Mysterious 'booms' rattle homes
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 22.11.05, 23:19
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1. maybe its just Yaltam doing some
limpet mine detonation?
2. Aliens
Yakir ,   Swiss   (11.22.05)
Did you know, that on every Israeli war, there were ufo's in the air right above the battlefield? Even my gradfather (fighted in 3 israeli wars) has seen them in the sky, standing still in the air for a few seconds while the israelis were shooting at the enemy, changing their positions in a very high speed (speed of light?), and then dissapearing. Even my ex-girlfriend's granddad told me that he saw it too, on every war. There are even a few that say, that aliens are visiting a "bunch" of representatives in israel from time to time. The first one i believe 100pro, but the second i can't realy imagine if that's right... maybe, who knows... but i sure believe in aliens... they are even mensioned in the bible ;-)
3. Booms
Joe Levy ,   USA   (11.23.05)
You don't want to know what I think, but then again it could be Area 51 being moved to the Med to balance the US budget.
4. #2 may be they're visiting Peres --
AK   (11.23.05)
He sounds like he is from a different planet.
5. Booms
rick h ,   Baltimore, MD,USA   (11.23.05)
The following is from "India Blasts Linked to Seismic Activity Whitley Strieber | March 19, 2005 Indian geologists believe that a series of thunderous explosions heard in the Kutch and Saurashtra regions of Gujarat in India may be related to seismic activity. Gujarat is located on the Arabian Sea north of Mumbai (Bombay). A total of 384 tremors took place in the area in January and early February. 356 of these were under 1.0 in intensity on the Richter Scale. Similar blasts were also heard in the Una, Kodinar, and Veraval talukas of Junagadh district. Government officials claimed that the sounds had caused no damage, but residents complain that windows and walls have been damaged throughout the area. There are numerous areas of the world experiencing loud, unexplained explosions at this time, but this is the first time scientists have linked them to seismic activity. It should be noted that sonic booms cause low-intensity but measurable earthquakes when they strike the ground, and this shaking usually registers at a level of 1.0 to 2.0 on the Richter Scale." IS not the dead sea an extension of the great rift valley in Egypt?
6. Totally felt it!
michal ,   kiriat ono, israel   (11.23.05)
It started today at first I thought it was my cat scratching to get in the door the all of a sudden the door started slamming back and forth within the lock in the frame. I thought the cheap piece of wood that was the door might crack. The ground didnt feel like an earth quake though and when i went out to check on the cats they were looking up into the air crying. Who knows what it is. It for sure wasnt an earthquake. Luckily no damage that I can see.
DACON9   (11.23.05)
8. it was Sharon jumping to workout
Yair   (11.23.05)
9. An idea for those who have nothing to do:.
Nyctamere ,   Chelm, Sol3   (11.23.05)
Just in case you guys start believing this is a uniquely Israeli phenomenon or that it must be caused by what the IDF is not telling us, google this: "Skyquakes" Enjoy!
10. Not to worry, just sharon blowing out hot air.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (11.23.05)
11. Booms
Fractal ,   Tel Aviv   (11.23.05)
Have also felt / heard the booms several times over the past few months in my apartment near the Herzliya Marina - something between an earth tremor and a low frequency atmospheric shockwave. The energy is more sustained than a thunderclap, and lasts for several seconds. The events are more common at night. Once I called the police and they said that maybe the navy was up to something. I tend to agree with them and think that the mysterious phenomenon is caused by activities at sea, either below or above the surface.
12. To No. 4 - Peres or Peretz?
Sivan ,   Israel   (11.23.05)
Surely you mean PereTZ? And if so, I agree.
13. haha
Yasmeen ,   Gaza City, Palestine   (11.23.05)
LOL, I'm amazed no one is blaming Palestinians for this, as thats the case all the time
14. booms in Zionist Israel
mike ,   colimbus,ohio   (11.26.05)
Can you say HAARP.......
15. booms
peacegirl ,   lost angeles   (11.26.05)
i dont really believe in a "god" but mayb its the gods saying lets not have any more bombs or booms. lets have peace all the world wide.
Jonha ,   Canada   (11.26.05)
The same thing is happening here, Print project woodpecker on your web search.
17. warning from the heavens
Golias Berzerak ,   Thunder Bay   (11.26.05)
II wonder if this is a warning from the God
18. BOOM
Christian Macé ,   France   (11.27.05)
Etranges Tremblements de Ciel (Stranges Trembling of Sky) Par Christian Macé France Extraits de mon gros article : « To conclude, let us note that the extraordinary VIBRATORY PHENOMENA AND OF DETONATIONS HAVE a PREDILECTION... FOR the COASTAL ZÔNES! · 1955, NEW ZEALAND · Years 1960, island of CUBA · 1976, Wales · 1977, North of PORTUGAL · 1977, East coast of the U.S.A. · 1987, South-western Coasts of PUERTO RICO · 1993, in Provence, France And very often of the UFO of "orange" color were observed during these strange events... ». Dans son remarquable ouvrage intitulé "Le Triangle des Perturbations", Andres Alfaya, ancien des services secrets cubains, mentionne l'existence de tels phénomènes... depuis la conquête espagnole à Cuba ! Page 198 : " Les premiers renseignements que l'on peut trouver à propos de ce "canon de l'Indien" se trouvent dans les chroniques des premiers découvreurs de l'Amérique qui sont arrivés en même temps que Christophe Colomb, en particulier chez Fray Bartoloméo de Las Casas. Les Espagnols, incapables d'expliquer les formidables explosions qui se produisaient dans la vallée de Mabuya des aborigènes, donnèrent ce nom au phénomène. " Ouvrage paru aux éd. Robert Laffont, en 1981. Mystérieuse vallée de Mabuya sur l'île de Cuba, où se produisent toutes sortes d'apparitions insolites : présences répétées d'OVNI, traces au sol, disparitions d'avions... étranges détonations ! Dans son "Hypothèse sur le fonctionnement des Soucoupes Volantes", le lieutenant Jean Plantier relatait l'explosion mystérieuse qui ébranla la région de Glancove, près de New-York, en octobre 1952. Voir page 92 du livre de Henry Durrant "Les Dossiers des OVNI", paru aux éd. Robert Laffont, en 1973. Pendant la durée du mois de décembre 1977. Côte Est des U.S.A. Notamment le 02, le jeudi plus tard. Mois de décembre 1977, côte Est des U.S.A. Les 02, 15, 20, 22, et 24 du même mois ! Voir entre-autres, le journal "Le Parisien" du 20 décembre 1977. À propos de cette affaire, voici ce qu'ajoute Jean Prachan dans son ouvrage "Le Triangle des Bermudes, base secrète des OVNI", éd. Belfond, paru en 1978. Page 127 : " Or, des explosions, aussi retentissantes que mystérieuses, se sont toujours produites au même endroit : sur la côte Atlantique des U.S.A. ou au dessus du Triangle des Bermudes ! " FIN Christian Macé France
19. Not so mysterious after all...
Peter Beter ,   BA   (11.28.05)
Not so mysterious after all. They are produced by Russia's fleet of Cosmospheres firing in defocused mode charged particles. It happened first in 1977 when they showed their presence above US cost. See article: More info at: regards Peter
20. Mystery Booms
Marvin The Martian ,   Cydonia, Mars   (11.28.05)
It's obvious what the mystery booms are; Our Martian tripods are digging their way up out of the Earth to begin our invasion just like in Steven Spielberg's "War of the Worlds". So get ready because we're taking over and there's nothing you Earthlings can do about it. And screaming "Not my blood!" like the crazy guy in the basement won't save you either.
21. sonic booms
Patricia ,   new zealand   (11.30.05)
for an interesting explanation on what you are hearing and feeling do go to the truth teller website
22. Felt it in Jerusalem
Jerusalem   (12.27.05)
I also felt it in Jerusalem near Givat Ram about a week ago.
23. And then signs will appear in the sky...
Israfil ,   There   (12.05.06)
And then signs will appear in the sky... TJ 25:46. "And then signs will appear in the sky, and all Earth humans will wail and come to see the signs in the clouds of the sky that bear witness to great power and severe judgment against irrationality. TJ 25:47. "So god is lord over the three human lineages, yet the laws and directives of Creation are eternally valid. Through these laws and directives, which represent Creation, humankind in its irrationality will bring cruel judgment upon itself. TJ 25:48. "Humans owe their existence to god, who is the ruler over them; so they must follow his commandments and respect him as the greatest king of wisdom. TJ 1:94. "God, the lord, is generous in his love, but also terrible in his wrath when his laws are disobeyed. TJ 11:28. "Yes, it has ·been good of Creation, and of god and his celestial sons as well, that they have thwarted until now the misuse of power among Earth humans. TJ 4:38. "They believe that god is Creation itself and not the ruler of the celestial sons and these human lineages. TJ 16:51. "And great are they also, who came from the depths of space, and the greatest among them is god, and he is the spiritual ruler of three human lineages. TJ 16:52. "However above him stands Creation, whose laws he faithfully follows and respects; therefore he is not omnipotent, as only Creation itself can be. TJ 16:53. "Thus there are also limits set for him who allows himself to be called god, and who is above emperors and kings, as the Word says. TJ 16:54. "But humans are ignorant and immature, thus they believe god to be Creation and serve an erroneous doctrine, as was falsified by the distorters of the scriptures. TJ 16:55. "Thus since people believe in god, they do not know about the reality of Creation, but god is human as we are. TJ 1:88. "Behold, god and his followers came far from the depths of space, where they delivered themselves from a strong bondage, and created here a new human race and home with the early women of this Earth. TJ 22:47. "If you disregard and trample on all the commandments of god, who is the ruler over this and the two other human lineages in the North and the East, you shall be disregarded and trampled upon for all time. TJ 1:89. "God deserves the honor of people of Earth, for behold; he is the true originator of the white and of colored Earth humans, and to him honor should be given. TJ 1:91. "Except for god there is nothing of comparable form worthy of veneration. Over him and his celestial sons reigns only the omnipotence of all creation: Creation itself, which should be revered. TJ 1:92. "Behold, therefore; over the Earth reigns god, the master of the celestial sons and the people of the white and colored terrestrial lineages. TJ 1:93. "God is the lawgiver for these human populations and, therefore, his wishes should be fulfilled by man and woman. TJ 1:94. "God, the lord, is generous in his love, but also terrible in his wrath when his laws are disobeyed.
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