brain power).
19. to codi
Mid-east journalist   (11.22.05)
where did you get your story from, a comic book? i never heared so much bullshit at one time. i'm 33 (journalist) and i studied world-history for 4 years in the university... plus several courses especialy for the middle-east. i'm tell you something codi, you're making yourself a complete idiot in here. you better go yourself study history a bit. i guess you should start over with the first grade. you can't just hide the facts codi, there is history written down by people who were living in this place as neutrals watching the whole scene for decades. i bet you read your hi"story" somewhere in a far-right-raddical-muslim newspaper. anyway, you are realy emberassing codi... go post your story on, maybe they'll believe you.
20. Khaled, familiarize yourself with facts
Shai ,   Israel   (11.22.05)
1. Not all Israelis are obligated to serve in the army. There are those too old, too young, Arabs, handicapped people, theological seminary students and religious women, none of whom are obligated to serve. 2. Those that serve in the army are not all combatants. 3. Only combatants are legitimate targets in war. 4. Like any of this makes a difference to you.
21. Mid-east journalist -- get you tuition $$back
AK   (11.23.05)
Why is it that you offer little in terms of argument, but paragraph after paragraph of name calling. You show absolutely no evidence that you possess even a minimal level of education, despite your grandiose claims. You offer no facts in support of whatever your incomprehensible argument is, and yet, you are calling other people idiots. I came to realization that you cannot accept to be challenged and contradicted. You must win every argument even if, well, you have no way of wining it, and so you bully everybody. As it stands, in 5 paragraphs you have managed to relay to us your contempt for Cody, and absolutely nothing else.
22. codi is the monkey board on this forum :)
23. To #12
Robert Goldman ,   cooper city Florida   (11.23.05)
Are you insane? Hizbollah is a terrorist org and has proven so thousands of times. what you been smokin? OH and I'm American/Israeli and I've been there and delt with them. yes they are all terrorists and always will be!!
24. Codi - a question
David ,   New York, USA   (11.23.05)
What does anything you have to say do with Hizbullah? Seriously, I can't figure it out. Israel is not currently occupying any Lebanese land. So no, I'm not a ignorant American Jew, but one who simply and objectively observes the facts.
25. Khaled
Jane ,   New York   (11.23.05)
And so are all hate-mongering Muslims legitimate targets. Boom on you, Khaled.
26. Codi
Jane ,   New York   (11.23.05)
Aside from your creative spelling of "cliche" (cleche in Codi speak), you really have nothing to say. Codi, they're coming for you, too. So keep kissing up to the terrorist masses as they approacyh your door step. It will help you as much as it's helped the French. This is one American (and Israeli) Jew who thinks your an idiot in denial.
27. #1 and 2 Let s all play by the same rules...
Uzziel   (11.23.05)
All the arabs are terrorists, you are arab, you and your children are legitimate anti-terror targets.
28. QANA!
Moshe ,   Paris, France   (11.23.05)
Israel kill everyday civilians in Palestine. How could someone forget the Qana massacre committed by the IDF? I guess arabs have kids and elderly people too.
29. To #2; WRONG!
When you are not in uniforms and you aren't serving you are considered a civilian. As long as this people are unarmed and have no uniforms they are not soldiers.
30. #28
Jane ,   New York   (11.23.05)
Mustafa or Muhammed or whatever your name really is, there's a big difference between intentional and accidental. But how can I expect you to know the difference when you don't even know what your name is. Either that, or you're a relative of Vannunu or Tali Fahima.
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